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€300 1st deposit Bonus / €390 With Bonus Code CASINORANK

18+, Full T&C’s Apply

Players from US accepted


Up to $600

18+, Full T&C’s Apply

Players from US accepted


Up to $750 Welcome Bonus

18+, Full T&C’s Apply

Players from US accepted

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The classic Pinball slot machine is one of the most popular mechanical reel slots ever made. While many other vintage reel slot machines are leaving casinos, Pinball remains. You’ll usually find the Pinball slot machine located next to its cousin, Top Dollar. Unlike some vintage slot machines, the pinball theme hasn’t been reinvented into many different versions. The one style of machine actually helps you find the game easier. You’ll find the original 3 reel Pinball slot machine or no Pinball slot machine at all.

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While there isn’t a variety of Pinball slot machines, you’ll find the game in a variety of denominations. You’ll most often find 25 cent and 50 cent Pinball slot machines on the main casino floor. Depending on the casino you visit you might find the $1 denomination in the high limits room. You’ll often find the $5 or $5/$10/$25/$100 multi-denomination version in high limits. The video below shows a $10 per credit game (skip to the end if you just want to see the bonus).

The bells and whistles of today’s slot machines can be a bit of a sensory overload. Multiple lines, different bonus features, loud noises and flashing lights can be over the top. However, all that action can make vintage slot machines seem a little boring. Pinball is a great combination of both kinds of games.
The game incorporates the traditional gameplay that you expect from a reel slot machine and combines it with a mechanical bonus round. This combination makes Pinball is a bit more flashy than many other older slot machines. The bonus round is so much fun that this might be the only reason you play the Pinball slot machine.

Pinball Bonus Game

In order to activate the bonus feature, you must play the maximum credits. Depending on the denomination of the machine this could be two or three credits. Yes, a maximum bet in Pinball may be as low as $0.75. Not bad in comparison to other slot machines today.
When the Pinball logo lands on the payline of the third reel you are sent to the bonus game above the reel slots. You’re given four, or five, depending on the max credits, Pinballs to play in the bonus round. Each time the ball lands in a pocket you will win that specific number of credits. If your ball falls all the way to the bottom pocket for 1,000 credits you’ve hit the biggest bonus round win. Your total bonus win is the total of credits accumulated from all four balls.
The big prize is a nice win for a quarter slot machine but can be a huge jackpot in the high limits room. The Pinball bonus round is fun with the balls bouncing around. Unfortunately, each bonus round session will last just under a minute. This short burst of excitement in the Pinball bonus round makes you want to play more often so you can reach the bonus round again.
Pinball is a classic slot machine in casinos today. Even though it’s one of the most popular vintage slot machines, this version won’t be around forever. Hopefully, the manufacturer, IGT, can modernize and refresh the Pinball theme like they have with other classic slot machines like Top Dollar. Breathing new life into this classic game would be a welcome sight.

Online Pinball Slots

The drawback to Pinball being an old-school, classic game is that it is not available everywhere in brick and mortar casinos. Beyond this, it is not available at all for play online. The best chance for Pinball to be available in online slot form is for IGT to distribute their games and to redevelop this for the online scene. We would not expect this game to be available at online casinos any time soon, but we are hoping for the best.

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