The Las Vegas Luxor May Soon Be Demolished

The latest report from Las Vegas has shocked many who heard that one of its biggest hotel-casino, Las Vegas Luxor, could be demolished soon.

With this, the land-based casino industry in Las Vegas, already crippled by the pandemic-led lockdowns, may see some drastic changes. Despite casinos reopening, the industry is now struggling to attract tourists.

If that was not enough, people heard another news (not a good one) that the Las Vegas Luxor could be demolished in 2020.

It’s surprising for the casino-lovers to hear the startling news as the hotel-casino is one of the biggest in Las Vegas. As it’s big news, we have decided to delve into more details to find out when MGM Resorts will be demolishing this historic property.

Let’s find out.

Nevada Casinos Face Backlash for Inadequate Safety Measures

As the epicenter of the world’s best casino-resorts, Las Vegas was to see the official reopening of the industry on June 4th, as Governor Steve Sisolak had announced.

However, tourism had already increased as many, who faced restrictions in their own states, began to flock to Las Vegas to enjoy gambling. This led many health experts to warn the health consequences in the wake of the COVID-19.

The warning turned into reality, and the executive orders now sought to implement face-covering in casinos too. The new regulation seemed to discourage tourism.

Unfortunately, the spread of the virus continued to multiply in the state. Many believe casino establishments here have done little to safeguard their employees. Only recently, a casino employee died from the coronavirus.

The Nevada Culinary Union recently said it was suing some major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. The group claims the casino establishments have done little to protect their employees. However, it is not clear which establishments are included in the lawsuit.

Now the recent reports claimed that one of the most popular land-based casinos in Las Vegas might soon be demolished.

Will the Las Vegas Luxor Really Being Torn Down Soon?

MGM Resorts International is among the best casino companies in the world. It owns many top-class gambling establishments around the world, including several in Las Vegas.

The Luxor Hotel-Casino, located on the Las Vegas Strip, is of the venues MGM currently holds. Constructed in 1993, the pyramid-shaped hotel-casino soon became one of the top venues in Las Vegas. Many gamble flock to enjoy visiting and playing inside this wonderful property.

Perhaps that makes it more surprising to know that despite the popularity and influx of the players, Las Vegas Luxor may be demolished.

Although MGM Resorts had been seeking its demolition for years, union groups had resisted the move so far.

As Las Vegas is struggling is receiving pandemic-led shocks, many believe this is the time to remove this historic establishment. However, it’s not clear when it will happen. However, according to some sources, the process may begin before the end of 2020.

Besides, MGM has been tight-lipped regarding its future plan regarding any future construction once Luxor is gone. Maybe, they plan to sell the land.

More Las Vegas Casinos Are Set to Reopen This Week

Las Vegas is in the beginning to open, but current trends may reverse the reopening plans. Currently, some more casino-resorts, including Las Vegas Luxor, plan to open to the public on Thursday. However, the same social distancing measures will implement inside of the casino venues.

Many other casino establishments including, the Aria Resort & Casinos, Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, Delano, and the Four Seasons, plan to open today (July 1st).