YouWager Sportsbook Review

Players Accepted: United States, Canada, All Others Except Below
Players Not Accepted: Costa Rica is the only country immediately mentioned
Despite it having a .eu web address, is an online sportsbook that caters almost exclusively to a North American audience. This would seem like a bit of an exaggeration if it weren’t for the site’s slogan, which reads: “Where America Bets.
Despite this odd little detail, YouWager does offer a top-notch sports betting interface combined with decades of industry experience and a transparent, licensed, legitimate operation. From the simplistic and straightforward design of the site, to the overall sports betting coverage, there is little to complain about when it comes to

Sportsbook at

The first thing you will notice when playing on YouWager is that their sportsbook is organized a bit differently than most others. Rather than simply listing the different sports betting markets and a few of the day’s top events, they bring you to a homepage that allows you to begin your bet selection by choosing the type of bet which you would like to pursue. Some examples include Straight Bets, Teasers, and Parlays. We are not sure whether this is a good or bad approach, but it is definitely different.
As for the overall sports betting market coverage, you will immediately notice YouWager’s focus on North American sports. The way the site is set up, everything is very neatly organized and easy to locate. For each betting market, you will be made aware of the different bet types available to you without having to select individual games.
In baseball, for example, you will see game lines, first 5 inning lines, and so on. Directly beneath that, you might see basketball lines where only game and halftime lines are available. This information being laid out in a coordinated fashion on one page makes finalizing a bet quick and easy.

Reputation of

WCI Reputation Rating: 4/5
YouWager has by and large managed to stay out of the headlines, which is almost always a good sign. They have not been linked to any big scandals and are rarely even the center of complaints regarding the speed with which payouts are processed; something everyone seems to have an issue with when betting online. On top of all of this, this sportsbook is licensed by the government of Costa Rica, a country that does not hand licenses out to just any operator. All things considered, we personally have no complaints with regard to YouWager’s reputation as it relates to their sportsbook.
In terms of their casino, the fact of the matter is that there have been quite a few complaints with regard to the company who provides their casino game software. AmigoTech, a Panamanian-based company, has frequently been accused of rigging their games. Though many of these accusations date back to 2012 and earlier, we thought it was still worth mentioning. More recently, the complaints regarding AmigoTech have subsided, but there is still a lingering distrust amongst many people.

Sports and Leagues Offered at

Primary Sports Offered: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer
Other Sports Offered: Tennis, Golf, eSports, MMA, Boxing, Rugby, Racing, Rugby, Politics/Entertainment
Not Offered (or not listed): Snooker, Handball, Darts, Cricket, Volleyball
In terms of primary sports, they are what most would consider to be the most popular in the United States and Canada. That explains why you will see extensive coverage of football (including NCAA, NFL, CFL, and AFL), baseball, and basketball, while the coverage of rugby and boxing may be a bit underwhelming.
As to the extent of coverage, you might be pleasantly surprised. Even though YouWager makes it clear that they are serving a North American audience first, sports like baseball and basketball boast a global level of coverage. What we mean by this is that YouWager will play host to extensive MLB coverage while at the same time offer betting on NCAA baseball and professional leagues from places like Japan and Mexico.

Baseball at

As was briefly touched upon above, the coverage of baseball betting at YouWager is as good as you will find anywhere. In addition to the wide range of leagues upon which you can wager, the betting limits are quite high as well. Leagues other than the United States’ Major League Baseball and NCAA include those from Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea.
The maximum bet able to be placed on a single Major League and/or Collegiate baseball game sits at $5,000, but the betting limits for foreign leagues is much lower, usually around $100. This is a theme that repeats itself through the rest of the sportsbook, with North American leagues featuring significantly higher maximum betting limits than those from other parts of the world.

Basketball at

The coverage of basketball at YouWager is, yet again, heavily focused on American leagues such as the NBA and NCAA, but does include a few others. You will also see game lines for the WNBA and the Philippines’ professional league. Betting limits are much higher when it comes to NCAA and NBA games, and you will also see a broad selection of futures and prop bets available both before and during a given season.

Football at

The football betting is what really caught us by surprise, because it covers far more than what we have come to expect. As far as the league with the most coverage is concerned, there is no doubt that the NFL has that locked down, with NCAA Football coming in at a close second. In addition to there being a diverse selection of props (both team and player) and futures, NFL spread bets can range as high as $10,000.
The CFL (Canadian Football League) and AFL (Arena Football League) are also featured at YouWager, but the coverage and betting limits are both smaller. Apart from standard spread, moneyline, and totals wagering, you will be hard-pressed to find much more than one or two futures bets. When it comes down to it, however, YouWager has every major football league in the world covered.

Hockey and Other Sports at

Where football betting really surprised us, YouWager’s hockey betting options let us down. The only hockey league with betting lines featured on YouWager is the NHL. Though this is indisputably the most popular league in the world, there are plenty of European divisions that we would have liked to see featured.
The betting options on other sports can best be described as limited, at best. Sports like rugby do not feature much in the way of consistent betting lines, but tennis and golf do well to feature the more popular tournaments and events held annually.
The one sport that did have a lot of betting options available was soccer. Leagues from all over the world, ranging from England’s Premier League to Brazil’s second division, will have game lines. There may be a few futures wagers offered—especially for higher-profile international events—but most soccer matches will have just moneyline, spread, and totals betting options.

Live Betting

Live betting is something that confused us at first due to there being “Live Betting” and “In Game” bet types listed across the top of the sportsbook homepage. To be completely fair, we are still a bit confused as both tabs direct you to different live betting interfaces. The selection of live games upon which you can bet seems to be better with the “Live Betting” option, but we enjoyed the setup and user experience of the “In Game” interface a bit more.
As for the sports and leagues featured between both live betting interfaces, you will see a heavy emphasis on sports such as baseball, basketball, tennis, and soccer. In general, live betting will be available on any given night for most major United States’ sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA Football and Basketball.

Bet Types at

Bet Types Offered: Moneyline, Spread, Totals (over/under), Teasers, Parlays, If Bets, Action Reverse, Props, Futures
Bet Types Not Offered: Exotic Parlays, Alternate Lines
For almost every game, match, or event where betting is available at YouWager, you will consistently find moneyline, spread, and totals betting options. As the popularity of the sport/league in the United States increases, the number of available wager types does too. This is why there will seem to be an innumerable number of available bets for a single NFL game whereas a CFL game may not even have a spread/moneyline option.
In terms of availability, we would like to comment on the organization of the site once more. On the homepage, from left to right, you will find “Straight Bets,” “Teasers,” “Parlays,” “If Bets,” and “Action Reverse” betting options listed. They are listed in terms of the bet type with the largest number of options to those that are more restrictive. Any and all events will be found under the “Straight Bets” category but only a select few will qualify for “Action Reverse” and other similarly unique bet types. Mobile Sports Betting

The beauty of YouWager being a wholly simplistic site when it comes to design and layout is that the mobile aspect of the sportsbook is almost identical to the desktop version. In fact, through our scrolling of featured markets and bet types, we could not find a single different between what you get on the desktop and what you get from any mobile device.
As is typical for mobile sportsbooks, YouWager is accessible by way of your device’s web browser. There is no app that can be downloaded from any app store. Still, the mobile sportsbook operates and feels like a mobile app even though it is functioning within a mobile web browser.

Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus

The sportsbook sign up bonus is actually broken down into three different bonus options, all of which are set up as free money bonuses derived as a percentage of your initial deposit. In other words, they are deposit bonuses.
The first deposit bonus is a 100% matching bonus with $100 to $1,000 in free bonus money available. As you might expect, the minimum qualifying deposit for this bonus is $100. The requirements mandate a 15x rollover and, before you can withdraw any funds, the bonus and related funds must be held for 30 days.
The second deposit option will award a 50% deposit bonus with anywhere from $100-$250 in bonus money able to be awarded at once. Again, the minimum qualifying deposit is $100. There is the requirement to hold onto the bonus and related funds for 30 days, however this bonus option only mandates a rollover of 4.5x.
Finally, the last initial deposit option is a 30% matching bonus that can award a maximum of $600 in bonus money. Qualifying deposits must be at least $501 but cannot be any larger than $2,000. The rollover requirement for this is 4.5x and it too features the requirement that funds must be held onto for 30 days at least.

Sportsbook Promotions

Though there are not a wealth of other bonuses and promotions on offer at YouWager, the site does advertise a deposit bonus every so often. What’s more, there is a buddy referral bonus. The one promotion we did like is referred to as the “Bad Beat Special.” If you lose two straight wagers by a half-point within a 30-day period, you will qualify for the bonus and be eligible for free play. The one catch to this promotion is that you must email YouWager support the two wagers that were lost and when they were lost. If you neglect to make YouWager staff aware, you will not be eligible for the bonus.

Horses, Esports, and Financials at

When it comes to horse betting, YouWager takes it very seriously, and this is made clear in the fact that they have an entire user interface (racebook) dedicated to it. You are able to place bets on races from 40+ tracks that are located all over the world, from popular tracks such as Belmont and Churchill Downs, to tracks you might have never heard of before, the horserace section is top-notch and perfect for new and experienced bettors alike.
What the horse section has, the selection of eSports betting does not. To make a long story short, you will find only the most popular eSports events featured at YouWager. This is not necessarily atypical given the niche nature of eSports betting, but is worth mentioning nonetheless.
Finally, there is not much in the way of financials betting. You will find political betting options for high-profile elections, referendums, and things of that nature, but there are seldom betting options for the stock market nor economic policy/performance.

Casino at

Software Providers: AmigoTech, Visionary iGaming (Live Dealer)
Games Offered: Table Games, Slots, Live Dealer, Video Poker, Keno, Scratchoffs
Games Not Offered: Lottery, Bingo
As was mentioned previously, the biggest point of contention when it comes to the online casino at YouWager is the software that powers it. We did not experience anything out of the ordinary and AmigoTech’s name is now much better than what it was. Overall, the selection of games in the traditional casino is competent in that there are plenty of table games, but their selection of slots is lacking in number.
Apart from some of the more obscure gaming categories, YouWager does an excellent job at providing players with a lot of variety. At the end of the day, however, it is clear to see that the casino at is more of an afterthought than anything else. The site is clearly a sportsbook first and foremost.
With that said, they are seeing an increasing number of players opt to play at their live dealer casino, which is powered by Visionary iGaming software, which is regarded as one of the best software providers in the live dealer industry. In terms of sportsbooks that also have casinos, YouWager stands out as one of the best choices out there.

Slots at Casino

Number of Slots: 40+
Min and Max Slot Bets: $.01-$1.00/spin
Unfortunately, the slots aspect of the online casino at YouWager is underwhelming to say the least. There is less than 50 games offered, all of which seem to be nearly identical save for slightly different sounds, themes, and colors. In a way, it is convenient that a large portion of the slots feature the same number of reels, paylines, and betting ranges, but it is quite bland. The selection is what disappointed us most, but if you simply want to pass the time and play slots for a bit, you will not have much to complain about.

Table Games at

Table Games Offered: Blackjack, Craps, Roulette (European and American), Caribbean Stud, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Poker 3, Crazy Poker, Casino War, Keep’em Poker, Red Dog, Hoo Hey Now, Sic Bo
Table Games Not Offered: Let it Ride, Oasis Poker, Ride’em Poker, Three Card Rummy, Big Six, Crazy 4 Poker, High Card Flush, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, War
Min/Max Table Game Bets: $1-$200
The table game selection is interesting, to say the least. Listed first are the different blackjack games on offer, which include single deck, multi-deck, single hand, multi-hand, and plenty of other varieties. Be careful, however, because there are some blackjack varieties where blackjack pays out at 6:5 rather than the preferable 3:2 you might be expecting. They do not try to hide this, but someone who might not be paying close attention might be susceptible to choosing a game they might not have wanted.
Apart from the large number of blackjack game types, there are other standard table games, including roulette, baccarat, and Caribbean stud. Most of the games are what you can call standard or typical, but there are a few interesting games, like Hoo Hey Now, for example.
The betting limits are not going to blow you away and are standard across the board, with minimum bets coming in at $1 and maximums being capped at $200. Because this casino does not necessarily cater to high-rolling casino players, there is not much of a need to have higher betting limits and therefore we do not see this as too big of a deal.

Live Dealer Games at boasts a live dealer section that is top-notch in every way. A massive reason why that is so is due to the fact that ViG software is ranked amongst the best. Their dealers are all attractive, friendly, and professional, which is more than you can say for most dealers at brick and mortar casinos.
The live dealer interface is easy to use because it is set up in much the same way as the digital online casino. The quality of the stream is perfect and in clear HD resolution. On top of all of that, ViG games at YouWager are shot in live dealer studios that give you the same exact experience you would get from the floor of a brick and mortar casino, with sounds of roulette wheels spinning, other dealers chatting, and cards flipping.
The biggest offering from YouWager’s is live dealer blackjack, where there are five or more tables running at any given point in time. The blackjack betting limits include $10-$500, $25-$1,000, and $50-$2,500. Right off the bat, it is clear to see that the live dealer casino boasts more robust betting ranges than the traditional, digital casino.
In addition to blackjack, you will find both European and American roulette tables, with betting ranges of $1-$100, $5-$500, and $5-$1,000. Live baccarat features betting ranges of $5-$100, $25-$500, and $50-$1,000. Last but not least, Live Super6 is available and has betting ranges identical to that of baccarat.

Mobile Casino at

The live dealer casino at is interesting in that it exists in two different ways. The traditional online casino and the live dealer casino are both able to be accessed from any mobile device from that device’s web browser. Once you navigate to the main site, you can choose to play at the traditional or live casino.
The traditional online casino consists of even fewer game options than exist on a desktop computer. In fact, you will find less than 10 slot games and only about five table games from which to choose. As for the live dealer casino, however, the fact of the matter is that the mobile version is identical to what you will find on your desktop or laptop.
Of course, playing on a smartphone or similarly small device might present some issues in terms of deciphering everything on the screen, but the user interface and overall play experience is the same on a mobile device as it is on an actual computer.

Casino Sign Up Bonus at

The casino sign up bonus available at is the same one offered to sportsbook bettors that is mentioned above. The same wagering requirements and terms apply.

Poker at

The thing about poker at YouWager is that it is not clear how you go about playing, exactly. Once on the homepage of the site, you will see the “Poker” selection listed across the top. Once clicked, however, it will redirect you to a page that further redirects you to create a poker screen name. Once created, you will see a button that says “Go to Poker,” however when you click it all that happens is that you are taken back to the screen you were at immediately after selecting the “Poker” tab.

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  1. Youwager classic casino blackjack game is rigged!!! In a matter of just 61 hands played with basic strategy the dealer won streaks of 9-8-5-5 while winning 41 to my 16 hands with 4 pushing. I busted out 4 of 6 times with a 10 value card while hitting a 12. They are winning too many hands n too long streaks

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