Jester Poker

Jester Poker is a video poker game distributed by Spin Games. It is mostly spread at online casinos, and is not available at any land-based casinos.
Jester Poker is basically the same as Joker Poker. There is one jester in the deck along with the normal 52 cards, and the jester (wild) which can be used for anything. Jester Poker uses East Coast rules which means that it takes two pair to win and the jackpot is five of a kind. A straight flush and a royal flush pay the same – it does not matter if the hand contains a jester or not.
Jester Poker is can be played in many denominations. It starts at nickel and goes up to dime, quarter, half-dollar, dollar, two-dollar and five-dollar. Some platforms even offer multi-hand play, but most games are single line.

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How to play Jester Poker

It is easy to get started with Jester Poker. You will start by picking your preferred denomination; we recommend playing five coins per hand because the five of a kind payout more than triples when compared to four or fewer coins. That is a difference of more than 1% when it comes to the return-to-player.
Click the “bet max” button to get five coins in action. If you prefer to bet fewer coins, click the “bet one” button until the bet you would like is displayed. Click the deal button when you are ready and your hand will be dealt immediately
You will start with five cards, and ill have to select the ones that you would like to keep. When you are done, click the draw button and those discards will be replaced. The machine will rank the hand and payout the highest one according to the pay table below.
The payouts are multiplied by the number of coins bet. The five of a kind payout assumes a five-coin bet, equally 4,000 coins. Bets of four or fewer coins receive 250 coins for every one bet. The game returns 95.5% with perfect play and betting five coins. This makes it one of the worst online video poker games.

Jester Poker Paytable

Five of a kind: 800-1
Royal flush, with or without jester: 80-1
Straight flush: 80-1
Four of a kind: 16-1
Full house: 8-1
Flush: 5-1
Straight: 4-1
Three of a kind: 3-1
Two pair: 1-1
When the hand is complete, click the deal button to repeat the same wager. When you are ready to quit, click the game menu and your funds will be transferred to your online casino’s cashier.

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Jester Poker Strategy

The strategy for Jester Poker is complicated because there are separate strategies depending on whether you are dealt the jester or not.

When Dealt a Jester

Keep all five cards when dealt a full house, straight flush, royal flush or five of a kind. Otherwise, follow the list below from top to bottom until you find your hand:
Four of a kind
Four to an open-ended straight flush or any royal flush
Four to any remaining straight flush
Three of a kind
Three to a royal flush, except with an ace
Three suited connectors
Four to an open-ended straight
Three to any remaining straight flush
Three to royal flush with ace
Jester with 7 or 8
Jester with 6 or 9
Jester with 10
Jester with 5
Jester with 4 or jack
*If dealt the jester with a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or jack, and no other draws, hold only the jester. This hand would need to have a 2 and 3 with two cards queen and higher that do not pair or make a four-card flush.

When Not Dealt a Jester

When dealt a full house, straight flush or royal flush without a jester, keep all five cards. Otherwise, follow the list below:
Four of a kind
Four to an open-ended straight or royal flush
Four to all other straight and royal flushes
Three of a kind
Two pair
Four to a flush
Three suited connectors
Open-ended straight draw
Three to a straight or royal flush
Four to an inside straight
Three to a flush
Two suited connectors
Two suited cards with one gap
Bare 7 or 8
Bare 6 or 9
Bare 5 or 10
Bare 4 or jack

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