Wild Jack Casino – Rogue and Blacklisted Casino

Wild Jack CasinoWild Jack Casino is considered as a rogue and blacklisted online casino as a direct result of how their owners Jackpot Factory conduct business, particularly in regard to their affiliate program, Brightshare.

At the beginning of May 2013, Brightshare introduced punitive and retroactive changes to their terms and conditions, which has seen all the Jackpot Factory casinos inclusive of Wild Jack Casino, be listed as blacklisted and rogue properties on numerous leading casino portals.

Further to the changes to the Brightshare affiliate program, changes have also been made to the terms and conditions covering players at Wild Jack Casino, whereby now a weekly withdrawal limit can be imposed on any player at Wild Jack at the whim of the casino management’s discretion.

This very important change was also introduced silently without a widespread notification informing players of the change to withdrawal limits.

Other casinos in the same group include All Slots Casino.

A Question of Ethics

This is not the first time that the owners of Wild Jack Casino have found themselves under scrutiny from players and webmasters alike. Indeed several years ago, the marketing arm ( Spiral Solutions who own Brightshare and Jackpot Factory ) were found to be engaging in unethical search engine optimisation techniques.

These included creating articles concerning cancer patient and other sensitive issues, with the sole aim to try and game the search engines, so the Jackpot Factory group of online casinos could rank in google and other search engines, for the gambling ‘money’ terms.

Wild Jack Casino is a blacklisted and rogue casino. Players avoid this casino at all costs.

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