Texas Casino Ship Owner in Hot Water After Recent Facebook Poll

As far as US states are concerned, Texas is about as restrictive as they come. Though there isn’t much in the way of land-based casino options, the large Gulf Coastline offers Texas citizens—amongst others—plenty of riverboat gambling options. When we say “riverboat gambling,” we are really talking about casinos located on boats that travel out into the Gulf of Mexico, where they are able to offer a full slate of casino games.

In recent weeks, one of the most well-known riverboat gambling entities has made headlines due to a faux pas made on the company’s Facebook page. After the captain of a riverboat casino recently caused some damage to the boat which he operates, the company he works for went to the internet to create a poll in order to determine whether the captain should keep his job or not. Naturally, this sounds bad enough, but we have only just scratched the surface.

A Mistake Blown Out of Proportion

On April 15th, Jacks or Better Riverboat Casino, which operates out of Galveston, Texas, ended up brushing up against a jetty as the vessel was pulling into dock. Though the incident did not result in anyone being injured, the casino boat has a near 100-foot gash on its side.

Rather than keeping the incident under wraps and handling things internally, Jacks or Better went to Facebook and created a poll asking users whether the captain should be able to retain his employment or not.

Rather than being treated like the lighthearted joke it was meant to be taken as, the post received an intense amount of backlash in a very short period of time. As you might expect, most of the comment criticized how the situation was being handled, and did not think it appropriate to publicly shame an employee who, from the looks of it, made a very honest mistake. Some of the commenters informed Jacks or Better that they would no longer return as paying customers.

A Quick Follow-Up

Not too long after the initial post and poll were uploaded, Jacks or Better fired back in an attempt to explain themselves. According to Click2Houston, Jacks or Better released a statement which read, in part, that “The poll was never intended to sway management’s decision on captain’s pending hire.” Instead, Jacks or Better went on, the poll was created with the expectation that the captain would receive an outpouring of support from the public. Though this did more or less happen, the support for the ship’s captain came more in the form of criticism of Jacks or Better than anything else.

Jacks or Better went on to explain that the post was made with the approval of the ship’s captain, however that did not seem to make the situation any better. Beyond that, Jacks or Better has not actually responded with regard to whether the captain in question is still employed. What we do know, however, is that the riverboat casino is expected to reopen at the end of this week after repairs were made in Louisiana.