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€300 1st deposit Bonus / €390 With Bonus Code CASINORANK

18+, Full T&C’s Apply

Players from US accepted


Up to $600

18+, Full T&C’s Apply

Players from US accepted


Up to $750 Welcome Bonus

18+, Full T&C’s Apply

Players from US accepted

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Crazy Money Deluxe









There’s a new normal when it comes to slot machines today. The days of subtlety are gone. Slot machine manufacturers have two options if they want their game noticed in a casino. The easiest route to go is to use a familiar theme or brand in an existing slot machine cabinet. Familiarity with a slot machine theme will attract players. The other option to gain notice is for a new slot machine game to be a combination of big, bold, bright, and loud.
When Incredible Technologies introduced the Crazy Money video slot machine theme there was some popularity. While people enjoyed the game, the excitement was relatively tame. While the game was innovative, it lacked the pizazz of some newer video slot machines. The introduction of Crazy Money Deluxe changed that. This version of the game is the most popular for Incredible Technologies and one of the most popular slot machines in casinos today.

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Like other popular penny slot machines today, Crazy Money Deluxe has two screens. However, the height and brightness of the Bonus game screen are second to none. The 55-inch tall second screen makes this slot machine is easy to find and fun to play. The game always has a crowd, but it’s almost impossible to find an empty seat at Crazy Money Deluxe at night and on the weekend.
This penny slot machine has a five reel, 15-line game with multiple Bonuses. The minimum wager is 60 credits and the maximum is 300 credits ($3). If you’re familiar with the Crazy Money family of games then you know this isn’t a typical slot machine. Winning line combinations are comprised of similar dollar bill denominations pointing in the same direction. Most dollar bills face the same direction across but folded bills change the direction of winning combinations.

Crazy Money Deluxe Bonus Rounds

Wins in the base game can be good but the Bonus games are where you’ll find the real jackpot wins. The Bonus round(s) are activated when 3 Sky Wheel scatter symbols land on reels 1, 3 and 5. The Sky Wheel Bonus is played on that big and bright 55” vertical Skybox monitor above the base game.
You can win with multiple Bonus game available. The most simple Bonus round from a Sky Wheel spin is “Instant Credits.” The Sky Wheel spins and if it lands on a number, that’s how many base credits you win. However, an Instant Credits win brings a second smaller wheel which rewards a multiplier between 2x and 5x. There’s also a slice of the small wheel that will respin the main Sky Wheel for a possible better win.
Instant Credits are nice (who’s going to complain about any Bonus win?), but they aren’t especially fun or massively rewarding. If the Sky Wheel lands on the “BONUS” piece, a different secondary wheel appears. This wheel offers between 20 and 100 “money picks” in the Money Catch Bonus game on the base game screen.
In this Bonus Round, you’re in a virtual money machine and you grab, or pick, between 20 and 100 bills of different credit denominations flying around the screen. After your picks are made the total is tallied and that’s your win. While this Money Catch Bonus game is fun, it’s not the jackpot you really want.
Crazy Money Deluxe has 4 progressive jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. The Mini jackpot is the smallest progressive bonus jackpot. The largest progressive jackpot is only available when a player bets maximum credits. The Grand jackpot starts at $10,000! This is what we all want.
Crazy Money Deluxe is a slot machine that suits many slot players today. This video slot machine is big, bright, loud, fun, and different. It touches on just about everything a slot player wants in a game today. Crazy Money Delux offers gameplay that’s different than other video slot machines in casinos today.
The hit frequency with this slot machine is 50%. This means that over time half of the games played will have a winning combination. This doesn’t mean every other spin is a jackpot, but winning spins are what keeps the game moving. The more money returned, the more money you can play. Ultimately the more you play, the more chances you have at a big jackpot win.

Play Crazy Money Deluxe Online

Incredible Technologies is a relatively small slot machine manufacturer. Their slot games, like Crazy Money, are difficult to find online. If you’re outside of the United States, you may find a real money Crazy Money slot machine online, but the gameplay won’t be the same as Crazy Money Deluxe in casinos. Th casino game uses a touch screen for the main Money Catch Bonus game. Crazy Money isn’t currently available in any of the casinos in the United States.

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