Two Nevada Casinos Shutdown for Covid Violations

Two Nevada casinos have been shut down amid claims that both Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall, and C.O.D Casino were flouting the official directives.

Land-based casinos have been trying to stay afloat amid the coronavirus. Currently, they are operating at 50 percent of their capacity while following necessary health measures. However, recent reports have revealed that not all the casinos are following the rules.

Nevada regulators have sought to fine two casinos and one bowling alley for not observing the issued guidelines.

Right now, there are many investigations underway. Though no complaints have been registered, many predict that will happen soon. Besides, the authorities are likely to release the name of those who have been disregarding the official directives and endangering public health.

Two Nevada Casinos Shutdown

Recent claims have accused Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall in Ely, and C.O.D Casino in Minden of flouting the government orders. In both complaints, regulators asserted that patrons and employees in the casino establishments did not comply with the requirements of wearing face coverings while inside of casino premises.

Employees and Customers Not Wearing Masks

The complaints maintain that during visits spanning over several days, officials witnessed patrons and employees wearing face masks improperly, or not at all.

The officials presented photographic evidence to support their claim. The visual proof clearly depicts customers with no masks on in rush areas. Inspectors maintain that employees did not bother to take any action against this trend among the customers. The casino owners of both the establishments have yet to give their version of the story.

Increase in COVID Cases in Nevada

Michael Lawton, the spokesperson for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, stated Monday that currently, there are 156 open investigations. However, he remained short of stating any further as confidentiality rules bar him from publicizing any details regarding the processes.

Nevada Gaming Control Board or any of its officials is not allowed to make public the names of the entities in question unless it receives a formal complaint.

There has been a sudden increase in the Covid-19 cases in Nevada over the last few weeks despite the fact that casinos are operating half of its capacity.

The state signed Directive 024 that included the mandatory face-covering policy. In early July, Nevada decided that bars in some counties should return to Phase 1 restrictions as the new cases were reported.

“If we must go out, we’re safer only if we wear face-covering and practice social distancing,” said Governor Steve Sisolak, while adding “Masks are not partisan, nor are they political.”

The governor said that it is not a joke as it costs lives to have people not wear masks.

Nevada Measures Against the Pandemic

Despite taking the necessary measures, the infection rate of new cases is not abating. As everyone realizes that it is a highly contagious virus, some states have brought back the shutdown measures again. Bars are being closed again, and various casino establishments are tightening up measures.

Most establishments have already introduced plexiglass dividers, placing slot machines at safer distances. Plus, diners are asked to use QR codes while placing orders.

Business Safety Protocols

The experts have already stated that the pandemic is not going anywhere soon. So, businesses must continue by incorporating new health protocols. It is incumbent on each business, including casinos, to maintain the well-being of residents while carrying on their economic activities.

Online Gaming is The Safer Option

Safe gambling is the right of every player and must be a high priority for each gambling enthusiast. No matter whatever stricter measures the land-based gaming establishments adopt, the risk of contracting the virus is always there.

Amid these unprecedented times and situations, online casinos seem to be the perfect substitute for those fans who want to enjoy gambling.

Playing At Online Casinos

Most players have found the best alternative in online casinos. As the brick-and-mortar venues are becoming more unsafe, the interest in internet gambling is increasing with each passing day. Online casinos have an unrivaled game selection, with both RNG and live dealer games.

Players do not have to worry about the security of the transaction process as these sites have secure payment methods, and advanced technology to protect user data. They also enable players to set their limits, so they always keep track of what they are betting in a controlled environment.