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Starburst Slot Machine Review

As promised in our VLOG of 19th May we have finally got around to adding the ‘Marmite’ of all slot games in the form of Net Ent’s Starburst Slot Game. Many casinos which are licensed to use Net Ent’s software often run free spin promotions for players on this slot, hence it’s love or hate relationship with slot players.

Starburst can be cruel, it can be kind, it can be downright crap, but if you play at online casinos, it is very unlikely that you have not encountered it before. Well true to our word, you can now play Starburst for free above, here on CasinoRankings.com.

I have to say, this game has about as much appeal to me as eating the left overs from a curry ordered a week before, let alone the night before. I am certainly in the don’t like camp. But this is the thing about the slots resource here on CR, yes I review the slots, but my view is subjective. What I don’t like could be someone else’s most favoured game.

To this extent and thus taking this into account, I have tried to be at least a little objective in the scores I have given Starburst. I mean it certainly does have good graphics and effects, it is just that the game does not pique or hold my interest at all. To the extent that it really does bore me.

However, on the flip side I do realise that there are many players out there that love the game, hence it’s addition here. Anyhow, not having Net Ent’s arguably best known slot game, would be like us not having Zeus from WMS on CR, or omitting the likes of IGT’s Cleopatra Slot.

Starburst unlike the majority of the slot games we have reviewed and cover does not actually have a free spin bonus feature round as such. However, the potential for big wins is there, with the Starburst Wild Feature. This is where 3 free spins can be awarded and also where the chance for big wins can occur.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling, try it out for yourself above and if unlike me, you like playing the game, you can get some great bonus offers by opening accounts at those three casinos listed below the game.

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