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€300 1st deposit Bonus / €390 With Bonus Code CASINORANK

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Up to $750 Welcome Bonus

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Top Dollar









The Top Dollar slot machine by IGT is consistently one of the most popular slots that players look for at casinos. It is one of the most exciting slot machines with a bonus game, featuring a bonus round that lets the player accept or decline several offers to determine their win. The winning symbols in the Top Dollar bonus game range from 5 to 1000 credits and can include 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, or 1,000 credits.

There are also “multiplier” machines that offer up to two 2x multipliers. This means that the top prize is generally 4,000 credits (1,000 x 2 x 2), 1,000 credits, $5,000 or $1,000 depending on the machine variety.

Due to their popularity in many casinos across the United States, Top Dollar slot machines are now available in several different denominations ranging from $0.01 to $1,000. Generally, the lower denomination games are available in 5-reel machines, while the higher denomination machines are available in 3-reel.

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It is important to keep in mind that most machines require a 2-credit or 3-credit bet to enable the bonus feature. This means it is usually better to bet the max for that machine to ensure you are qualified for the bonus. If you are looking for the $1,000 top dollar machine, there is only one place you’ll find it, and that is at the Wynn Las Vegas in the high limit slots room.

Top Dollar Bonus Game

One of the most exciting features of Top Dollar is of course the bonus game. To get the bonus, the player just needs to get either a Top Dollar symbol on the last payline or between three and five consecutive Top Dollar symbols (depending on the machine). Once this happens, you will get one bonus game which gives you four different offers. After the first offer is presented, you have the option to either take the offer or decline it for a new offer. This process is then repeated for each of the next offers.

Though the results are still randomized, you do have somewhat of a say in the outcome because you are able to decline/accept offers. This adds a level of excitement not present in many other slot machine games. This is a big reason why the Top Dollar machine has become a staple of most casinos in both Las Vegas and many other parts of the country.

Top Dollar Machine Variations

As we briefly touched on above, there are a few different variations of Top Dollar. The first and most popular type is the variation which requires that the player gets a Top Dollar symbol on the last payline, which starts the bonus. This game has a total of 3 reels and generally requires that you are betting two credits, so it is important to check this before playing.

Check out this video demonstration of the Top Dollar bonus game:

The second top dollar variation also has 3-reels and requires a two-credit bet, but you must get the Top Dollar symbols on all three paylines to start the bonus.

The third top dollar variation has 5 reels and usually requires at least a two-credit bet, though this will vary based on the machine and denomination you are playing.

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Bonus Win Denominations

No matter which type of Top Dollar machine you are playing, wins in the bonus games are calculated in either dollar values or in credits. The machine will clearly state this information in the bonus area, and the dollar amounts are usually equal to one another (i.e. the max win on a credit-based machine will be equal to that of a dollar value machine).

Top Dollar Strategy – When to Accept an Offer

A common question that Top Dollar players have is – what is the optimal strategy for accepting an offer? We’ve found some manufacturer info that can assist us with a basic strategy for when to accept an offer on Top Dollar slots. (The following advice is based on accepting any offer over the average bonus payout, which has been published by the manufacturer).

For both the original Top Dollar 3 reel machine and the Double Top Dollar 3 reel machine, accept any offer over 50 credits.

For the Top Dollar Video Slots with 5-9 reels and multiline bets, accept any offer over 170 x your line bet.

Another piece of strategic advice is to wait for approximately 10-30 seconds after each offer. Top Dollar will display advice on whether you should take the offer or try again. It works by calculating whether your current offer is better than 50% of the remaining offers. So we wouldn’t follow the machine’s advice blindly, especially on the first offer. But if it says to take the 3rd offer, you probably should.