Iphone & Ipad Slots Apps for Real Money

The amount of people playing real money casino games on their mobile devices has seen a rapid increase in the last few years, with Apple’s iOS operating system leading the way in terms of popularity. The two most popular devices used to play real money slots are iPhone and iPad, however, iPod’s are also used by a small minority of players too.

Due to the number of people owning iPhone’s and iPad’s nowadays the majority of online casinos make supporting these two devices their top priority. So if you see an online casino advertised as being mobile friendly you can be sure it will offer an app to play real money slots for your iPhone or iPad. This is so they can attract players with busy lifestyles on the go – whether you are on the bus or train going to work or simply having a lunch break and fancy having a few spins on your favourite slot machine.

Something else to be aware of is that with hundreds, if not thousands, of online casinos now offering iOS mobile versions of their games you can use this to your advantage. Whilst many offer the same slot machines, they differentiate themselves by offering competitive mobile specific bonuses and no deposit slots – meaning you are rewarded even more by playing slots on your Apple device rather than desktop.

iPhone vs iPad Slots

If you’re an Apple fanboy (or girl) and own several of their products you most likely have both the iPhone and iPad. You may now be wondering which device you should choose to use when playing iOS slots, and while they are largely similar, I do have a couple of differences for you to consider:

The screen size of the iPhone is considerably smaller than that of the iPad, with screen resolution and portability being key issues to consider when choosing a device to slots.

The screen resolution of the iPad 4 is 2048×1536 which is better than that of the iPhone 6 meaning much sharper, more detailed graphics – something that is becoming increasingly important as so many releases nowadays are video slots with sensational quality 3D graphics.

A massive advantage that the iPhone has over the iPad is portability. It fits in our pockets easily and can be pulled out for a few spins at any time, whereas the iPad is much larger in comparison and can prove to be an inconvenience to carry around.

Oh and if you were wondering if you are at a disadvantage playing slots on your iOS device rather than desktop, absolutely not. Just last month (July 2015) a Swedish woman won over £3.1 million from a £3 spin while playing on her iPad at LeoVegas Casino – proving you can now win life-changing amounts playing slots for real money no matter what device you are playing on.

Technical Aspects of Playing Slots for Money on an iPhone or iPad

Of course not all online casinos offering real money slots are the same and there are several important technical aspects to consider before playing slots on your iPhone or iPad, which include:

  • Connection: In order to play slots online for money you will need to have an internet connection whether that be your 3G or 4G mobile data, or a Wi-Fi connection. Any old connection isn’t enough though. It is essential to have a strong and reliable internet connection so that it doesn’t cut out and lose you money – the last thing you want is to press spin and your connection cut out, especially halfway through a lucrative bonus feature.
  • iOS Version: While many online casinos began developing mobile versions of their software when the original iPhone was released, some have only recently started to cater to the demands of mobile players. This means if your iPhone or iPad is not one of the latest releases, it may not be supported by the casino you wish to play at – though the majority now support iPhone 4 and onwards. Just make sure you read the small print as to what versions are supported before you attempt to download the casino software on your device.
  • Download or Instant Play: You will also encounter some online casinos that require you to download each slot machine you want to play individually, rather than it being instant play, although this is becoming less common. It does mean that you will have to check the memory of your iPhone and iPad to ensure there is enough space to download and play the slots.

Slots in the Itunes App Store

Whilst some people enjoy the thrill of playing slots for real money, others are more cautious and opt to play for free instead. There are many options for this such as slots hosted on websites, Kindle slots, Facebook slots, or even slots that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store – something which is increasingly popular.

Now, you may now be wondering why on earth a company would go to such lengths in order to create a high quality slot machine and spend significant amounts of money to advertise it when players then just play for pretend money – surely they don’t earn anything? Well the majority of these app store iOS slots come with in-app purchases built into them. This means you purchase additional credits to use when you run out so that you can keep playing, or simply top up your balance enough to play the slots for high stakes.

A great example of this is the ‘Slots Jackpot’ slot which is available from the App Store. It’s had over 12 million downloads (yeah, my jaw dropped too) and offers many different in-app purchases for players to choose from. The lowest costing of these are the ‘Starter Pack’ and ‘Lotto’ options that cost $0.99, whereas the highest costing is the ‘Vault of Coins’ which costs a staggering $99.99 but provides the player with enough coins for countless high stakes spins.