Ultimate X Video Poker

Source: www.videopoker.com

Source: www.videopoker.com

Ultimate X is a multi-hand video poker game that is available in three, five and ten-hand formats. Ultimate X is a bonus feature that is available to players that wager an additional five coins per hand. The bonus is different in Ultimate X than other video poker games in that a multiplier is issued (like Super Times Pay), but it is based on the strength of the previous hand.

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Since Ultimate X is usually a multi-hand game, the multiplier for each hand can be different. A player that gets dealt a pair of jacks on a 10-play game and makes a full house, quads, trips and two pair on the draws, in addition to a few hands that did not improve, would have five different multipliers. The bonus payout is not applied to the current hand. It goes into play on the next hand.

How to Find the Best Ultimate X Video Poker Machine

There are 95 casinos in Nevada that offer Ultimate X Video Poker Machines. They are either on Game King devices or standalones with the Ultimate X placard above the monitor. The problem with Ultimate X is that the game offers a subpar pay table. This is because the multiplier adds to the return, even though it costs 10 coins to play it. A game with a full pay table would return more than 100% to players. This is why the games are not available.
Most Ultimate X pay tables are the same. They are 7/5 Bonus Poker, 8/5 Jacks or Better, 9/6 Double Bonus or 7/5 Double Double Bonus. The first number listed is the pay on a full house and the second is the number of coins awarded on a flush.

Ultimate X Video Poker Multipliers

The Ultimate X multiplier depends on the type of game you are playing. Jacks or Better will have different bonuses than Bonus Poker games. The full house typically has the highest return on the next hand. Below we have outlined the multipliers, which are based on your hand and applied to the following hand.

Ultimate X Jacks or Better Multipliers

– Royal flush: 7x
– Straight flush: 7x
– Four of a kind: 3x
– Full House: 12x
– Flush: 11x
– Straight: 7x
– Three of a kind: 4x
– Two pair: 3x
– Pair of jacks or better: 2x

Ultimate X Bonus Poker Multipliers

– Royal flush: 4x
– Straight flush: 4x
– Four of a kind (aces through fours): 4x
– All other quads: 3x
– Full house: 12x
– Flush: 11x
– Straight: 8x
– Three of a kind: 4x
– Two pair: 3x
– Pair of jacks or better: 2x

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Ultimate X Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus Multipliers

The Ultimate X Double Bonus Poker multiplier table is identical to the Bonus Poker one except that a flush only pays 10 times, as opposed to 11 times at Bonus Poker. The same multiplier table also applies to Double Double Bonus Poker.

Where to Find Ultimate X Video Poker

There are 95 casinos in Nevada with Ultimate X. Red Rock has 57 machines. All other Station Casinos have about a dozen of them at each location. Ultimate X is also available on several casinos on the Strip. All Caesars and MGM properties offer the game as do SLS Las Vegas and Venetian.

How to Increase Your Return at Ultimate X

The best way to increase your return at Ultimate X is to play 10 coins. Playing five or fewer coins will result in playing standard multi-hand video poker. The problem with that is the pay table short-pays on Ultimate X machines. That is because the return is about one percent better when the Ultimate X bonus is initiated by the five extra coins.
The other way to increase your return is not to leave multipliers on the machine when you leave. Always play until a hand is played where there is no multiplier. This will obviously require that you are properly bankrolled.
Another way to increase the return of Ultimate X is to look around for machines that a player just left. If the previous gambler left a multiplier hand on the machine, deposit some cash. Play just one hand betting five coins. You will receive that multiplier without leaving one for the next player.

Common Ultimate X Video Poker Mistakes

The biggest mistake Ultimate X poker players make is to not play the 10 coins required for the bonus multiplier. Playing only five coins will still trigger the 800-1 royal flush but it will not produce the bonus multipliers. There is no reason to play Ultimate X if you are not going to wager the five extra coins per line to activate the entire point of the game. There are far better video poker pay tables in the casino if you are doing this.
Another common mistake is that some players will leave in the middle of the game. This leaves multipliers from the last hand on the machine for the next player to receive. This is called vulturing Ultimate X. Always play until there are no multipliers from the previous hand. If you know the current hand will be your last, only play five coins. This receives the multiplier from the previous hand without creating new ones on the next. Otherwise, you’re throwing away five coins per line away on your last hand.

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