What Happened To Illinois Golf Betting Markets?

Illinois residents have not been able to place bets on golf due to a specific regulation concerned with integrity.

Besides making customers increase their exposure to the virus to sign up for a betting app in person, the state also bans a popular sport for a strange reason. That is why golf betting is still off the board across Illinois.

According to insiders, the problem is a specific regulation concerned with integrity.

Particularly, Illinois sports betting regulations require competitors to get compensation “in excess of actual expenses for their participation in that event.” It is said that as long as a competitor can bear the expenses of their travel and accommodation fees, they won’t hold an event.

Bad news for golf bettors

The so-called wisdom of the rule is what causing some real problems in golf.

Firstly, players can’t make any money if they don’t make the cut, and hence they don’t cover their expenses. Secondly, if you make the cut, it is the bookmaker’s responsibility to ensure that the prize money covers the golfer’s expenditure.

For example, the player finishing the 65th-place this weekend’s Wyndham Championship will receive no more than $14,000.

Understandably, it is not sufficient to cover various expenses, including flights, accommodation, and other training-related liabilities of a golfer.

Indeed, it is upon sportsbooks to ascertain for every player in this popular sport where that might be in question.

How Things Came to This Point?

It must be noted here that golf betting was offered for several weeks earlier in 2020 in Illinois when the PGA Tour resumed.

But one of golf’s four major tournaments presented few bets in its last week’s PGA Championship. In addition, BetRivers staff that deals with the customer service told enthusiasts that regulators recently changed their viewpoint on the issue.

Having said that, some insiders still believed it was all “a misunderstanding that will be sorted out.” After all, there are lots of other ways to maintain the integrity that satisfy regulators in Nevada, New Jersey, and beyond.

When will Illinois golf betting resume?

Illinois sportsbooks called for the reinstatement of golf betting (and other sports) on July 23. However, the Illinois Gaming Board must wait 30 days before it responds.

According to this estimate, August 22 seems to be the potential date that will be witnessing the return for Illinois golf betting. It coincides with the PGA Tour that will turn up on the same week in the state for the BMW Championship.

So, the issue seems to have resolved in the coming weeks. But it also reflects a fragility of the betting market in Illinois that is not able to solve its problem independently.