Free Online Slots

The world of online casinos is an interesting one for so many reasons. It seems, at every turn, these online sites are doing everything in their power to grab money from your pockets and put it into theirs. If we are being honest, however, this is not always the case, because there are plenty of free casino games out there for you to take advantage of. When it comes to free online casino games, few are more popular than free online slots.
Slot games are perhaps the most classic and iconic casino games that exist, so it comes as no surprise that they are offered for free more than most other games. While this is all true, just because these games require no deposit on your part does not mean that they are a waste of time. Most free online slot games offer you the opportunity to win very real prizes, ranging from TVs and other electronics, to trips, and even cash. With that said, not all free online slots are created equally, and these differences will be discussed below.

Free Online Slots at Real Money Casinos

Believe it or not, a large majority of real money online casinos offer you the opportunity to play some of their slot games free of charge. In most cases, the games that are offered for free are the same ones that can be played for real money. This is a great way for players to gain experience and to play slot games without having to worry about spending a lot of money, or any money at all.
Just because these games are offered for free does not mean that your winnings are worthless. In fact, quite the opposite is true more often than not. The angle of these games can be looked at through two different lenses. On one hand, you can play free slot games as part of a welcome bonus. In this case, while the games you are playing are free, the ultimate goal is to get you to play real money games. These games work by the real money casino offering you a certain amount of money for free. With this free money from the online casino, you can play slot games in hopes of earning even more money that you can eventually withdraw and turn into cash. Of course, turning this free money into cash does not come without a catch.
In other cases, however, free slot games exist on real money casino sites in order to give you a better feel for the games that exist on their site. As such, you will not be receiving any free money and are not part of some other gimmick. These games exist solely to allow players to get a feel for the real money site without having to fork over any real money. Just because these games are free does not mean there are no prizes to be won. On occasion, free slot games offered by real money casinos will give you the opportunity to win cash and other prizes.

Free Online Slots on Facebook and Other Apps

For online slots that do not exist at real money casinos, it goes without saying that the games are free. Whether you play them through an app on Facebook, your phone, or tablet, free slot games exist in abundance. Unlike the aforementioned type of free slots, there is never an opportunity to play for real money. Not only does Facebook not facilitate real money gambling, most phone/tablet app stores have not yet allowed for real money casino apps to exist.
Despite the lack of real money from your end, there is still a chance for prizes to be won. Sometimes the prize is cash, but more often than not you will be playing to win things like gift cards, electronics, trips, and concert tickets. The exact prizes that you are playing for will be determined by the app upon which you are playing free slot games.

Why Play Free Slots?

The first question most people have with regard to free slots is, “why?” Most people fail to understand why someone would want to play slot games without risking any money of their own. When it comes down to it, there are plenty of answers as to why someone would choose to play free slot games. For one, not everyone who likes the idea of slot games has the extra cash to throw away gambling. These realistic people understand that, while there is a chance to win money via real money slots, there is a high likelihood that money will be lost in the process. If someone does not have endless disposable income, free slot games are a logical choice.
As was mentioned above, free slots are often taken advantage of by folks who are trying to get a feel for a specific online casino, or specific slot game, without having to spend their own money in the process. With free slot games at real money casinos, you get an opportunity to feel and understand how the site and games actually work without having to create an account nor deposit any money.
Regardless of why you are choosing to play free slots, the bottom line is that there are few situations where you do not at least have a chance of walking away with a prize. Free or not, slot games almost always offer you the chance to walk away with more than you came.

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