All American Poker

all-american-poker-machineAll American Poker is a simple game and is a great video poker option for players looking to branch out from Jacks or Better without having to learn a new and complicated strategy. All American Poker takes away the double-pay on two pair. In exchange for this, it adds five coins to four of a kind, while also paying eight coins on any full house, flush or straight. Straight flushes also have a higher payout when compared to other video poker games.
All American Poker is one of the few video poker games where online options are better than live ones. Payouts at Microgaming, RealTime Gaming and Playtech casinos are superior to the ones paid at Las Vegas casinos, or any other gaming market. That is because four of a kind pays 35 coins at these online casinos, while the live version distributed by IGT only pays 30. Brick-and-mortar casinos spread this version on Game King devices.

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Where to Play All American Poker

The best way to find a favorable All American Video Poker game is to look on the Internet. There are hundreds of online casinos that spread software powered by Real Time Gaming, Microgaming or Playtech. Real Time Gaming is available to American online casino players through various outlets. All are available in Europe, Canada and Australia as well.
Casino gamblers will not be able to find an All American Poker pay table that returns 35 coins on four of a kind. The best option for those players is 30 coins on quads. This game is available at most Station Casinos. That includes Red Rock Resort, Green Valley Ranch, Santa Fe Station, Texas Station, Palace Station and Fiestas.

How to Increase Your Return at All American Poker

Every casino that offers All American Poker awards full points when using a players card. At live casinos, this requires a trip to the rewards center. It only takes a minute to submit a photo ID to receive the card. Once registered, insert the card into the reader located on the machine. This will usually generate up to 0.3% in free play or cash back. Food comps may be issued up to this amount as well. The action will also trigger mailers with free play and higher volume players may receive free hotel rooms or food comps.

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Online casino players do not have to bother with any of the aforementioned steps. The simple act of creating an account at a casino website automatically enrolls the player into the VIP program. The platform will rate the level of action and award comps appropriately. Online casinos award cash back or reload bonuses based on previous play, often from the past 30 days.

Finding the Best All American Video Poker Machine

The pay tables between All American Poker are nearly identical. There is just one difference and  that is the payout on four of a kind. Below we have outlined the most common paytable when playing All American Video Poker.
– Royal Flush: 800 (250 when playing fewer than five coins)
– Straight Flush: 200
– Four of a Kind: 35 (30 on Game Kings)
– Full House: 8
– Flush: 8
– Straight: 8
– Three of a Kind: 3
– Two Pair: 1
– Pair of Jacks or Better: 1

How to Play All American Poker

The basic strategy for All American Poker is simple. It is comparable to Jacks or Better. Always hold a dealt royal flush, straight flush or four of a kind. The next thing to check for is a four-card royal flush. After that, hold a full house, flush or straight. The other draws are listed below in order of importance:
– Three of a kind
– Four-card straight flush
– Two pair
– Pair of jacks or better
– Three-card royal flush
– Four-card flush
– Pair of twos through tens
– Open ended straight draw
– Two suited cards jack or higher
– Three-card straight flush
– Two off-suit cards jack or higher, keeping only the two lowest
– Suited ten with a jack, queen or king
– Bare jack, queen, king or ace
– Discard all five cards

Common Mistakes at All American Poker

The basic strategy for All American Poker is so simple that there are very few mistakes that can be made. Make sure not to play this game like Bonus Poker versions where a two pair plays even money. The four of a kind payout is not high enough to break apart full houses and two pair.
There is no advantage to aces in All American Poker. They are the same as jacks, queens and kings. All American Poker does not offer a special four of a kind. Make sure to keep three to a royal flush over a four-card flush and keep the kicker when dealt quads to avoid an error. All American Poker is a great first step for Jacks or Better players to find a little more variance in their action.

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