Split Way Royal Video Poker

Split Way Royal (also known as 2 Ways Royal) is an online video poker game. The Split Way Royal name is used by Betsoft online casinos, while Playtech online casinos use the 2 Ways Royal name.
The best way to describe Split Way/2 Ways Royal is that it is close to 6/5 Bonus Poker with a second straight flush. A player that makes a royal flush gets paid 800-1 and the same goes for making a six-high straight flush. It pays the same as the royal flush jackpot. Any four of a kind pays 40-1, while a hand of two pair returns 2-1.
This game has higher variance than most other video poker games because it has two jackpot hands for a total of 8 possible combinations. There is also a higher payout for four of a kind when compared to some other jacks or better variants. To make up for this, a full house only pays 6 for every coin wagered, while a flush only pays 5.

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How to Play Split Way Royal

The first step when playing Split Way Royal is to pick the denomination. After that, wager five coins by clicking max bet. There is an option of betting fewer, however that cuts the royal flush and six-high straight flush down to 250-1. That lowers the game’s return by over two percent. If you insist in betting fewer than five coins, click the bet one button the desired number of times, then hit deal.
Once the bet is established, five cards are dealt. Choose the cards that you would like to keep and click the draw button. The unselected cards are discarded and are replaced with fresh ones. The machine will then rank the hand and payout according to the following pay table:
Royal flush: 800-1 (250-1 on fewer than five coins)
Six-high straight flush: 800-1 (250-1 on fewer than five coins)
Straight flush: 50-1
Four of a kind: 40-1
Full house: 6-1
Flush: 5-1
Straight: 4-1
Three of a kind: 3-1
Two pair: 2-1
Pair of jacks or better: 1-1
The paytable above should be multiplied by the number of coins wagered. The royal and six-high straight flush odds assume five coins but is lowered to 250 if wagering one to four coins.
Once the hand is over, the bet may be repeated by clicking the deal button. The bet can be changed first by clicking the bet one button. To leave the game, click the menu or lobby buttons.

Split Way Royal Strategy

There is little difference between the strategy for Split Way Royal and Bonus Poker. Hold any hand that is a full house or higher. After that, hold the following hands, starting at the top:
Four to a royal flush or six-high straight flush
Three of a kind
Four to a straight flush
Two pair
Pair of jacks or better
Three to a royal flush or six-high straight flush
Four to a flush
Ten, jack, queen and king
Pair of twos through tens
Four to an open ended straight
Three to a straight flush with zero or one gap
Unsuited jack, queen, king and ace
Two suited cards jack and higher
Three to a straight flush with two gaps
Four to an inside straight with three cards jack or higher
Unsuited jack, queen and king
Unsuited jack and queen
Unsuited king with a jack or queen
Jack and ten suited
Unsuited ace with a jack, queen or king
Bare ace
Suited ten with queen or king
Bare face card

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