BookMaker is one of the longest-standing online sportsbooks around, and their reputation seems to speak for itself. Having been officially founded in the 1980s, there are few sites who can say they have been in the industry longer. What’s more, complements their track record and sterling reputation with a website that is up there with the best. On top of sports betting, the BookMaker site also features a full-fledged online casino with slots, table games and video poker.

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BookMaker is a member of the BetCRIS family of online casinos. In case you were unaware, BetCRIS was a front-runner in offshore online casino gaming industry and is a well-established, well-respected part of the global network of online casinos and sportsbooks.

Sportsbook at

It must be noted that does not specify the countries from which players are not accepted. What we do know is that the gaming company is based out of Costa Rica and is fully licensed by the government there. If online gambling is illegal in your jurisdiction, it suffices to say that BookMaker will more than likely not offer their services to you. With that being said, it is your responsibility to abide by the laws governing the jurisdiction within which you live.
The sportsbook at is great because of how simple it is. There are no annoying advertisements, the sports and betting markets are organized in a neat and straightforward manner, and the site is easy to use whether you are computer-savvy or not. Making BookMaker even more attractive is the diverse selection of betting markets. There is a heavy emphasis on sports and leagues that are popular in North America, but the overall coverage is complete such that most any type of sports bettor will be more than satisfied.

Reputation of

WCI Reputation Rating: 5/5 has a stellar reputation that spans more than three decades. Throughout the years, the site has been known for its quick payments and overall transparency. The lone issue you might find dates back to 2011, a time when the US government was cracking down on online gambling sites. At that time, the site we know as was Unfortunately, the US Department of Justice tasked the FBI with seizing the site and ultimately shutting it down.
The original BookMaker domain name was shut down due to the US government’s laws regarding online gambling sites utilizing US financial companies, not as a result of any shady or predatory activity. Shortly thereafter, BookMaker acquired a “.eu” web address and they have operated freely ever since.
All things considered, has long been considered to be one of the most trustworthy sportsbooks out there, and that only seems to grow truer with each passing year.

Sports and Leagues Offered at

Primary Sports Offered: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, Football
Other Sports Offered: eSports, Martial Arts, Boxing, Motor Racing, Rugby, Cricket, Aussie Rules Football, Handball, Volleyball, Horse Racing Specials (separate Racebook exists for horse betting), Darts, Snooker
Not Offered (or not listed): Politics, Entertainment
With the unparalleled experience that BookMaker has, it would be shocking if they did not have a robust selection of sports and leagues upon which you can wager. Even though BookMaker is popular in North American countries like the United States, the betting options are from around the world. Baseball betting, for example, features the United States’ MLB as well as a few other leagues from other parts of the world. BookMaker does a good job of catering to every type of bettor, and that much is immediately apparent.

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For us, BookMaker is perfect for any type of bettor. If you are primarily betting on US sports leagues, they will have you covered while simultaneously offering lines from matches, games, and events the world over. If you are looking to expand your horizons as a bettor, there are few better places than

Baseball Betting at

As was briefly touched upon above, BookMaker does well to cover most of the popular baseball leagues in the world. Major League Baseball is easily the most popular baseball league in the world, and a majority of BookMaker’s coverage is focused accordingly. There are single game lines, five inning lines, series lines, and futures wagers available. Something we really found interesting and unique is referred to as MLB Grand Salami. This feature consists of two bets every day of the regular season. One of these betting options is whether all the day’s home or away teams will score more runs. The second betting option is an over/under on the total number of runs scored on that day. These are fun wagers you will not find anywhere else.
Other baseball betting markets at include professional leagues from Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Naturally, the coverage of these leagues is not as extensive as coverage of MLB, but there are plenty of betting options to choose from on any given day.

Basketball Betting at

At BookMaker, basketball betting is similar to baseball in the sense that it spans the globe. Compared to baseball, there are quite a few more basketball leagues covered. The NBA is the basketball league with the largest number of betting options, as each game typically consists of first/second half betting, quarter betting, and normal moneyline, over/under, and spread betting options. Add this to the series lines and futures wagers that exist and it is easy to understand why there are few places better for NBA betting. Right in line with the NBA is NCAA, or college, basketball betting. Apart from quarters bets and series lines, many of the same betting options exist.
In addition to the NBA, you will also find wagering options for leagues from Europe, Argentina, Brazil, France, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and Uruguay. You will typically only find moneyline, spread, and over/under betting options for these lesser-known leagues.

Football Betting at

Football betting at BookMaker is one of the few markets where you will only find leagues from the United States featured. NCAA football as well as the NFL boast a wide array of betting options. You can bet on certain intervals of a game, such as a half or quarter, as well as on the entire game. In addition, you will find a significant quantity of special bets and futures. The NFL is widely considered to be the most popular professional sporting league in the United States, and the range of betting options at reflects that.
In terms of college (NCAA) football, BookMaker covers both the most popular conferences as well as those that might not be as popular. You are able to bet on games from the SEC just as easily as you can bet on games from the Mountain West Conference.

Hockey Betting and Other Sports at

If you have read this far, it will probably come as little surprise that the largest number of hockey betting options are offered on games and series taking place in the United States’ National Hockey League. During the regular season and playoffs, you can wager on the outcome of the game as a whole as well as the outcome of individual periods. Futures bets also exist in decent number.
The only league other than the NHL offered is the Ontario Hockey League, a league featuring mostly Canadian teams. It is not nearly as popular as the NHL and not even as popular as some other global hockey leagues, but is featured nonetheless.
As you work your way down the list of sports betting markets, you will see that there is no shortage available. In terms of all those other betting markets, few feature a larger number of betting options than soccer. places a heavy emphasis on soccer betting and does well to cover leagues and competitions from every corner of the world. In terms of total numbers, there are roughly 75 leagues and competitions upon which you can wager. Not only that, but there are futures wagers as well.

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We could talk all day about the different betting markets and leagues, but we feel safe saying that BookMaker is the perfect site for any type of sports bettor. Unless you are someone who exclusively wagers on entertainment, financials, and politics, there will be more than enough betting options to keep you both satisfied and intrigued. We can truthfully say that there are few sportsbooks out there with more options for bettors.

Live Betting

The live betting aspect of BookMaker does leave a little to be desired as far as functionality and setup is concerned, but at the end of the day it affords bettors the ability to live bet on dozens of events day in and day out. When we talk about the functionality of the live betting feature, there is nothing inherently wrong with it. Rather, it feels a little dated and old. Items do not always load instantaneously and this can be frustrating. If you are able to deal with the general look and feel of the live betting feature, you will be more than satisfied with the quantity and selection of betting options.

Bet Types at

Offered: Moneyline, Spread, Over/Under, IF, Teasers, Parlays, Futures Wagers, Player Props
Not Offered: Exotic Parlays, Alternate Lines, Reverse does a good job of offering all sorts of bet types for popular and lesser-known events alike. For most every game and event, you will at least find spread, moneyline, and over/under betting options more often than not. As the popularity of the event increases, so too do the number of betting options. For example, most NBA games will feature standard moneyline, spread, and over/under, but will also feature betting on individual quarters and halves. This is why a single NBA game might feature dozens and dozens of different pre-tip-off betting options.
Futures betting is another constant at BookMaker. Typically reserved for more well-known leagues, there are often multiple different futures betting markets available. For Major League Baseball, for example, you can place futures wagers not only on the eventual winner of the World Series, but also the team that will win each League pennant.
You will not find some of the more advanced betting options such as exotic parlays, but with so many other bet types out there, this will more than likely not be too big of a deal. Mobile Sports Betting

As far as usability is concerned, you will have no issues with’s mobile client. BookMaker is not available for download through any app market, but rather can be accessed by way of your mobile device’s web browser. Once you are on the mobile site, it will then look, feel, and function just like any other app you might have installed on your device. As far as the betting options available, they are similar to the desktop site, only a bit more limited.
We looked very closely and could not find very many, if any, differences between the desktop site and the mobile site. All of the betting markets you can access from a desktop or laptop computer are also available on the mobile site. What’s more, live bets can quickly and easily be placed from your smartphone or tablet.

Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus

Whether you are a casino player or not, gives new players a sign up bonus that works in the casino and the sportsbook. The bonus exists as a 15% sportsbook sign up matching bonus with up to $600 in bonus monies available. In addition, there is a 50% matching casino deposit bonus that can reward up to $1000 in bonus monies. This is a lot different than what you will find from other sportsbooks and is not all that intriguing if you are not a casino player as well. Fortunately, you can opt out of the casino portion of the bonus.

Sportsbook Promotions

In addition to the abovementioned sign up bonus, sportsbook bettors can also take advantage of deposit bonuses on just about every additional deposit they make. With 10%, 15%, and 20% reload bonuses always available, there is no shortage of opportunities to add something extra to your bankroll.

Sportsbook Bonus Terms and Requirements

The sign up bonus offered to new sportsbook bettors has a 5x rollover requirement (deposit and bonus). The reload bonuses carry different rollover requirements, with the 10% reload bonus carrying a 5x rollover while both the 15% and 20% reload bonuses carry a 6x rollover requirement.

Horses, Esports, and Financials at

Horse betting is a major fixture at BookMaker as there is an entire section of the site dedicated to it. The Racebook, as it is known, features a number of horse races on a daily basis. There is coverage of tracks from around the world, but it is very clear that their focus is primarily on tracks located within the United States, such as Miami Valley, Yonkers Raceway, and Pompano Park.

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The coverage of eSports is adequate and, like many other sites, centers on the top esports competitions every year. For this reason, there will be times when there are no wagering propositions at all. With that being said, if there is an esports event that is even remotely popular, you can rest-assured knowing that BookMaker will allow you to wager on it.
Unfortunately, there are no financials betting options available at this time.

Casino at

Software Platform: Digital Gaming Solutions
Games Offered: Table Games, Slots, Video Poker, Keno, Bingo
Games Not Offered: Scratchoffs, Live Dealer, Lottery
The casino at clearly exists as an extension of the sportsbook more than anything. In so many words, the casino covers the bare minimums but does not do much to separate itself from the competition in this area. There are only a handful of games supplied by only one software provider, and the entire operation seems small to say the least. There is nothing wrong with the way in which the games function, but we would really like to see a larger, more diverse selection of games on offer.

Slots at Casino

Number of Slots: 20
Min and Max Bets: $0.05-$125/spin
The pitfalls of utilizing only one, lesser-known software provider are made known as soon as you look at BookMaker’s selection of slot games. Not only is there only a handful of total slot titles, the themes of BookMaker’s slot games are all very similar. The one silver lining is the massive betting limits, which can allow for single spin wagers of up to $125.

Table Games at Casino

Table Games Offered: Baccarat, Craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Pai-Gow Poker, Let It Ride, Blackjack (Switch, Spanish, Multihand, Single Deck, Double Exposure)
Table Games Not Offered: Oasis Poker, Ride’em Poker, Triple Edge Poker, Poker 3—Heads Up Hold’em, High Low Draw, Red Dog, 3 Card Rummy, Top Card Trumps, Crazy 4 Poker, High Card Flush, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, War
Min and Max Bets: $1-$250
As is the case with regard to’s slot selection, the table game offering leaves a little bit to be desired. The simple fact that the number of games they do not offer outnumbers the quantity of games they do offer more or less tells you all you need to know. They do well to cover the bare minimum and offer blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps, but there are plenty of games missing.
The games themselves function fine and are easy to use, so even inexperienced casino players will have no trouble getting acclimated.

Mobile Casino at

The mobile casino, for the most part, offers the same exact games that you will find on the desktop online casino. Being that the games are all very simplistic in their design, they are able to flawlessly function on just about any mobile device, whether it is a smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android. There are not a wealth of games on offer by BookMaker in general, so it goes without saying that the game selection at the mobile casino is nothing to write home about.

Casino Sign Up Bonus at

As was mentioned above, the casino sign up bonus works in conjunction with the sportsbook sign up bonus so long as you do not opt out of it. Simply put, the welcome bonus works as a 50% matching deposit bonus with up to $1,000 in bonus monies available. This is a decent bonus, but you would need to make a $2000 deposit in order to make the most of the offer. That is a pretty hefty sum of money.

Casino Promotions at

There are two other promotions for casino players, but they are aimed at new depositors. One is a 100% matching bonus that can be used in conjunction with blackjack and video poker only, and can pay out a maximum of $250 in bonus money. The deposit has an 80x rollover (deposit and bonus) requirement and expires after 72 hours.

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There is a similar 100% matching bonus for slots players, only the maximum bonus you can be awarded is $500. This bonus features only a 50x rollover requirement, but also expires after 72 hours of issue.

Casino Bonus Terms and Requirements

The casino sign up bonus that is offered in conjunction with the sportsbook bonus features a 40x rollover requirement (deposit and bonus). There is no mention of when the bonus expires, but seeing as the other two casino bonuses expire after 72 hours, we would not be surprised to see this bonus adhere to the same requirements. It is recommended that you reach out to customer service to clarify all terms and conditions prior to signing up for a particular bonus or promotions.