SPIELO International Debuts

It’s proving itself to be one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, and has shown no intention of slowing down. SPIELO International has made its debut, and hopes to continue the momentum of parent company Lottomatica.

Formed by combining sister businesses SPIELO and ATRONIC, SPIELO International will continue to design, manufacture and distribute top-performing games, cabinets, central systems and associated software to gaming markets worldwide.

SPIELO International is a completely integrated solution provider that emphasizes individual customers and customized solutions. When SPIELO International officials talk about the company’s new identity, “content leadership” is a recurring theme.

© Endemol International B.V. DEAL OR NO DEAL is a registered trademark by Endemol International B.V. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
© Endemol International B.V. DEAL OR NO DEAL is a registered trademark by Endemol International B.V. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
SPIELO International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lottomatica, a market leader in the Italian gaming industry and one of the world’s largest commercial lottery operators. Previously, Lottomatica’s gaming division comprised SPIELO and ATRONIC before the division’s name changed to SPIELO International.

SPIELO was established in 1990, and became a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-performance video lottery terminals (VLTs), games, central systems and services. ATRONIC was established in Austria in 1993 and became one of the top providers of casino games and products, including linked gaming solutions. By 1998, ATRONIC had been awarded its Nevada gaming license, and opened its ATRONIC Americas division office in 2003. As a result, its presence in the North American commercial casino market has grown steadily.

A leading provider of lottery technology, GTECH, acquired SPIELO in 2004 and ATRONIC in 2008. In 2006, GTECH Holdings Corp. was acquired by Lottomatica S.p.A., and in 2009, SPIELO and ATRONIC became direct subsidiaries of Lottomatica.

Introducing SPIELO International
Now—Sept. 26, 2011, to be exact—SPIELO International has emerged. According to President and CEO Walter Bugno, SPIELO International is the coming together of two successful businesses, with the goal of continued improvement. “The key is that we want to operate in the marketplace as one unit, and leverage the strength of combining together what were several segregated resources,” Bugno says. “If we can harness the opportunity of unity, then we should be able to deliver to the market more product at a faster speed with better performance.”

The naming of the company was strategic, and was based on of a number of things. “The SPIELO brand is one that is recognized as a world leader in the products and services that it provides, not just in terms of the quality and the scope of the product, but also in terms of market share, geographical presence, and major customer supply,” Bugno says. “SPIELO has resonance in the distributed gaming sector, and that resonance had started to cross over into the casino sector.”

For a company whose focus, in the past, had been split between North America and international markets, developing compelling content tailored to North American players is a top priority for SPIELO International. “The integration of our companies into SPIELO International is great news for our North American casino customers,” says Ken Bossingham, SPIELO International’s vice president and general manager for North American casino markets. “We have Lottomatica behind us—our parent company is a huge gaming group with revenues of more than 2 billion euros. It has a significant presence in all gaming channels and segments, so we can draw from its expertise and strength across the value chain.”

Today, SPIELO International’s North American game development takes place at its well-situated studio in Las Vegas, as well as at its Moncton, Canada location. Those North American locations are planning to hire, or are in the process of hiring additional employees in areas such as game development, software development, QA testing, and project and technology management—a rare good-news story, given past job cuts and cost-saving measures that their larger competitors have made.

According to the company, SPIELO International serves more than 1,500 customers on five continents. The company has shipped more than 200,000 gaming machines worldwide, and holds more than 300 gaming licenses. Of those, it is licensed to sell machines in 25 U.S. states, including Nevada, as well as to 142 tribes.

Nurturing Strong Customer Relationships
Maintaining its well-established relationships with customers is something that the team has paid special attention to. They’ve made it known that company contacts will not change, and neither will the process by which they operate. “The relationships we’ve built over the years will remain intact,” Bugno says. “This integration of our businesses is not about releasing or cutting people, and these changes have been focused on giving more to our customers, rather than taking anything away. We want to take the opportunity of this integration to remove duplication, focus on some key deliverables—and be more agile and faster to market.”

SPIELO International’s manufacturing operations are in Moncton, Canada, with major offices located in Graz, Austria; Las Vegas; Lima, Peru; Luebbecke, Germany; Monaco; Moncton; Rome, Italy; and Warsaw, Poland. The company employs approximately 1,200 people in 17 countries, and its executives speak very highly of those dedicated individuals.

“One thing we established at the outset of our integration process was the value of our people,” says Victor Duarte, senior vice president and COO of SPIELO International. “They’ve worked hard to create great relationships with our customers, and some of these relationships go back by almost two decades, since SPIELO and ATRONIC were first incorporated. We’ve been privileged to earn and to maintain that trust.”

“That’s why we felt it was critical to make this change seamless from our customers’ point of view,” Duarte adds. “So today, in terms of change, they should only see the benefits of our integration, like better game content, faster deliveries, more flexible pricing models. The people they know and trust haven’t changed. They’re just going to have much more to offer.”

SPIELO’s Goldify™ game
SPIELO’s Goldify™ game
An Established Product Line
SPIELO International currently boasts a library of more than 350 enthralling, player-tested games, including linked and community games. This library includes widely recognized licensed brands such as DEAL OR NO DEAL™ and STARGATE™.

Their lineup of products also includes upright and slant-top video cabinets, including the prodiGi Vu™ cabinet and the WinWave Vu™. It also offers PASSION Slots™ mechanical reel cabinets.

In international markets outside of North America, SPIELO International will continue to carry products under the ATRONIC brand. These include the OXYGEN™ upright and slant cabinets and the delite™ amusement with prize (AWP) cabinet.

SPIELO International’s INTELLIGEN™ Central System was developed exclusively for government-sponsored, distributed and venue gaming markets. According to the company, when INTELLIGEN was deployed in Italy in 2010, it became the first system in the word to provide Game to System® (G2S) compatibility to a government-sponsored VLT environment. The company claims that it currently has the most market share of VLTs in the Italian market, thanks to agreements with three top Italian VLT concessionaires, and that its innovative wide-area jackpot solution is a major driver of the entire program’s success thus far.

This impressive lineup of products demonstrates SPIELO International’s dedication to create cutting-edge products, and their drive to be the best. “With Lottomatica’s support, we’re intensifying our focus on innovation and, especially in North America, into developing some truly industry-first products,” says Bossingham. “We’re in a better position than ever to take those calculated risks that can change the gaming landscape. To me, integration shows that we’ve renewed our commitment to providing more high-performance, high-entertainment content to our customers than ever before.”

But SPIELO International won’t sacrifice its ability to quickly develop high-performance content in order to be a technology pioneer, Bugno says.

“Technology is an enabler of gaming success, rather than the driver,” Bugno comments. “We want our technology to be relevant, instead of leading-edge and costly. When our customers see the great games we have to offer, we want them to recognize that our technology can compete with anyone else’s, but that our games are clearly superior to everyone else’s. In other words, our technology will be relevant and up-to-date so that our true competitive differentiator will be the quality and performance of our games.”

Making their Debut
The first time that customers really got to see SPIELO International’s new look was at this year’s G2E, a show that Bugno says was a success for the company. He notes that this year the company focused more on international markets, but at next year’s show they’ll be ready to dazzle the U.S. markets. “Having merged the two businesses, we wanted to look at the whole U.S. offering, knowing we’re up against some super competitors,” he says. “If we are going to have an impact on the U.S. market, we need to have product that changes with the marketplace. We wanted 12 months to work on that.”

At this year’s show, the company introduced the new King Kong Passion Slots multi-level progressive that was popular among attendees. SPIELO International also displayed the new Vu Slant™ cabinet, as well as a range of new core games, such as Goldify™, a customizable game where players choose their experience and volatility. Product Marketing Manager Michael Brennan says that attendees were very receptive to the debut of SPIELO International. “This new name symbolizes our formal integration as SPIELO International—that we’re committed to the North American casino market, we’re here for the long haul, and it’s kind of a new dawn.”

Proven Success, Hopes for the Future
Bugno says that the main goal for the company is getting more players to play more of their games than ever before, any time, any place. They plan to make this happen across traditional and new channels. Enter GTECH G2, the interactive gaming division of the Lottomatica Group. While GTECH G2 and SPIELO International were previously separate sister companies under Lottomatica, GTECH G2 now also falls under Bugno’s mandate alongside SPIELO International. The two companies are now unifying, which is generating a lot of excitement within the company. “This new entity will be a unified, one-stop shop that now allows us to offer our customers integrated solutions that go across both land-based and online applications,” Bugno says. “We’re in the early phase of this unification, but we’ll be sharing more information soon about how this will enhance our overall product portfolio and range of services.”

The future holds nothing but good things for SPIELO International. The company had a record year in 2010, and is expecting to break that record in 2011. Bugno says they expect further accelerated growth in the business in 2012. “We’re seeing in a market, which, at the moment, is relative stable and under pressure, we are enjoying a period of very strong growth,” he says. “We’re expanding both resources and investments to keep this path of growth going.”

SPIELO International has come a long way already, and they have plans to go even further in the future. “Our core goal is to really create a presence in the marketplace where we continue to build on the successful track record we’ve had,” Bugno says.“We want to grow in a positive fashion.”

Brennan adds, “Where we stand right now and where we’re going to be in three years is going to surprise people.”

Based on a history of engaging games, dedicated employees and two already-acknowledged companies, with a third online player now joining forces with them, SPIELO International is well on its way to becoming a top player in the gaming world.

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