Nitrogen Sports Review

Nitrogen Sports is regularly regarded as one of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks and casinos for no reason other than how long it has been around. In business since 2013, Nitrogen Sports has a bit of a leg up on much of its competition, as they did not get their start until 2015 or even later. What’s more, Nitrogen is seen as a wholly transparent company because their company details are well-known and easy to learn about. Since the site’s foundation, it has been based out of Costa Rica, where it continues to operate to this day.

Sportsbook at Nitrogen Sports

Players Accepted: United States, Canada, All Others
Players Not Accepted: Nitrogen Sports does not disclose this information
Nitrogen Sports’ sportsbook boasts a classic red/black theme and is rather simple. What we mean by this is that there is not an abundance of extraneous information-such as promotion advertisements-that make the site cluttered and confusing. Instead, there is some basic information regarding Bitcoin in the middle with a listing of the different sports categories off to the left.

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At first glance, it seems as though Nitrogen Sports is a balanced sportsbook that offers betting on sports popular in the eyes of their North American target audience as well as betting on sports from around the world. What’s more, the overall quantity of betting markets is massive and should do well to satisfy most any type of bettor. The betting platform is available both on PC and mobile devices, and can be accessed via a web browser; no download is required.
What we really loved about Nitrogen Sports is that the account creation process takes a matter of a few seconds. By simply proving that you are not a robot, an account will be instantly created and you are able to make a deposit within seconds. If you would like to keep the account and return to continue playing, you are able to attach an email and passwords. With two-factor authentication available, Nitrogen is also leading the way when it comes to security.

Reputation of Nitrogen Sports

World Casino Index Reputation Rating: 5/5
Since its foundation in 2013, Nitrogen Sports has managed to keep a rather pristine reputation. A quick web search will reveal countless positive testimonials, ranging from the coverage of sports to the speed of payouts, and everything in between. There are a few people who have had bad experiences, but the overall tone from current and former players is positive.
From the time Nitrogen Sports was created up until today, there have been no high-profile scandals nor scams. All we could find were some players who were unhappy regarding bonus-related payouts. Apart from a few isolated stories, you will be hard-pressed to find any sort of substantial negative commentary regarding Nitrogen Sports.

Sports and Leagues Offered at BetOnline

Primary Sports Offered: Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football
Other Sports Offered: Olympics, Cricket, Hockey, MMA, Badminton, Esports, Boxing, Darts, Handball, Motorsports, Rugby (League and Union), Snooker, Volleyball, Specials (includes Entertainment and Politics betting)
We broke down the primary sports above, but the reality is that Nitrogen alters the order in which sports betting markets are listed. In other words, during the NFL season, football will be a top betting market and will be listed first or somewhere near the top. During the offseason, however, the football betting market is dropped further down the list and is replaced by in-season sports such as basketball. Being that Nitrogen really does cater to a North American audience, the top sports betting markets will coincide with which popular sports are in-season at the time.
Something else we liked about the betting market list on the homepage is that each of the broader sports betting markets is broken down into more refined selections via a drop-down. For example, clicking the basketball betting market does not take you to a new webpage, but rather initiates a drop-down menu that effectively breaks down the different leagues/events upon which you can wager. This is a user-friendly design that makes getting from Point A to Point B much simpler.

Baseball at Nitrogen Sports

Baseball betting at Nitrogen Sports is primarily centered on the United States’ Major League Baseball. There are betting options from leagues in other parts of the world, but the coverage is limited, at best. On a positive note, the MLB coverage on the part of Nitrogen Sports’ is as complete as you will find anywhere. They offer plenty of futures wagers and even go as far as to offer betting on Spring Training pre-season games.

Basketball at Nitrogen Sports

What the baseball category lacks, the basketball category at Nitrogen Sports more than makes up for. First and foremost, the coverage of NBA games is incredible. Every game will have moneyline, spread, and over/under betting options, but Nitrogen also offers team and player props too. In terms of regular season betting, most other sites offer little more than the standard betting options.
When you look beyond the NBA, you might be shocked at the large number of leagues, tournaments, and events that Nitrogen Sports offers odds on. With betting options on professional basketball from Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, basketball bettors will surely find what they are looking for. Of course, something that must be noted is that the extent of the coverage for a particular league by Nitrogen coincides with that league’s popularity. In other words, Germany‘s rather popular Bundesliga is going to feature a more diverse range of betting options than Finland‘s Korisliiga will.

Football at Nitrogen Sports

American football betting at Nitrogen Sports is somewhat limited and heavily focused on football in the United States, where the game is wildly popular. You will find plenty of betting options, however, they are limited to the NCAA and NFL. Canadian football is featured from time to time, but by no means plays a major role in their football betting market.

Hockey and Other Sports at Nitrogen Sports

Something that was rather surprising was the hockey coverage at Nitrogen Sports. As you might expect, their coverage of the NHL is robust. Something worth noting is that Nitrogen offers traditional NHL betting where overtime voids moneyline wagers on either of the two teams as well as betting lines that include overtime outcomes. On top of this, there is a hefty selection of NHL futures as well. Digging deeper, Nitrogen even offers betting on the United States’ hockey minor league, the AHL (if you are unfamiliar with the AHL, think of it like Minor League baseball betting).
With regard to leagues from other parts of the world, Nitrogen’s hockey coverage is primarily focused on Europe, featuring betting on hockey leagues from Sweden, Slovakia, Russia, and much more.

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When we reference the other sports betting markets at Nitrogen Sports, we are really utilizing a blanket term that includes 12+ other individual markets. Golf, for example, is one of these other sports that boasts a lot of betting options week in and week out. Snooker, on the other hand, may only have a few betting options throughout the entirety of a year.

Live Betting

Live betting at Nitrogen Sports leaves a lot to be desired if we are being honest. First of all, the live betting aspect of the site is featured in the drop-down amongst all other sports betting markets. What we would like to see, and what you will find with many other sportsbooks, is that the live betting interface is an aspect of the site all its own, where one or two clicks can take you from proposition to proposition. At Nitrogen Sports, the live betting is segregated by sport, with a basketball live betting page that exists separately from the hockey live betting page.
It is not very difficult at all to navigate the live betting options, we just found it to be a bit cumbersome and not in line with the otherwise user-friendly nature of the sportsbook. What’s more, there simply were not a wealth of live betting options. Here more than anywhere else, it is as if they offer live betting on US-based sporting events and very little else.

Bet Types at Nitrogen Sports

Offered: Moneyline, Spread, Parlay, Player Props, Futures, Alternate Lines, Teasers
Not Offered: Pleasers, Exotic Parlays, Reverse
Spread and moneyline wagers exist in abundance at Nitrogen Sports and can be utilized in almost any scenario. All the normal wagers exist at Nitrogen Sports, but in addition to that, you will find that teasers and parlays exist in abundance. Naturally, teasers and parlays are not available every time you place a bet on multiple selections, but for most major United States-based leagues you will find that they can be placed more often than not.
Player props and futures bets exist in abundance, but once again, these are generally heavily concentrated in US sports leagues. For example, you will find plenty of player props for NBA games, but almost no other basketball betting market will offer player props of any sort. There is a surprisingly large quantity of futures bets that exist at Nitrogen Sports. While these two are heavily focused on US sports and leagues, you will also find international soccer futures and more.

Nitrogen Sports Mobile Sports Betting

Nitrogen Sports mobile offering does not exist as a downloadable application, but rather an in-browser app. What this means is that even though Nitrogen’s mobile offering may look and feel like an application, no download is required and you access it like you would any other website on your mobile device.
From what we could tell, every betting market and proposition that is available on the traditional desktop site is also available on the mobile application as well.

Sportsbook Signup Bonus

Something that makes Nitrogen Sports’ sterling reputation and massive popularity a bit confusing is the fact that there is nothing in the way of a bonus for new players who are making their first deposit. In fact, when it comes to depositing bonuses in general, Nitrogen is really lacking. They do offer some fun challenges and survivor pools where you can win free money without having to risk any of your own, but classic sportsbook bonuses really do not exist at Nitrogen.

Sportsbook Promotions

As was mentioned above, there are some free challenges and events that sportsbook bettors will be eligible to participate in throughout the year, but promotions in the classic sense do not really exist.

Horses, Esports, and Financials at Nitrogen Sports

Horse race betting does not exist at Nitrogen Sports, and that is very surprising. While you might be able to wager on some of the most popular events held annually, there is no horseracing segment of the sportsbook like you will find at many other sites.
What Nitrogen Sports lacks in horse betting, however, it more than makes up for when it comes to esports. The esports drop-down menu will unveil a long list of different events upon which you can wager. The most massive esports, such as League of Legends and Dota 2, exist, but so too do Call of Duty and Overwatch betting markets. In terms of esports, you will be hard-pressed to find another sportsbook with so many different betting options.
Financial betting does not exist at Nitrogen Sports, at least not with any type of regularity. The specials tab is where you might find these and other types of overly obscure wagers, but Nitrogen Sports is not by any means known for its offering of financials bets.

Casino at Nitrogen Sports

Software Platform: Software developed in-house by Nitrogen
Games Offered: Baccarat, Blackjack (one-deck, two-deck, eight-deck), Three Card Poker, Slots, Craps, Dice
Games Not Offered: Live Dealer, Roulette, Keno, Video Poker, Scratchoffs, Lottery
Nitrogen Sports, as you can tell from its name, is a site that primarily focuses on its sportsbook, but does have a casino as well. To sum things up, a glance at Nitrogen’s casino will make it apparent that they are a sports-first site. The quality of the games is fine, but the quantity and diversity of casino games leave a lot to be desired. The software utilized by Nitrogen was developed in-house and is a lot more user-friendly than you might expect. In fact, the software and gameplay at Nitrogen are better than what you will find at some online casinos that focus on casino games first and foremost.

When it comes down to it, the casino at Nitrogen seems to be geared towards sports bettors who might be bored or are generally looking to switch things up. If you are a casino player who bets on sports passively, there are better casinos out there for you. If, on the other hand, you are one of the people who bet on sports but also plays blackjack or baccarat from time to time, Nitrogen has more than enough to keep you occupied and satisfied.

Slots at Nitrogen Sports Casino

Number of Slots: 1
Min and Max Slot Bets: .0001 BTC minimum, maximum not specified
As far as we could tell, the only slot game available at Nitrogen Sports is known as Knockout. This three-reel three symbol slot game has subtle boxing theme and generally looks very simplistic. If we are being completely honest, the slot selection really is not even worth talking about. Serious slots players who intend on playing often are going to be extremely disappointed with what Nitrogen has to offer.

Table Games at Nitrogen Sports

Table Games Offered: Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Three Card Poker
Table Games Not Offered: Roulette, Three Card Rummy, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Ride’em Poker, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Big Six, Crazy 4 Poker, High Card Flush, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, War
If we are being strict, Nitrogen Sports offers just four total table games. There are really six games, but if you exclude two blackjack variations, there exists just blackjack, craps, baccarat, and three card poker. Not only is Nitrogen’s table game offering is missing some popular games such as roulette and Caribbean stud, it is almost completely devoid of some of the specialty table games, such as big six and red dog.

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Being that the software supporting Nitrogen’s games is developed in-house, there is some talk of more games being released as time moves forward, but for the time being the table game selection is sparse.

Live Dealer Games at Nitrogen Sports

As it stands, Nitrogen Sports’ casino does not offer any sort of live dealer games. There is no indication as to whether this will change.

Mobile Casino at Nitrogen Sports

Thanks to the HTML5 foundation of all of Nitrogen Sports’ casino games, the mobile casino is identical to the one you can play on a traditional desktop. The look and feel of the mobile casino games are no different from what you would experience playing on a computer. In order to play, simply use your mobile device’s web browser to navigate to the casino portion of Nitrogen Sports. From there, you will be just one click away from initiating play; there are no downloads required.

Casino Sign Up Bonus and Promotions at Nitrogen Sports

To make a long story short, there are no bonuses nor promotions available for casino players at Nitrogen Sports. Not only is there no bonus nor promotion available for folks who have just created an account and deposited, there really isn’t much in the way of other promotions and bonuses either. Once again, we must reiterate that Nitrogen Sports is very clearly a sportsbook first and a casino second.

Poker at Nitrogen Sports

Network: In-house
Other Skins on Network: None
The poker you will find at Nitrogen Sports is fine as far as gameplay and user-friendliness are concerned, but player traffic is somewhat lacking. What makes Nitrogen unique and preferable for some people is that there is no need to download any sort of client. Rather, the games are able to be played within a web browser. In the end, it is clear to see that the poker aspect of Nitrogen Sports is just an add-on to complement the world-renown sportsbook.

Nitrogen Sports Poker Client

In terms of the poker client at Nitrogen Sports, there really isn’t much to complain about. Despite there being no downloadable client, the graphics and overall functionality of the poker aspect of Nitrogen Sports are satisfactory. It is not likely that you will find a large number of players, but the gameplay experience is on par with other top-notch poker sites.

Poker Cash Game Stakes

Before going into the exact range of stakes, it is important to remember that all cash poker games at Nitrogen Sports are denominated in mBTC and not BTC. With that being said, the minimum stake range for a cash game is .01/.02 mBTC. In terms of the maximum stake range, the largest we saw was 500/1000 mBTC.
This is a rather large range of stakes, but the reality is that most players populate the lowest stake levels. In fact, we did not see many people at all playing above the .02/.04 games.

Poker Games Offered

Poker Offered: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Crazy Hold’em
There are a total of three different types of poker offered, but Omaha and Texas Hold’em are, by far, the most popular. The Texas Hold’em games are available in both no limit and pot limit varieties, however, Omaha is only available as pot limit.
Crazy Hold’em is more commonly known as Crazy Pineapple Poker and an interesting take on an old classic. The game is a lot like Texas Hold’em with the lone exception being that players begin with three cards rather than two.

Poker Tournaments and Sit n Gos

There is not much to talk about when it comes to the poker tournaments and sit n gos available at Nitrogen Sports. While there is a long list of both daily tournaments and sit n gos, there are very few entrants into them. Even at peak hours, you will notice that most tournaments are not even half-full. Could this be a chance to win some fast, easy money? Possibly, but if you consider yourself a serious tournament player, there are better Bitcoin poker sites out there.
What we do like about the tournament selection is that there are plenty of freerolls to be had. Even if you may never pay to enter a poker tournament at Nitrogen Sports, the freerolls can still help you play some poker.

Promos at Nitrogen Sports Poker Room

While there are no sign-up deposit bonuses to be had, there are some rewards out there for loyal poker players. First and foremost, Nitrogen Sports Poker is a rake site. For every hand that makes it to the flop, Nitrogen Sports will collect a tiny percentage and pay it out to players incrementally as rakeback.

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The other perk for loyal players is Nitrogen’s attractive Poker Rewards program. If you have ever played at a poker site with a rewards program before, this rewards scheme will be very familiar. Without going too deep into the finer details, the Poker Rewards program at Nitrogen works by giving players Nitro Points that are earned based off of how much one plays. Players accrue Nitro Points that can ultimately be redeemed for free bet coupons of varying values.

Customer Support at Nitrogen Sports Poker

Customer Support Options: Email
The lone customer support option available at Nitrogen Sports Poker is email. This is somewhat disappointing as there is no one available to solve more immediate problems, the likes of which can easily be solved via a phone call or live chat. On the bright side, however, their support team is very responsive when it comes to email inquiries. Even at off hours, you can expect a real response (and not some automated message) within a few hours.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options at Nitrogen Sports

Minimum Deposit: .0001 BTC
Maximum Deposit: None Listed
Deposit/Withdrawal Method: Bitcoin
The .0001 BTC minimum deposit is what really gets people through the door at Nitrogen. For just very little money, and almost instantly, players can begin playing poker, playing casino games, or betting on sports. For all deposits/withdrawals that fall below the 1 BTC threshold, at least one confirmation will need to happen before the funds are transferred.