Odds Worth Betting

Odds Worth Betting is a service which provides professional sports picks that claims to have invaluable assets that make their picks better than their competitors. The system was founded by James Jones, a long time Las Vegas handicapper who has been plugged in to the sports betting world for years. James Jones claims he has secrets that allow him to better develop sports picks that can in turn make a lot of people money, should they be willing to act on the information given them by Odds Worth Betting. One of the secrets that James Jones claims to have is a former athlete known only as “7” who helps him develop his highly valuable picks. Odds Worth Betting seeks to combine the off the field knowledge of James Jones, a handicapper, and the on the field knowledge on an anonymous former athlete to develop the perfect formula for sports betting success.
Odds Worth Betting is designed to help those new to the world of sports betting, and also those that wish to cash in on the opportunities involved with sports betting without getting to involved in the analytics of the sports themselves. The aim is to provide people with all the information they need for success, so that the users are getting the most for their money. Once signed up, users will be contacted by Odds Worth Betting on a daily basis with an email containing at least one betting tip. When creating an account with Odds Worth Betting, users can check off which sports they liked to receive tips on. The sports provided include all the major professional American sports, as well as the NCAA. The tip will be provided along with a short explanation from James Jones himself. This aspect helps users feel confident in the services being provided to them. Additionally, this short explanation can help users who are new to the world of sports betting, as it will usually provide helpful information directly related to why the tip is being made in the first place.
Payment for this service can be taken care of in several different ways. Users are able to sign up for memberships lasting as long as a month to as short as a day. For just one day’s worth of tips, Odds Worth Betting requires $7. For a weekly membership, the price is $67, and for a monthly membership, the price is $147. These prices are somewhat more expensive than other websites providing similar services. However, not many websites offer tips on such a wide range of sports as Odds Worth Betting does, which factors in to the increased price. In addition to a wide range of tips, Odds Worth Betting has also been praised for a helpful and easy to use customer service feature. A final reason for the price is that the system takes virtually all of the work out of the hands of the users. Users only have to follow the instructions included in their emails, and they will be able to make money.
With regards to how users feel about Odds Worth Betting, most reviews fall in the favorable category. One person analyzed 3 months worth’s of tips from Odds Worth Betting and determined that they had a win percentage of 65%-70%. This is an impressive number, as comparative websites boast a lower accuracy rating than this. It is important to note that others have done similar analyses and have ended up with lower accuracy ratings. This however, could have been down to those people not following the tips specifically or by not making their bets in a reasonable amount of time, both of which can cause users to deviate from the system and thus presumably lose money.
Overall, Odds Worth Betting has cemented themselves as a reputable sports tipping system that will make users more money. The handicapper experience coming from James Jones has a major impact in not only gaining the trust of new and skeptical users but also in developing high quality tips that more often than not end up winning. Although pricing can be considered somewhat steep, they are flexible as they allow users to pay for different types of memberships. Additionally, Odds Worth Betting takes all of the hard work away from the customers and does it all themselves, compiling valuable knowledge into easy to interpret emails. In conclusion, Odds Worth Betting is tipping system that will work and make money for its customers. Whether or not “7” is real is still up in the air.
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