Live Sports Betting

Sports betting has been around for just about as long as sports themselves, but with the internet came a new and improved form of sports betting. With the speed at which people receive information these days, Sportsbooks are now able to offer all types of betting, including live betting. This means that players can not only bet on future sporting events but also lay action on games that are in progress.
In the old days, bettors would miss a kickoff or tipoff and be out of action for the entire game. That is the not the case today thanks to the internet and the many avenues which one can bet on sports. These players can get action after the game starts. Bettors looking to hedge other action, as in the case of a parlay, or find an edge can also join the fun.

Online Sportsbooks and Nevada Betting

Online sportsbooks and even several Nevada betting shops now offer point spreads for games that are in play. These bets include almost everything from money lines to totals.
Most sportsbooks offer live betting on all NFL games, as well as any nationally televised college football game. NBA and NCAA basketball is also commonly available through betting shops that offer lines on games already in progress and are among the most popular.

How Live Sports Betting Works

The point spread, money line, and total can change from play-to-play. Each time the ball is snapped in a football game or a basket made (or missed) in a basketball game, the line may change. It can even change during a commercial break, depending on the wagers made through the book at the time. In-play betting has become a secondary industry all-together for sportsbooks and its bettors.
Live betting has become a way for sharp sports bettors to exploit independent lines. For example, one sports book may post a favorite of -120 at one book, while a competitor may offer the same team as an underdog of +130. This creates an arbitrage opportunity for sports bettors with a large bankroll.
Each snap of the football and shot by a basketball player can change the line by different amounts. Baseball and hockey games can even change considerably depending on the runners on base or the new NHL line out on the ice.

Live Prop Bets & Line Changes

Some online sportsbooks go so far as to spread prop bets on the following play. These include whether the next play is a pass or run, or whether the offense makes a first down for example. Players can wager on whether the next pass is complete or incomplete, or for large payouts, bet on a turnover or safety.
Supply and demand can create an interesting scenario when it comes to live sports betting. Sportsbooks never know what their customers are going to do next, and consequently it has become a fluid industry with many moving parts. A massive wager on one side can move the line considerably in one direction or the other. Players that watch the sportsbook’s action on their tablets can pounce on an imbalanced line at any given time.

Best Betting Option for Long Shots

Players looking for a long shot can often find many options in live betting. A football team down by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter or a basketball team down by 10 late in the game may take the money line. If the losing team comes back, the bet can pay 10-1 or better in many instances. It can also be a way to lock on a sure thing if you are feeling confident.
For these reasons, sportsbooks will often take the total off the board when the game is 90% through its clock. The point spread and money line, however, will often stay on the board until the last play of the game.