Cashpot Casino – Blacklisted and Rogue Casino

Cashpot Casino

Cashpot Casino is the epitome of a rogue casino as it appears regularly on numerous wordpress websites that have been hacked and defaced. Indeed, when targeted in a ‘Negative SEO‘ campaign, saw a lot of Cashpot Casino, to our disgust and dismay.

But this should come of no surprise, as Cashpot Casino is one of seven online casinos marketed and owned by the notorious AffPower group of online casinos.

Formerly known as Cosmik Casino, the name change to CashPot Casino took place in the summer of 2016. With players first becoming aware of the rebranding in July 2016.

For those of you who are unaware or who have so far been ‘fortunate’ not to have come across AffPower until now, they are the unethical, blacklisted, rogue and criminal casino group hailing from Israel. The same casino group which pirated games from NetEnt, then subsequently serving them on their own server, but professing to players that they were the ‘real’ games.

In addition to this criminal behaviour, which only stopped when NetEnt issued Affpower with a ‘Cease & Desist’, the group were closely linked with the Affiliate Edge storm, that saw Affiliate Edge and Club World fall spectaculary from grace.

So for these reasons listed above, Cashpot Casino finally gets a coveted placing right here on A sister casino to six other online casinos, including the blacklisted Company Casino, CashPot Casino is an online casino that players need to avoid at all costs.

The website for CashPot Casino may promise great bonuses and a superb gaming experience, but we can assure you that you are playing at a casino that is not legit or 100% up front with you. Their pirating of games from NetEnt being a very big red flag for one.

Also do not be fooled by the nice shiny badge at the footer of their website from Ask Gamblers. Ask Gamblers may well be arguably the largest casino portal in existence. Having been purchased for a princely sum of €15m Euros by Catena Media in April 2016. Ask Gamblers actions in working with CashPot Casino shows that quite clearly, they and their parent company, Catena Media, only care about their bottom line and not the players.

Having seen this badge of honour from Ask Gamblers, we at have sent the following message via the Catena Media Website. Should we receive a response, this page for Cashpot Casino will be updated accordingly:


I’m Dave and I run the portal – Upon working on our casino blacklist section on the site, I am dismayed that your site Ask Gamblers has a home page link from Cash Pot Casino. Cash Pot Casino as you are no doubt aware is owned and operated by the individuals that run AffPower.

Now I realise in this industry to some extent money talks. But since your acquisition of Ask Gamblers, you have tried to make it appear as a Dispute Resolution Service – A fact also confirmed by your application to the UKGC to become an official ADR.

However, by working with and promoting casinos owned and operated by AffPower, Ask Gamblers is actively promoting online casinos caught pirating software. Been involved in detagging players from affiliate accounts and also closely linked to working with wordpress site hackers.

I would therefore appreciate a response on the above, if indeed your company and your portals truly do have the players’ interests at heart.

Kind Regards

Dave Sawyer

Should you still not be convinced that CashPot Casino is indeed worthy of their rogue and blacklisted status, then a quick google search for Cashpot Casino will prove beyond doubt, that they are a casino to avoid.

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