Company Casino – Blacklisted and Rogue Casino

Company Casino

Company Casino, well apart from the awful uninspiring name, how come Company Casino finds itself rooted at the bottom of’s very own Rogue Pit?

Could it be the fact that Company Casino ‘proudly’ boasts that it is licensed in the <sarcasm>mecca of online gaming jurisdictions</endsarcasm> that is Curacao?

Or is because Company Casino is actually owned and operated by the notorious AffPower Group of online casinos?

You know, the same AffPower that have pirated casino games from the likes of NetEnt and who have partaken in other dubious and unethical activities. Yep, that’s correct, Company Casino is one of several online casinos clip joints run and owned by our very own friends at AffPower.

The same friends of ours that from March 2017 launched a ‘ Negative SEO ‘ attack on, for us daring to report the truth about AffPower and their casino properties. So to be quite blunt and candid, we are actually not on the best of terms.

If a casino group is to stoop so low as to pirate casino software and in the process pretend it is being served by the company they have ripped off, then where is  the trust between the player and casino? Fact is, there is none.

If AffPower are prepared to do this, then they can also set the Return to Player and fix all of the games being served to their player base. Big red flag there.

If you have come across this page concerning Company Casino having not already opened up an account and deposited at the casino, then all I can say is, you have had a lucky escape.

If however, you have come across this page after performing some research on the casino having already played there, we would advise you close your account and withdraw any bankroll you may have ASAP.

In summary, Company Casino is owned and operated by a notorious blacklisted casino group. Players are advised to avoid Company Casino at all costs.


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