Slot Tournaments

People may think of slot machines as solo gambling ventures, but not when it comes to slots tournaments. Aside from the fun of the game, tournaments bring out the competitive spirit in many a slots gambler. Many of these players think winning a tournament title to be almost as significant as winning prize money.
Some slots players like tournaments because it gives them a fix on their potential losses, always the first consideration of any veteran gambler. Players know how much their play will cost because most tournaments have a set entry fee.
Slots tournaments also have become popular because they’re easy to play. Unlike poker tournaments, this kind of competition doesn’t require much in the way of special skills. This levels the playing field, setting up a competition that truly depends on Lady Luck’s favor.

How Slot Machine Tournaments Work

Another part of the appeal of slot tournaments is their simple format. In a land-based casino, players are assigned a slot machine number and a session time. At the proper time, players simply find the machines matching their assignment number and sit down to waiting for the official signal to start. All players are given the same amount of credits to play within a specified amount of time.
For example, a common format is to give each player 1,000 credits to be played within 20 minutes. A maximum bet is deducted for each spin. Winning credits are shown on a separate meter, and players aren’t allowed to gamble with their winnings. The slot machine locks up at the end of the timed session and gameplay is over. Any credits not played are forfeited.
Players wait at their slot machines until an official comes and records their scores. Most casinos limit the number of slots set aside for tournament play. Thus several sessions may be required to accommodate all the players that sign up for the tournament. The leader list is updated after each round, allowing players to compare their scores. The winner naturally is the player with the highest score at the end of all rounds.

Types of Slot Tournaments

Casino Slot Tournaments

Casino Slot Tournaments are excellent for players with a limited bankroll. All a player needs in this instance is the entry fee; credits, machine and playing time are provided. No special skills are required, either, as in poker tournaments. Anyone has a chance to win, as long as he or she can play fast and keep focused on the game. The top finishers win the prizes.
Despite their basic similarities, not all slots tournaments are created equal. There are three basic types of slot tournaments you’ll find at casinos: free and invitational contests, tournaments that pay out all entry fees, and competitions that profit the casino. It’s up to players to evaluate the types of slots tourneys available to them to determine whether a contest is truly a good deal.
Free and Invitational tournaments are usually held to reward loyal players or high rollers. While some casinos offer free tournaments open to the public, most of this type of contest is by invitation only. Free tournaments can be an excellent way to determine if you like the competition format.
Tournaments that pay out all entry fees are the best paying contests. Many casinos hold this kind of competition to generate more business. The tournament rules and prize structure are posted in advance so players can determine the competition’s value. For example, say the entry fee $100 per player, and the prizes are based on a minimum registration of 200 players. In this situation, the prize amounts should total at least $20,000 ($100 per player times 200 players). If all the money isn’t being returned, there may be other prizes that will make the competition worth your while. These prizes can include a discount or free hotel rooms, a welcome party, an awards banquet or door prizes and raffles.
Tournaments that only profit the casino should be avoided. After all, the goals for a tournament are to have fun AND win a prize. Why should you give more money to the casino?
Traditionally most real money slots tournaments are held at brick-and-mortar casinos, but they’re becoming more popular online as well.

Online Slot Tournaments for Money

Online slot tournaments for real money work the same way as land-based casino tourneys. Players register by paying the entry fee and are assigned a playing period and a number of credits. Then at the appointed time, online players call up their slots game on their computer screens and play until their time period ends. Again, the top finishers at the end of the tournament win the prizes. The major difference is that many more players can play at the same time so that the tournament ends more quickly.

Slot Tournament Strategy

So how can a player win in a slots tournament where so much depends on luck? Consider these tips.
Speed and concentration are the most important skills for a tournament slots player. Competitors must be fast to use up all their credits within their assigned time period. Players at land-based tourneys keep their fingers on the spin button and tap it lightly to make each play. Online players keep their hand on the computer mouse and click it fast as if playing a video game (which you are).
Concentration also is key. Check out the Pay Table before starting tournament play. Winnings will be tallied as they occur, but still, it may take time, so don’t celebrate any wins between spins; this will cost time. What’s more, come to the tournament rested and alert, because the stress of competition can wear down players quickly if they’re not prepared. Also, don’t check out your scores while playing, just as you wouldn’t count your winnings at the poker table while the game is still going on. Again, you must concentrate in order to use all your credits before the session time ends, so don’t allow yourself to become distracted. Finally, get fed and watered before the tournament starts; don’t bring a drink with you as you’ll lose time and may spill it on yourself, which costs even more time. Some tournaments ban all beverages.
So the best strategy to win a slot tournament is to play fast, keep focused and have a good time.