Blackberry Mobile Slots Apps

Blackberry is often a forgotten name in the smartphone world nowadays despite dominating the industry just a few years ago. In 2009 they boasted a US market share of 41.5% however a report by Bloomberg in February 2015 highlighted the incredible downfall the company has had to endure. Blackberry currently only has a 0.5% share in the smartphone market – a quite unbelievable downturn in only six years.

Instead, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have taken a grasp of the industry and now dominate with a combined market share of 96%. Apple’s iOS powers their devices like iPhone and iPad whereas Android is used by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Samsung, Nexus, and HTC. The slick designs, features, and powerful technology behind these companies have seen Blackberry left behind with a seemingly impossible task of ever getting back to their previous market share levels.

Sadly this means you are quite limited to which online casinos are available for you to play slots on your Blackberry as they instead focus on Apple and Android compatible software and forget about Blackberry due to such relatively small user numbers.

Popular Devices to Play Blackberry Slots

Blackberry has released many new smartphones over the last few years in the hope that one takes off in popularity, however, for those of you wanting to play slots on your device it’s the feature which will dictate whether it is good or bad to do so.

Many of the older model Blackberry devices contained small screens with a keypad below which makes it very difficult to play slots. Two recent smartphone releases by Blackberry which conquer these limitations by offering complete touchscreen technology are the Z30 and Leap models – both of which have large screens and can be turned landscape, thus making it easy to play 5-reel slots.

While almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays, tablets are also incredibly popular due to them being increasingly lightweight and portable, with the latest technology loaded into them – perfect to take with you when you are traveling so that you can enjoy some spins on your favorite slot machine as entertainment. The Blackberry Playbook is the most popular tablet developed by Blackberry and seen as a cheaper alternative to Apple’s iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab which is powered by Android.

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom for slots players who want to play using their Blackberry devices. Despite online casinos offering Apple and Android specific applications and forgetting about Blackberry, Blackberry supports both Flash and Java (whereas Apple’s iOS does not) which means slots can be played in ‘instant play’ mode without requiring a download, something which is much preferred by players for several reasons, such as:

  • Having to download software takes up additional memory resources on the user’s device, and if it is near full capacity they will then have to choose other apps to delete to make space for the download from the casino – or simply change their mind and not bother at all.
  • Some online casinos require that each slot machine the user wishes to play be downloaded individually (rather than all of the casino games at once) which can be very frustrating, hence why there are so many online casinos offering instant play nowadays where you just have to click a different slot and it will load right away – resulting in a much better user experience.

Slots Apps in Blackberry World

Blackberry World is the Blackberry version of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store – a marketplace which enables users to browse and then download free or paid applications.

A quick search of Blackberry World for ‘slots’ produces results of over 150 different slots related apps. This sounds impressive right? It’s around the number of slots offered by the typical slots developer meaning lots of different themed slots to keep you entertained for countless amounts of spins – well sadly the reality is bitterly disappointing for Blackberry users.

Of these results, we took a closer look at those which were listed under ‘Top Results’ which were pretty shocking. These slots had ratings of just one out of five and were littered with comments stating that they were freezing on their devices and that there had been no updates in a considerable length of time.

The reason for this is clear, and you probably realize it too. With the dwindling popularity of the Blackberry, developers instead turned their attention to developing apps for Apple and Android devices instead – let’s face it, why waste your time creating an amazing app and publishing it to Blackberry World who have 0.5% of the smartphone market share when you can instead target Apple and Android users who make up 96% of the market.

If you already own a Blackberry device don’t worry – you will be able to play slots. You will just have to find an online casino that offers all of their games in instant-play mode because you will struggle to find one that has developed a Blackberry download version of their software.

For those of you who are considering purchasing a Blackberry device and wondering if you’ll be able to play slots on it when it is delivered, I would persuade you to reconsider. Apple and Android haven’t got 96% market share for nothing – their devices are beautifully designed and loaded with incredible features, hence why so many people purchase them. The fact that Blackberry has gone from 41.5% market share to just 0.5% in only six years is very worrying, as is the inactivity on Blackberry world, and I’d be amazed if the company is still around in six years to come.