Atlantic Casino Club – Blacklisted and Rogue Casino

Atlantic Casino Club

It seems that May 2017 is quickly becoming the month of the blacklisted casino, what with Atlantic Casino Club, joining numerous new entries to our dreaded CR Rogue Pit.

Atlantic Casino Club is your typical run of the mill rogue online casino operation, with a website offering players excellent casino bonuses and sign up offers. However, should you dig a little bit beneath the surface, you will find that all is not what it seems at Atlantic Casino Club.

You see, apart from being licensed in Curacao which in itself should raise a red flag, plus a pair of eyebrows. Atlantic Casino Club is owned and operated by the rogue casino group AffPower, who are blacklisted for numerous reasons, notwithstanding software piracy.

Indeed, such is AffPower’s notoriety in the iGaming world, that a site dedicated to exposing their rogue ways has been launched in the form of

Whilst not the main online casino property, that would be in the form of CashPot Casino, Atlantic Club Casino nonetheless is an online casino that should be given a wide berth by players.

Boasting over 350 games. the Atlantic Club Casino website even has a page dedicated to ‘Fair Game’. Yep, the owners of AffPower who pirated games from the likes of Net Entertainment, have a whole page dedicated to spewing platitudes about how ‘fair’ the casino is! So serving up pirated games to players was ‘fair’ was it?

Apart from stealing intellectual property, by serving pirated games, the players of course being unaware of this, this allows said players to be ripped off. Totally unethical and a complete disregard to fair play.

Everyone when playing at an online casino or a land based casino plays fully well knowing that the house has the edge. But to move the goalposts by using pirated games which you can further decrease the RTP ( Return to Player ), then any operator doing that needs to be avoided at all costs.

In summary, Atlantic Club Casino is a blacklisted and rogue online casino operation, owned and operated by people who are ethically challenged. If you want to play at an honest online casino operation check out our online casino reviews pages and give Atlantic Club Casino a wide berth.

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