Starspins Removed from Recommended Casinos List

Unfortunately as of today ( 5th March 2019 ) we have had to take the decision to remove Starspins from our recommended online casinos here on This is due to a couple reasons, with the main one being that they are not transparent with regards to the management of player complaints.

As a result we cannot be confident that any players issues that may arise at Starspins will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

The second reason as to Starspins removal from CR is down to the fact that earlier this week, we received an email from Gamesys, who are responsible for marketing Starspins.

Without notice or prior communication ( despite what the email stated ), Gamesys who operate the casino affiliate programme of which Starspins is a part of, informed us that they were closing our account.

The contents of the email we received is directly below:

Dear Dave,

In October 2018 you received a communication about the closure of your account which is also when we made final payment of any unpaid balances up to this point. As was communicated at this time, this served notice of termination of your account and notice of this closure in accordance with clause 13.3 of our Terms and Conditions, effective from 30th October 2018.

As you would be aware, you have received another payment for the month of January 2019. Unfortunately, this was processed in error.

We understand that this is not through any fault of your own, which is why as a gesture of goodwill we have decided to not take this any further by requesting these funds be returned.

Having said this, our communication and the ultimate closure of your account does still apply and will be managed in the next few days to remedy the original error.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,
The Gamesys Affiliates Team

Fine, we can live with this decision, but find it quite audacious they have mentioned  that they decided not to try and recoup commissions paid to us in January as an act of goodwill. Money that actually they would not have generated, for it not for promoting them. This action by Gamesys Affiliates, is basically a money grab. But so be it.

If they treat their marketing partners like this, then this further confirms the assertion our friends over at The Pogg have made regards how they treat complaints from their players. We will be keeping the review page of Starspins up, but will be changing it accordingly, in light of our decision to remove them from CR.

All links to Starspins on CR will also be changed sitewide, to point to Unibet Casino, which is a far superior product all round. With Unibet actually treating their players as valued customers.