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Not to be confused with the Aussie site, has been around for more than 20 years and is associated with one of the most trusted names in the online sportsbook industry. As part of the 5Dimes network, you can rest-assured that you are dealing with an honest company that is as transparent as they come. Officially founded in 1996 in Puerto Rico, has more experience than almost all other online sportsbooks in operation today.
The look and feel of their site is reminiscent of 5Dimes, but it is clear that they are attempting to differentiate themselves. At the end of the day, however, you will notice that the two sites are very similar. Something that was a bit off-putting to us was the fact that the Sportbet website you arrive at initially looks very much different once you log in. The predominantly black background with dark blue accents is replaced by a plain white background with lighter blue accents. This is not such a big deal, but it is definitely a good bit confusing as it looks like you are taken to a completely different site upon logging in.

Sportsbook at

Players Accepted: United States, Canada, All Others Except Below
Players Not Accepted: France, UK, Hungary, Portugal
On the sportsbook’s main page, you are greeted with an astonishingly simple list of all the different sports and leagues available. The simplicity of the site lends itself to those who may be new to sports betting, and makes the lives of experienced sports bettors easier than just about any other site out there.

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Being that football is the first sport listed when looking from right to left, it is immediately evident that is targeting North American bettors. Following football are other top sports, including basketball, baseball, and hockey. In addition to these standard markets, you will also find some obscure betting markets like politics, esports, and chess, to name a few.

Reputation of

WCI Reputation Rating: 5/5
In the competitive world of online sportsbooks, companies do not survive for nearly 20 years on luck alone. Rather, the site in question must be doing a lot of things right in order to not only stay in business, but to continually grow as well.
Through extensive research, we could not find any major scams or problems with throughout the whole of the site’s existence. As you will find with just about any site out there, you will find some individual complaints regarding payouts, bets not being taken, and so on, but these are one-offs and far from the norm.
With a top-notch customer support team and years of experience to rely on, we feel safe saying that is a site you can trust wholeheartedly.

Sports and Leagues Offered at

Primary Sports Offered: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer
Other Sports Offered: Tennis, Aussie Rules Football, Boxing/UFC, Motor Racing, Horses, Politics, eSports, Pro Wrestling, Competitive Eating, Chess
Sports Not Offered: Rugby, Snooker, Volleyball, Handball
As was touched on briefly above, does a good job of focusing on its North America audience. This is evidenced by the fact that their most popular sports are the ones primarily played in the United States and Canada. Baseball, basketball, football, and soccer feature the most leagues and events to bet on, but some of the other sports are surprisingly diverse in their offering.
The Fighting category, for example, includes boxing and UFC, but also features betting on Bellator and MMA. What’s more, Sportbet offers proposition wagers on MMA and boxing events, and that is something you will seldom find at other sportsbooks.
The “Other Sports” category is interesting just because of how random it is. Most people consider horse racing, politics, and esports standard betting categories for sportsbooks nowadays, but in addition to those you will find things like chess and competitive eating. Though it makes sense because there is not a large quantity of people who are betting on any competitive eating event (other than the July 4th hotdog eating competition on Coney Island), this is a category you simply won’t find at most other sportsbooks.

Baseball Betting

The baseball betting category at is impressive just because of the sheer number of leagues and events that are available. Once again, you will be lucky to find more than MLB betting available at most other sportsbook, but that is not the case here.

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Sportbet offers betting on MLB and college baseball as well as leagues from Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and Taiwan. If that wasn’t enough, there are prop bets featured on a daily basis and reduced juice lines that allow bettors to gain even better odds than are offered already. Reduced juice is an option under almost every betting market and is something we highly suggest you check out.

NFL and American Football Betting

If you have been betting at other sportsbooks for any extended period of time, we would not be surprised if you thought that the NFL and NCAA are really the only two leagues you are able to bet on. While experience may have you thinking that that’s the case, offers American football betting on the NFL, NCAA, CFL, and Arena League. What’s more, there are so many props that there are different tabs for props from different leagues. For example, you will find NFL props and NCAA props existing as two separate entities, rather than being thrust under a general “football props” tab.

NHL and Ice Hockey Betting

The ice hockey coverage at is as complete as you will find anywhere, with the United States’ NHL being the biggest and most popular league to bet on. In addition to the NHL, does well to features leagues from all over the world.
You will be lucky to find more than a handful of European leagues features at other sportsbooks, but not only offers betting on a bunch of leagues from Europe, they even go as far as to offer hockey betting on both Australia and New Zealand professional leagues.

Basketball Betting

At this point you could probably guess that the basketball coverage at is nothing short of top-notch. It almost goes without saying that the NBA is home to the most betting lines and props, but there are so many other leagues that you can bet on as well. From French and Italian leagues, to leagues from Lithuania, Philippines, and Portugal, does well to leave no stone unturned. From what we could tell, the only prop bets that exist pertain to the NBA.

Betting on Tennis and Other Sports

The tennis coverage at is just as diverse as all of the aforementioned sports. In total, you can place wagers on ATP, WTA, ITF, and Challenger events. What’s more, there are a host of proposition bets available for most events as well. As you might expect however, the number of prop bets increases along with the popularity of the event in question. In other words, a typical Challenger event might not have any props, while the French Open has dozens.
The two other betting categories that really stood out include soccer and fighting. Even though soccer may not be drawing in a huge number of bettors to, there is no shortage of leagues and events upon which you can wager. From popular leagues in England, France, and Spain, to leagues in places like Finland, Latvia, and Ecuador, Sportbet does have you covered in terms of soccer betting.
Fighting is another great category because it features the ever popular sport of boxing as well as the up and coming UFC division. Beyond that, there are all sorts of fighting events that have lines offered by Sportbet. Up to this point, we have not seen a single other sportsbook that can say they offer the quantity of fighting lines.
Golf and motor sport racing do not blow you away with the selection offered, but they more than cover the basics. For golf, you will be able to wager on all Majors (US Open, Players Championship, etc.) as well as most European and Senior events. Motor racing lines are primarily comprised of Xfinity and Formula1 racing, but Sportbet does offer betting options on truck racing and a number of other events held throughout the year.

Live Betting at

Just like the rest of, the live betting interface is incredibly easy to use once you understand things a bit better. In total, there are actually two different live betting interfaces. Though they are almost identical, Live Betting Ultra offers players a bit more variety than Live Betting Extra.
If you have ever bet one live, ongoing sporting events in the past, Live Betting Extra is more or less exactly what you are used to. There are a few game lines, each featuring moneyline, spread, and over/under betting options. With Live Betting Ultra, on the other hand, you can make use of the standard three bet types as well as a whole lot more.
Some of the betting options that exist with Live Betting Ultra are halftime, quarter, and period lines, even or odd props, two and three way handicaps, team totals, player totals, and Asian handicaps. Something that offers that most other sites do not is the ability to create parlays with live sporting events. At most other sites, even if you are able to place multiple live bets at the same time, you are rarely able to combine two or more selections into a live parlay.

Click Here to Join w/Bonus! does present live parlays as a possibility. With that being said, attempting to parlay two or more live sporting events can prove to be difficult simply because you might come across a situation where one game’s bets are locked (such as what occurs immediately following a touchdown in American football) while the other game’s betting options are live.

Bet Types Available at

Bets Offered: Moneyline, Spread, Totals (over/under), Parlays, Teasers, Futures Wagers, Player Props, Alternate Lines, Reverse, If Bets
Bets Not Offered: Exotic Parlays
Yet another testament to Sportbet’s experience and quality is that you are able to place almost every type of sports bet that exists. They offer simple moneyline, totals, and spread betting, but it gets more involved than that with the insane number of prop and futures bets, as well as things like alternate lines and reverse wagers. There are few other sportsbooks that can compare when it comes to the diverse nature of the bet types offered.
To make your life easier, lists all of their available bet types on the left side of the homepage, making it incredibly easy to sort the sports and leagues in a way that makes your life easier. If you select the “parlay” option, any bet placed will need to be comprised of at least two different picks. While on that page, you can quite literally place no other types of bets besides parlays.
Something worth mentioning due to the fact that it can be found almost nowhere else is the existence of what are referred to as Dynamic Lines. These are a series of moneylines that feature interesting propositions. For example, one wager is a moneyline regarding who will win the NFL’s AFC conference. The moneyline consists of one team and the field with corresponding odds. The list of Dynamic Lines is extensive and includes far more than American football betting options. It is worth checking out because you cannot find these types of lines anywhere else. Mobile Betting

The glory of being a website that is designed with simplicity in mind means that the mobile version is as close to identical to the desktop version as possible. As soon as you log in, you are once again taken from the black and dark blue theme to the significantly lighter theme, and all of the sports betting markets are listed front and center. Of course, the orientation of everything is a bit different due to Sportbet’s need to format the site for mobile devices, but the overall look, feel, and functionality of the mobile site is none too different than the desktop site. does not exist as an app, but rather as a mobile website. Once you have logged in, the navigation of the site may feel like an app, but you are really in your web browser the entire time. We really like the mobile offering because it keeps with Sportbet’s theme of consistency in everything they offer.

Sportsbet Sign Up Bonus

The sign up bonus at is not like what you will find at most other sportsbooks. Rather than present you with a matching bonus as a percentage of your initial deposit, Sportbet offers you what is known as the 30% Super Saver Bonus. Though this bonus strictly applies to parlay wagers, what it does is offer better odd and better payouts than what you would get normally. This is a lot like their reduced juice offerings, only the juice is brought down so low that it is almost eliminated entirely. At the end of the day, this bonus presents new players with some of the best odds of any sportsbook out there.
If you would like to go a traditional route with your new player bonus, there is a 50% bonus for deposits ranging from $100-$400. In essence, a $200 deposit will see you earn $100 in free play.

Casino at

Software: RealTime Gaming, Digital Gaming Solutions, Gametime Software, Betsoft
Games Offered: Table Games, Slots, Video Poker, Keno, Bingo, Scratchoffs, Lottery, Live Dealer
If you have played on the 5Dimes network before, the setup of the casino will make more sense. If you haven’t, the best way to describe’s casino is that it is broken down into five different casinos: Grand Casino, Jackpot Casino, Bonus Casino, Match Play Casino, and Gold Casino. In general, you will find some of the same exact game types (and even some of the same exact titles) across the five different casino skins.
With that said, the first three – Grand, Jackpot, and Bonus Casinos — are the three you absolutely must check out, mostly because of the massive quantity of games offered. Something else worth mentioning is the fact that the Grand Casino is the only one with a downloadable client, the other skins must be played within your web browser.
As far as game selection is concerned, the Bonus Casino has the largest and most diverse, however you will find just about any and every game under the sun across all five of the different arms of’s casino.

Slots at

Number of Slots: 200+
Min and Max Slot Bets: $0.02-$125/spin (Min and max bet amounts vary by game and casino)
The number of slots available across all five of’s casinos is more than enough to satisfy just about any type of slots player. For one, the slot games are produced by a number of different software providers, including Realtime Gaming, Betsoft and Gametime. It also seems as though the software used varies by casino.
For example, Jackpot Casino mostly features slot games from Betsoft, while the Grand Casino boasts slots produced by Realtime Gaming. Being that it is quite simple to jump from one casino to another at, we like the fact that there are so many slots from which to choose.

Tables Games at

Table Games Offered: Blackjack, Double Exposure, Spanish Blackjack, Switch Blackjack, Stud Poker, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow, Roulette (American and French), Craps, Baccarat, Caribbean Hold’em, Pontoon, Match Play 21, Let Em Ride, Face Up 21, Super 21, Triple Edge Poker, Oasis Poker, Draw Hi Lo, Three Card Rummy, Red Dog, Top Card Trumps, Super 7 Blackjack
Table Games Not Offered: 21 Burn, Pirate 21, Craps
Min and Max Bets: $1-$5,000
By just glancing at the above listing of games, it becomes immediately clear that is not messing around when it comes to their casino. Save for a handful of games, just about every casino table game imaginable is available across the five different gambling sites.
The betting range is quite large, but it is important to remember that the minimum and maximum bets can vary between the different skins. For example, the Grand Casino seems to cap table game wagers at just $1,000, while the Bonus Casino allows for blackjack hands to reach up to $5,000. At the end of the day, there is something here for all types of bettors, big or small.
As is the case with slot games, the table games are brought to you by way of a few different software providers. As you move from casino to casino, you can see that different providers are used. If you are looking for the casino with the most games, that would have to be the Bonus Casino. The casino with the most diverse selection of games however, that is the Grand Casino.

Live Dealer Games at

Live Dealer Games Offered: Blackjack, Roulette (French/European and American), Baccarat, Super6
Min and Max Bets: Blackjack ($5-$5,000), Roulette ($1-$5,000), Baccarat ($1-$5,000), Super6 ($5-$5,000)
Brought to you by Visionary iGaming and their distinct studios, the live dealer portion of is once again far better than you might think at first glance. There are a total of four games offered, and when it comes to number of tables per game, you will find at least two for each. If you are unfamiliar with ViG’s studios, you can rest-assured knowing their dealers are extremely professional, great English speakers, and do well to interact with players, but not so much that it becomes annoying.
All things considered, we highly recommend you check out the live dealer offering at because it really enhances the online gambling experience. On top of this, there are featured betting ranges that make live online gambling a possibility for all types of players and bankrolls.

Mobile Casino at

All five of’s casinos are available on mobile devices, and the game selection is kept in tact for the most part. As is the case with any mobile casino, there is a slight drop-off in the total number of games offered, but with five different casinos to play at it is difficult to imagine a scenario where the game you would like to play is completely unavailable.
The mobile casino portion of exists as a mobile site rather than an application that can be downloaded. Once you have navigated to the casino of your choice, you will notice that despite you playing within your mobile device’s browser, the look and feel of the site is reminiscent of any app that you might have already downloaded to your phone or tablet. The gameplay experience is smooth no matter what, but you will find that connection to a WiFi network will optimize your playing experience.
As it stands, the live casino games offered by are not available to be played on mobile devices.

Casino Promotions at

There are a number of other promotions offered to bettors throughout the year. Some of these promotions exist throughout the course of an entire year while others are only run for small periods of time. Sportbet is creative and offers bonuses ranging from deposit matching bonuses to reduced juice promotions that offer players some truly unbeatable odds.

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The unfortunate part about the bonus page is that you can only learn about the bonuses on the dark page you are greeted with prior to logging in. Once logged in, you will need to back out in order to view the bonuses and their terms.

Casino Bonus Terms and Requirements

The terms and requirements for the 50% matching bonus are quite simple. Basically, your account will be credited in 10% increments based on the amount of money wagered in the sportsbook. For every single rollover of the initial deposit, 10% of the free play bonus will be entered into your account. For example, if you initially deposit $200, you are in line to receive 10 10% payments until all free play funds are awarded. Every time you make $200 worth of sports bets, $10 will be added to your player bankroll until the $100 in free funds is given out.

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