Bonus Poker Deluxe Video Poker

bonus-poker-deluxeBonus Poker Deluxe is a variant of the Bonus Poker family. Like other similar games, Bonus Poker Deluxe is distributed by IGT. Consequently, it is available on many Game King machines that offer multiple titles. Some older standalone games also spread Bonus Poker Deluxe.
The strategy behind playing Bonus Poker Deluxe is simpler than most other games in the Bonus Poker genre. That is because all four of a kind hands have the same payout. The trade off comes in that two pair only pays even money. This adds variance to the game without drastically changing its basic strategy from normal Bonus Poker and Jacks or Better.

How to Find the Best Bonus Poker Deluxe Machine

Unfortunately, no Bonus Poker Deluxe pay tables return more than 100% to the player. Some promotions or players club returns will get it there however. Point multiplier days at Boyd Gaming casinos in Las Vegas are an example of this.
The best Bonus Poker Deluxe closely resembles a full pay Jacks or Better machine. This is the pay table you should be looking for:
– Royal Flush: 800 (250 if fewer than five coins wagered)
– Four of a Kind: 80
– Straight Flush: 50
– Full House: 9
– Flush: 6
– Straight: 4
– Three of a Kind: 3
– Two Pair: 1
– Pair of Jacks or Better: 1
Note that each hand returns the same at full pay Jacks or Better and Bonus Poker Deluxe except for two pair and four of a kind. There are no kickers or special quads to chase in Bonus Poker Deluxe.
Most casinos do not offer this quality Bonus Poker Deluxe. Short pay tables include 8/6, 8/5, 7/5 and 6/5 pay tables on a full house and flush, respectively. All of these games should be avoided; they are unbeatable, even with promotions. Most online casinos offer the 8/6 version.

Where to Find Full Pay Bonus Poker Deluxe

There are 18 casinos in Las Vegas that offer full pay Bonus Poker Deluxe. Most are in downtown Las Vegas or in the locals’ market. Downtown casinos with the game include Plaza, Main Street Station and Fremont. On the Strip, Circus Circus is the only casino with this pay table. All Station Casinos have full pay Bonus Poker Deluxe. This includes Red Rock Resort, Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, Texas Station and Fiestas. Westgate, Skyline Casino and Eureka also spread it.

How to Increase Your Return at Bonus Poker Deluxe

Finding the best Bonus Poker Deluxe pay table is a great first step in maximizing returns. There are two other important factors when playing the game to keep from giving more of an edge to the house. The first is getting a players card. This will award free slot play and in some cases cash back on video poker action. The return can be anywhere from 0.05% to 0.3%. Make sure to give a good level of action on your first trip to the casino. This will trigger great offers by mail. It is common to receive a couple of free hotel nights and slot play based on this action which can make up for the slight house edge.
Online casino players do not have to hassle with waiting in rewards center lines of showing ID to get comps. Online casinos automatically enroll players into VIP programs. Make sure to read the site’s terms and conditions.
Learning how to play Bonus Poker Deluxe properly is the best way to add to your return. This applies to all forms of video poker. Always stand on a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind and full house. Next, hold four to a royal. After that, stay pat on a flush or straight. The rest of the strategy is available here:
– Three of a kind
– Two pair
– Four to a straight flush
– Pair of jacks or better
– Four to a flush
– Three to a royal flush
– Pair of 10’s or lower
– Open ended straight
– Gutshot (inside straight) with three or four cards jack or higher
– Two suited cards jack or higher
– Two unsuited cards jack or higher
– Suited 10 with a jack or better
– Bare jack, queen, king or ace
– Three to a straight flush
– Discard everything

Common Bonus Poker Deluxe Mistakes

Video poker is a skill game. The more a player understands the basic strategy, the higher the return. The most common mistake players make in this game is going for four of a kind when dealt two pair. This may seem tempting, especially when one pair is jacks or better, but the nine-coin payout on a full house trumps the 80 coins on four of a kind due to frequency. The same goes for a dealt full house. It should be kept.
Other mistakes players make is holding the wrong cards when dealt unpaired cards that are jack and higher. Always keep the suited cards. If none are suited, keep the two lowest. The ace is not a bonus card in this game like others in the Bonus Poker family. It should be dropped in favor of two lower face cards if three cards jack and higher are dealt. That is because more straights are possible when doing so.