SPIELO International Takes the Show on the Road

When a customer asks for information about a specific product, wouldn’t it be easiest to just show up at their doorstep, product in hand? With SPIELO International™’s new Road Show approach, the company is doing just that. Much like the pop stars and politicians of today, SPIELO is taking its show on the road. Dubbed “Vegas and Beyond: Innovation Travels,” the company is loading up their fifth wheel trailer with the latest and greatest SPIELO products, and will make its way around the country.

By setting up these in-person visits that take place at the customers’ doorsteps, SPIELO executives hope to make the process easier and more comfortable for decisionmakers. “We were looking for a way to interact with our customers in a more personal type of environment,” said John Pacconi, director of sales for North American Casinos for SPIELO International. “We can bring the products directly to them, at a time that works for them.”

The SPIELO team is setting up meetings at casinos on a well-planned route, starting in states like Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Then they’re heading into the Midwest and upper Midwest, according to Pacconi.

While the SPIELO team won’t be replacing their presence at industry trade shows with the Road Show concept, they are looking at ways to perfect the sales process. “At trade shows, there are always constant demands, both on the customer and on the sales team,” Pacconi said. “You’re trying to see so many people; you have to get so many things done. This will make it much easier for a customer to focus and to gather the information they actually need. However, trade shows are extremely important and hold their place in the sales process, so this will be an extension of our trade show program.”

Besides alleviating the distractions for the customers, the Road Show approach also decreases many of the costs that sit on the customers’ shoulders. Taking a team from a casino to industry trade shows can be expensive, Pacconi said, and this way they’ll be able to see the products without having to attend the shows and deal with the expenses that are associated with traveling.

So, what’s going to be inside the trailer? According to the team, the trailer will include a lounge and seating area, and—of course—games. “The product portfolio will always be at a level of our latest and greatest games,” Pacconi said. “It will include those that were either recently submitted and approved through the labs, or just getting ready to be released and submitted to the labs.”

The trailer will house 12 cabinets. Onboard will be cabinets with the more recent and exciting core content: each of the company’s four popular PopCap® titles—Plants vs. Zombies™ Gargantuar, Plants vs. Zombies™ Backyard Showdown, Bejeweled® and Zuma®—as well as their DEAL OR NO DEAL™ Join’N Play™ 2 and Cash Fever™ Love Fever titles. Customers will have a chance to play these games, ask questions and work with the sales person in a comfortable environment, which was the main goal of this approach.

In collaboration with their i-gaming division, SPIELO G2, the Road Show trailer will also house an interactive gaming segment. “This is an opportunity for our customers to interact with SPIELO G2’s offerings,” Pacconi said. “We’ll also have a social media push, including photographs, notes from the road and so on, so that future customers can see what’s taking place and what they can expect when we get to their property.” Find the Vegas and Beyond blog at www.spieloroadshow.com.

Through this Road Show approach, Pacconi said that the company was trying to find a unique way to interact with customers beyond the trade shows. He also said that it required input from almost all departments to make it a success, and he’s proud of the group effort. “I really mean it sincerely when I say that it has been a group effort,” he said. “Game development, service people, the compliance team, marketing, operations—everybody’s had a role in it!”

The SPIELO team is certainly proud of the way the trailer has turned out, and hopes for nothing but the best on the road. Keep an eye out the window, as the SPIELO Road Show trailer could be rolling up to your property at any time!

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