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buffalo-slotsThere is a virtually never ending list of slot machines to choose from. Whether you are in a casino large or small, there will always be hundreds of different titles, if not several hundred different games. Surely you have your own favorite slots that you always play, but you may wonder what the most popular slots are in the whole casino. These slot games bring in big revenue for the casinos and often times even have a wait in order to play them.
The popularity of different slots has changed over time. The introduction of video slots and progressive slots has led to more modern games outpacing classic 3 and 5 reel options. These newer slots offer more interaction, more action, and the prospect of even bigger winnings, so it makes perfect sense that they are now the most popular. The cost of these popular slots has also been dramatically increasing.

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While older, 3 and 5 reel basic slot machines could be obtained for several hundred dollars, the newer video machines can cost thousands. Of course, if casinos are willing to invest this much, it’s only for one reason-because they are popular.

Popular Video Slot Machines

Most of the very popular video slot machines are made by one of two companies: Aristocrat and IGT. Aristocrat tends to rebrand the same patented and proven concepts with their games, while IGT is a bit more innovative and unique.
The popular Aristocrat games are headlined by Buffalo, which is one of the single biggest earners for just about every casino that has the games on its floor. Buffalo slots are popular, but so too are their close relatives.
Other games that play (and look) very similar to Buffalo and are also produced by Aristocrat include 50 Lions, Miss Kitty, and Aztec. Almost all of these games require getting 3 of one symbol either on the first three lines or the whole board in order to get a bonus round. The biggest differences are in how the bonus rounds themselves play out. Aristocrat, with Buffalo, has the single most popular slot (with awards to prove it), but IGT titles like Zeus and Kronos are not far behind.

Popular Reel Slots

Reel slot machines get a little less action each year. Top Dollar and Double/Triple Double Diamond are examples of some very well known reel slots. If you look at these machines, you will notice that they look aged, and that is because they are.
It is unlikely that you will find many new reel machines being released, and when they are, they are usually borderline video based. Where these true reel slots had reel spinning reels, today, more and more games are going to electronic settings that require less maintenance and are more efficient to operate.

Popular Progressive Slots

The most popular progressive slot, by far, is Wheel of Fortune. It is hard to go to any section of a casino without hearing the popular shout of the machine when a “spin” is achieved. With that said, a spin is not where the real riches are. With the exception of the high limit machines, almost all WOF games have running, linked progressives that give players the chance to turn a few dollars into hundreds of thousands or even millions. wheel-of-fortune-slots
A World Casino Index writer once witnessed a $1.4 million dollar Wheel of Fortune slot win on a $3/spin machine at Bally’s Atlantic City. The potential for massive wins coupled with the thrill of frequent spins has earned Wheel of Fortune the title of most popular slot.

Popular Themed Slots

Themed slots as a category are gaining steam. While they are big, bulky, and costly to house, the casinos are starting to offer them on more and more of the gaming floor. These themed slots usually play on either one character, person, or most often, TV show or movie. Because of this, the popularity of themed slots changes from year to year, depending on what is most in demand among the public.

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Examples of high revenue generating, very popular slots include Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Monopoly and Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. These games will frequently, but not always, have large progressives as well.
While these themed slots are interesting, new, and exciting, there is a catch. Many of these machines are best described as gimmicks. Yes they can be fun, but they also tend to have a very high house edge. If you choose to play these type of slots, we recommend sticking to lower limits, as they are some of the toughest games to beat in the whole casino.

Where to Play Popular Slots Online

The gaming companies who produce these very popular slot machines know that they are in high demand. Because of this, they tend to be very strict about where the game can be played. There are “rip off” versions of these slots, but many of them are not actually available for play online. IGT, for example, tends to stick to brick and mortar slots rather than make them available online.
Variants and close versions to the real thing are a common find in online slots. You may not find an actual online Wheel of Fortune slot game, but you will find various “spin” games that closely resemble WOF in both look and actual gameplay. Simply make sure you know what you are getting into before you play a game that looks like it is the real thing. Licensing and distribution for popular slots is not easy to obtain or else every major online casino would have them.

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