Golf Betting

The ever so special game known as golf features all kinds of ways to get action. You can bet on individual tournaments, all different kinds of props, and futures too.

Golf Props and the Spread

Props are very popular with golf as they can get very creative. In fact, many of the bets you make on golf in some way come in the form of a prop. It really breaks down much further than just who wins a particular event. Bettors can be focusing on outcomes that can make or break their day, meanwhile the golfers couldn’t care less since their main focus (should be) on winning the whole thing. You can pick who will finish in the top 5, or the top 10.
You can pick a winner from a specific pair of golfers as though they were going head to head. Theoretically they could wind up as the golfers with the 2 worst scores in the entire field, but you could be jumping up and down watching them battle it out for who doesn’t come in last while everybody else is keeping up with who is about to become champion. When you bet on a head to head matchup, there will be a favorite and an underdog. The favorite will be giving away strokes to the underdog. So if Yoenis Cespedes is squared off and favored against Damian Lillard, the line might read something like:
Cespedes -2.5
Lillard +2.5
All this means is Cespedes must win by at least 3 strokes. You are subtracting 2.5 from his score, so for him to be at least ½ of a stroke ahead (so ties are avoided), he has to win by 3. Which means Lillard can win the bet even if he loses by up to 2 strokes. This is called the spread, and the payouts would be the same at -110. This means for every $11 you bet, you would win $10.

Golf Moneyline Bets

If you wanted Cespedes just to win, there it can by any number of strokes, you can take him on the moneyline vs. Lillard, but the payout will be lower since the task is easier, just as the payout would be higher for Lillard since the task is harder. Example:
Cespedes -145
Lillard +125
You could also pick from a pool of specific guys and pick which one you think will win in that group. It makes it far more interesting than just focusing on who will win because all of these golfers are good. You know the winner tends to involve only a select few guys, but what about the rest of the field? Doesn’t matter if they make it to the very top or not, the field is full of exciting golfers. With all these great talents out there, as a bettor you can really make it a game within a game as there will be plenty of matchups where an edge could definitely exist. Within golf tournaments exist something of a mini season. The best golfers are going to do what they’re going to do and the others rounding out the field will do what they will. But how will they fall in line making up the middle of the pack? It’s no different from the fact you don’t have to pay any attention to the best teams in the sports team leagues to make money. You can be an expert on the worst team in football and make a killing because of it.
You can bet on personal achievements like, will there be a hole in one at some point? Or something crazy like, will Phil Mickelson have to take a shot out of a sand trap? Props can make any sport very entertaining, no matter how little you knew about it beforehand.

The Tournaments and Golf Futures

If you were betting on one of the PGA tournaments, there will be a line on every golfer out there. You could also bet on guys not to win. If you wanted to do that, you take the field of golfers against on whichever big name you think won’t win.
The major golfing events each year that receive the most attention are the PGA Championship, British Open, U.S. Open, and the Masters. Collectively these are known as the Majors. Certain places you’ll be able to bet from a list of hundreds of golfers way before the event is to start. The extra risk you incur by doing this is simply whether or not the golfer will show up. For instance, what if he retires? Well, you lose.
You might also see a “yes” or “no” prop as to whether or not a specific golfer will win any of the Majors for that year.