Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a poker game that does not involve beating a dealer’s hand. The payouts are based solely on the quality of hand that a player receives. One of the big draws to Let It Ride is the possibility of getting a high multiple of your bet for certain winning hands. For example; a Royal Flush will typically pay 1,000-1 odds, so if you bet the maximum amount of hands (3) for $10 each, you would win $30,000 on a $30 wager.

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Let It Ride (also known as “Let ‘Em Ride”) is typically a table game with a $5 minimum bet. Older generation Game Maker machines spread the game as well and it is also a popular online game. The minimum bet for these types of games is usually $.25 per stack. The royal flush payout is higher when five coins are wagered on Let It Ride games spread on Game Maker machines.
For live table games, the amount wagered does not affect royal flush payouts, or any payouts for that matter, though there is often an optional $1 progressive. Read on to learn more about Let It Ride or practice for free below. You can also play online in the USA for real money at Bovada.lv or LasVegasUsa.eu.

How to Play Let It Ride

If you decide to sit down and play Let It Ride, there are three bets placed at the start of the hand. Each must be equally sized. Some tables have a Pairs Plus bet, which is identical to the Three Card Poker one. This is available because SHFL owns both Let It Ride and Three Card Poker. Some tables also offer other random side bets which differ from casino to casino. There is also generally a progressive bet available which pays out only on a royal flush. This will usually cost $1 to play. Other side bets generally have a minimum bet of $5.
Once all bets have been placed on the table, players will then receive three cards. Two cards are placed face down in the middle by the dealer. Players will combine their three cards and the two in the middle to make the best five-card hand. To win at Let It Ride, you must have pairs of 10’s or higher. This includes straights, flushes etc. as well. The two cards in the center are referred to as community cards.

Let It Ride Decision Making

After looking at the first three cards dealt, players decide whether to bring one bet back or “Let It Ride,” meaning all their wagers stays in play. Players should Let It Ride with a pair of 10’s or better, three of a kind, three to a royal flush, or three suited connectors five or higher. Otherwise, one of the stacks should be removed from play. Players should not remove the stacks from the table. Swipe the table with the cards and allow the dealer to push it back.
Once the players have acted, the first of the two community cards is exposed. Players then have the decision of pulling another bet back or letting it ride again. Again, players should Let It Ride on any hand of 10’s or better, any four suited cards, or any open ended straight. Four cards to an ace high straight should also be played. The cards are tucked under the remaining chip stack after this decision.
The final card is then exposed and the dealer shows all players’ cards. Any hand containing a pair of 10’s or better wins. Each stack that has been left to ride is paid based on the following pay table:
– Royal flush: 1000-1
– Straight flush: 200-1
– Four of a kind: 50-1
– Full house: 11-1
– Flush: 8-1
– Straight: 5-1
– Three of a kind: 3-1
– Two pair: 2-1
– Pair of 10’s or better: 1-1

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Pair Plus Bets

The Pair Plus is a side bet or “sucker bet” that wins or loses based solely on the first three cards dealt to the player. It also includes the Mini Royal bonus. Below is a standard pay table for Pair Plus bets, though it may change slightly depending on which casino you’re playing at.
– AKQ suited (Mini Royal): 50-1
– Straight flush: 40-1
– Three of a kind: 30-1
– Straight: 6-1
– Flush: 3-1
– Any pair: 1-1

Let It Ride Progressive

As we briefly mentioned previously in the article, some casinos offer a progressive bonus with a minimum bet ranging from $1 to $5 (though $1 is pretty standard). These pay tables vary from one casino to another, but royal flushes generally pay over $1 million if you do hit the progressive. This is controversial, but if you play this game often I would recommend playing the progressive if it is $1. Personal preference really, but that’s just my two cents.

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