Dunover Slots Latest Slots Site to be Banned by YouTube

14th August 2018 – It appears that YouTube are on a crusade against channels on their platform streaming and displaying the playing of online slots, with Dunover Slots the latest channel to fall by the wayside last Friday.

Dunover Slots operated by slots enthusiast “Dazza G” was closed down by YouTube who cited numerous violations of their Terms of Service.

The owner of the channel, Daryl aka Dunover, has appealed the suspension, but received a boiler plate email denying the request.CR spent half an hour earlier today speaking with ‘Dunover’ as to what transpired and why all of a sudden the video streaming giant decided to wield the ban hammer.

Dunover Slots is one of many YouTube Channels featuring the playing of online slots that has incurred the wrath of YouTube during 2018.

It is widely believed that an active group of  ‘Problem Gamblers‘ have grouped together to try and close down sites that ‘glorify’ gambling online.

Certainly the comments received on the CasinoRankings.com YouTube channel since the video featured above went live, whereby we discuss the issue with Dunover, adds credence to this view.

To visit Dunover Slots new home on Twitch just click the link here. There appears to be life after YouTube after all!

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