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€300 1st deposit Bonus / €390 With Bonus Code CASINORANK

18+, Full T&C’s Apply

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Up to $600

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Up to $750 Welcome Bonus

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Emperor Penguin









The Emperor Penguin slot machine is manufactured by Aristocrat; a slot game producer that can trace its roots to 1950s Australia. Though the company was founded in Australia, today their games are now known by casino-goers the world over. One of their especially entertaining titles is Emperor Penguin, a popular game whose theme depicts a black and white penguin as a regal Chinese emperor.
Despite the silly nature of the theme, this penny slot offers a serious variety of ways for players to win. This machine is still a penny slot, so the house edge is quite large, but there are plenty of bonuses and jackpots that can help make that house edge worth enduring.

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Emperor Penguin is a 5-reel slot game that features four unique symbols on each of the reels. With such an obscure theme, it may be difficult to envision the symbols that might be used, but they are simpler than you might imagine. Included are poker card rankings 9-A, castle, crown, and a mandolin.

Emperor Penguin Video Slot Bonuses

As was mentioned above, there are a few different ways by which a player can win money beyond the base game. In total, there are two bonus games and two jackpots, however one of the bonus games breaks down into five separate games. All things considered, these bonus games can yield some considerable cash, and we have outlined all of them below:

Emperor Penguin Bonus

The Emperor Penguin Bonus is triggered by uncovering any three symbols with gold backdrops. These gold backdrops will appear only on reels three, four, and five, and will only be found in conjunction with A, K, and Q symbols. When the Emperor Penguin Bonus is triggered, you will be randomly awarded one of five Emperor Penguin Bonuses. The five different

The Great Battle

The Great Battle works by forcing a player to pick between a gold and a green symbol, with one of the two being the correct choice. Should the player guess correctly, they will move up one level on the prize ladder. Incorrect guesses keep a player at the same level. The feature concludes after a player makes either nine correct guesses or a total of three incorrect guesses. The prize awarded will correspond with the prize ladder level reached.

Fishin’ Penguin

A player is tasked with selecting a single penguin from a group of three penguins colored green, purple, and blue. The penguin you select will award a prize, and that prize is multiplied by the number of grey-colored fish caught by your penguin. At the conclusion of the round, a final orange-colored fish will be tossed to your penguin. If it is caught, your winnings will be multiplied by two, three, or five.

Gold Coin

In this game, a player simply touches gold coins until two like prizes have been revealing. The winnings revealed will be multiplied if a multiplier is displayed on the screen.

Lucky Dice

Emperor Penguin will throw five dice and the player has to choose a single number to hold. Then, Emperor Penguin will throw the remaining dice two more times, each time holding the dice that show your chosen number. The prize you win will correspond directly with how many thrown dice revealed your chosen number.

Imperial Palace

A player is tasked with touching one of a grouping of magic plates. Five, eight, ten, 15, or 20 free games will then be awarded. During these free games, one, two, or three randomly selected lines will be played. During the free games, three scattered gold coin symbols will add five more spins to your current tally.

Emperor Penguin Jackpots

One of two Emperor Penguin Jackpots can be won at random at the conclusion of any spin. Emperor Penguin will be presented with ice blocks that he will chop once in an effort to reveal a prize. You can touch “chop” to continue or hit “leave” to exit and be awarded the prize displayed on the Prize Meter. If you touch “chop” and a prize is completely revealed from the ice block, the completely revealed credit prize is added to the Prize Meter.
If a prize is not completely revealed, half of the credits shown on the Prize Meter are removed and the remaining credits displayed are awarded. If “Minor” or “Major” is revealed, the associated jackpots are awarded in conjunction with all accumulated winnings displayed on the Prize Meter. You have a total of six chop attempts to completely reveal a prize.

Length of Bonus Rounds

When compared to an overwhelming majority of other penny slots, Emperor Penguin actually features some lengthy bonus rounds. Some of the five available Emperor Penguin Bonus games can be time-consuming, as can the games associated with the jackpot round. At the end of the day, they will not take up much more than a few minutes when all is said and done.

Play Emperor Penguin Slots Online

Unfortunately, Emperor Penguin is a game that can be enjoyed only on the floor of brick and mortar casinos. With that being said, there are a number of online slot games that have very clearly tried to mimic this game. Luckily for those interested in playing Emperor Penguin, it is widely available at brick and mortar casinos.

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