Windows Mobile Phone Slots Apps

Microsoft has dominated the operating system market with Windows for decades, therefore, you would assume that they would be just as competitive in the mobile market, however that couldn’t be further from the truth – much to their frustration – and yours if you want to play slots on your Windows smartphone or tablet.

Windows Phone is the title of their operating system for mobile devices and it was released in February 2010 when Windows decided to enter the increasingly popular smartphone market, with Windows Phone 10 being the latest release. More than five years on from its release it must be said that they have failed miserably with competitors Apple and Android sharing a combined 96% of the smartphone market according to latest reports, and Microsoft certainly aren’t used to such a minute market share in any sector they target.

In an attempt to take a stronger foothold in the market Microsoft purchased Finnish smartphone company Nokia in April 2014 for a fee of around $7.2 million which showed their eagerness to compete against ‘the big two’. While that deal has improved the performance of Windows Phone by driving more sales it hasn’t had a significant impact that Microsoft had hoped for.

If you own, or are thinking about buying, a Windows Phone and wondering whether you can play slots using it don’t worry you can – but only if the online casino offers HTML 5 versions of their games as very few of the highest rated online casinos offer Windows Phone specific versions of their software.

Devices to play Windows Slots

The Nokia Lumia 640 is currently the most popular mobile phone powered by Windows Phone, accounting for over 90% of Windows smartphone sales, thanks to the large 4.5-inch touchscreen display and cheap price tag. This makes it ideal to play slots on with detailed visuals and smooth sounds which are increasingly required due to the level of detail featured in the latest video slots.

Another fantastic Windows device to play slots on while you travel to work on the train or laze around on the couch is the Microsoft Surface tablet, although leading laptop manufacturers such as Acer also offer tablets that are powered by the Windows operating system, such as their Iconia tablet. Both of these tablets are fantastic to play slots on due to their large screens which boast high resolutions – there is nothing worse than playing a slot machine on a mobile device and it appearing pixelated and sluggish.

Advantages of Windows Phone Slots

  • Slots can be played instantly on a Windows Phone without the need for any download if the online casino provides HTML 5 versions of their games.
  • Windows take security very seriously, therefore, you can be sure your personal details and financial transactions are always secure.
  • The selection of free slots (similar to how Kindle slots work) is fantastic, with a vast variety of themes ranging from Egyptian to Racing Cars to Animals.
  • Windows smartphones are very cheap in comparison to Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy S, therefore, you can start spinning the reels on the go without spending much money. 

Disadvantages of Windows Phone Slots

  • If you don’t have the latest operating system update along with a browser that supports HTML 5 you will be unable to enjoy instant play slots on Windows Phone.
  • There are very few real money or paid casino apps available from the Windows Phone Store so if you enjoy real money slots you are much better seeking a different platform.
  • The limited range of smartphone’s powered by Windows Phone operating systems means you are stuck for variety when selecting a smartphone to purchase.
  • Flash and Java are not supported by Windows Phones therefore the online casino must have HTML 5 slots or you can’t play their games.

Where to Find Windows Phone Slots Apps

The Windows Phone Store is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s App Store and the Play Store which is available to all Android users. This marketplace enables you to purchase a wide variety of applications for your Windows device – some of which are free to download, while others will cost a one-off fee.

A quick search of the Windows Phone Store for ‘slots’ produces several pages of results to browse through, with the majority of them being free and offering a ‘play money’ experience which some people enjoy – but for others who enjoy real money slot machines, you will be greatly disappointed. There are only a few paid apps for the search of ‘slots’ however they do include IGT’s Wild Wolf which is a very popular slot found in Las Vegas casinos, as well as those online casinos that offer IGT slot machines.

The low number of people using Windows Phones is the reason there aren’t many developers interested in creating apps for the Windows Phone Store. Instead, they can concentrate their efforts on producing apps for the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store – which is 96% of the smartphone market.

It remains to be seen whether Windows will invest more in their efforts to break into the smartphone market. They certainly have the funds to do so, however with Apple and Android devices dominating it is going to take something special to eradicate the significant market share they have. Fingers crossed we will see greater variety for slots players with Windows mobile devices in the very near future.