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Review of King Kong Slot

Before I wax lyrical about this particular King Kong Slot which was developed by Cryptologic and released in 2008, I should point out, that since Virgin Games were rebranded and taken over in January 2013, there are unfortunately very few online casinos which I recommend that feature this particular slot.

The original King Kong Slot is one of my favourite slot machine games of all time and I have had my greatest ever win playing at an online casino, thanks to the Cryptologic King Kong. A cool £40,000 no less.

Hence I am particularly sad that the demise of Cryptologic and therefore the lack of licensees and operators using their software. But thankfully the excellent MyBet Casino still carries the King Kong Slot, which you can also try out for free above.

King Kong is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine, which has one of the best feature awards of ANY, yes any slot machine I have played and I have played a few.

Unlimited Free Spins a Possibility

The screenshot to the left was taken back in 2009 when I cashed out £40k playing King Kong. It is from the bonus feature round which I hit, when playing at a stupidly high £25 a spin.

I would like to point out, that I am not a high roller, I had just managed to increase my opening deposit of £500 to a couple of thousand and decided to try my luck. Lady luck certainly was smiling on me that day!

Anyhow I digress.  What is so rewarding about playing King Kong is the two features it has on offer. These are ‘King Kong Goes Ape’ and the ‘King Kong Plane Smash’ which sets up the free spin round.

King Kong Goes Ape is a random feature which can occur anytime King Kong appears on the payline. By default King Kong acts as a wildcard, but from time to time Kong goes APE!

When this happens he splits the reels and climbs up between them, sometimes revealing another King Kong Wild Symbol in place of a crumbling symbol elsewhere on the payline. When this happens, your winning line can escalate and quite healthily at that too.

Big Difference from the King Kong Slot in Vegas

Whilst King Kong is a slot that you will find in the casinos of Las Vegas, the only similarity between the online and bricks and mortar versions is the name. Cryptologic have come up with a class online slot in King Kong and both features you will find are compelling to gamers.

The Free Spins round is triggered when you hit three King Kong Stone Symbols. You then see Kong climb the Empire State Building, with your job to choose correctly where to hit the planes flying past. For each correct hit you win 25 free spins. This part of the feature ends when you have made three misses.

Before the free spin round starts, you are offered to exchange your spins accrued for a box with a prize in. The box you choose could have as much as 200 times your bet amount in it, or as little as 5 times your bet amount.

As a rule we recommend choosing a box if you have managed to only win 25 free spins. As invariably the box prize will be greater than the amount you win playing the free spins. See the win I got above, upon choosing the box and forfeiting our spins!

In closing, King Kong is a superb slot and I feel it only right to feature on CR.   Playtech have  also developed a King Kong Slot based on the award winning Peter Jackson film, which I will be adding to the free play slots section of CR in the next couple of weeks.

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