Flushes Gone Wild

flushes-gone-wildFlushes Gone Wild is a very new game as its debut was made in the summer of 2015. The game incorporates aspects several other games, but is mainly rooted in Poker. However, new players to this game are not required to know all the ins and outs of Poker in order to play this game. All that is needed to play this addicting game is the knowledge of what a flush is.
For those unaware, a flush in poker is a five card hand all featuring the same suit. In Flushes Gone Wild, four card flushes also count. If the flush is a random assortment of cards with the same suit, it is known as a wild flush. If the flush has similarly suited cards in sequential order, more rare and harder to come by, it is known as a natural flush.

How to Play Flushes Gone Wild

The aim of the game is to construct a powerful flush with the five cards provided to you and the two community cards, available for use by everyone in the game. Upon sitting down at a Flushes Gone Wild table, the player will see areas for bets labeled ante, blind, play, and flush rush. In order to play a game, players are first required to make an ante as well as a blind, which will be of equal values. At this time, players may also make a wager on the flush rush bet, if they choose to do so. The flush rush bet will be further explained later on. Upon making the initial wagers, the dealer will deal two community cards and then deal each player, including themselves, five cards.
Players are then able to look at their hands and make the decision of whether to fold or to continue playing. Should the players like their odds and wish to continue playing, they are required to make a wager twice the amount of the ante in the ‘play’ section of the table. It is common etiquette for the player to place their hand underneath the chips or money that is placed in the play bet area. If the player chooses to fold, they will lose both their ante and their blind.
After decisions have been made, the two community cards will be flipped over, revealing some potentially and hopefully helpful cards. The dealer will also flip over their cards and produce the strongest flush they have. Finally, the players will flip their cards and compare their flush to the dealer’s flush. If the player’s flush loses, the player will lose their blind, ante and play bets. If there is a tie, the blind, ante and play bets push. If the player’s flush beats the dealer’s, their ante and play bets are paid 1 to 1, and the blind bet is paid based on the margin of victory over the dealer. If the player had a flush with a higher number of cards than the dealer, the blind payout will be higher. The payouts for specific margins of victory is as follows:
– 5 or more cards: 200 to 1
– 4 cards: 25 to 1
– 3 cards: 5 to 1
– 2 cards: 3 to 1
– Same amount of cards or 1 more: push

Flush Rush Bet

The Flush Rush bet is an optional bet that can be made at the beginning of the round. An important characteristic of the Flush Rush bet is that it is still valid after a player folds. As mentioned above, a player loses their ante and blind bets if they fold. However, that player can still win money if they made a wager on the Flush Rush bet.
If a player folds but made a Flush Rush bet, it is common protocol to place his folded hand under their Flush Rush bet. Should the two community cards create a flush in conjunction with their folded cards, their Flush Rush bet will still pay out. The Flush Rush bet is paid out based on the value of cards making up the flush. The common payouts for certain flushes are as follows:
– 7 card natural: 250 to 1
– 7 card wild: 100 to 1
– 6 card natural: 50 to 1
– 6 card wild: 10 to 1
– 5 card natural: 6 to 1
– 5 card wild: 3 to 1
– 4 card natural: 1 to 1
– All others: loss
Flushes Gone Wild is a very new game which could see an increase in popularity due to its easy to learn and addictive nature. The Flush Rush bet allows players to potentially win even if they counted themselves out from the start. Players looking for a respite from the classic, more iconic games should not hesitate to try out this new table game.