Android Mobile Slots Apps

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone – let’s face it they are cheaper and more accessible than ever before. While some people opt for Apple’s iPhone or iPad (powered by iOS) which is seen as a luxury item and thus comes with a premium price tag, brands around the world which make use of the Android operating system from Google have been able to take advantage by developing a range of less expensive mobile phones and tablets – and therefore significantly increase their market share in the competitive smartphone industry.

While there is a massive demand for real money iOS slots, they can only be played on Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, whereas the Android operating system is used by worldwide brands such as Samsung, Nexus, and HTC.

All of these brands have taken advantage of the ‘luxury’ aspect of Apple products and released mobile devices with greatly varying products in an attempt to reach people of all budgets – and they have been very successful in doing so. When you consider the sheer number of phone and tablet models these brands develop and sell around the world it is no surprise that Android slots are more popular and in-demand than ever before.

Best Devices to Play Android Slots

As mentioned above, industry-leading brands such as Samsung, Nexus, and HTC are amongst many who make use of the Android operating system for their mobile phones and tablets. This means you are not limited to one brand when you wish to purchase hardware to play Android slots – whereas with iOS slots you must go for Apple products.

Taking Samsung as an example, their ‘S’ model is a popular rival to Apple’s iPhone, as is their Galaxy Note tablet to Apple’s iPad. For Nexus, you could purchase the Nexus 6 which boasts a large touchscreen perfect for playing slot machines, or for the HTC you could opt for the HTC Desire 526 which was released in July 2015 and boasts a 4.7-inch display.

Another method of playing Android slots which are set to explode in popularity over the next couple of years is wearable technology. A prime example of this for Android slots is the Samsung S Gear smartwatch which has several slot machines developed for it already.

The majority of these are free slots such as ‘Slot Machine S’ which is a 3-reel, 1-payline fruit-machine style slot that contains crisp graphics and energetic sounds. Soon there is going to be an explosion in the number of real money slots that you can play on your Android-powered smartwatch and it is software developer Microgaming who is leading the way in this sector and leaping ahead of their competition.

They have already released their popular Thunderstruck slot machine for the Samsung Gear with it becoming the first real money slot for a smartwatch, as well as the first to feature five reels rather than three – something other developers found to be a tough feat due to the small screen area of the watches.

Do All Online Casinos Offer Android Slots?

Unfortunately not, however not all online casinos offer iOS slots, Blackberry slots, or Windows slots either. With thousands of online casinos on the market some take different approaches than others and the varying focus on mobile casinos is a prime example of this (some casinos are only available on mobile while others only offer desktop software, while others make an effort to offer both), however in a day of modern technology and the majority of people possessing a smartphone or tablet it seems like a poor business decision not to offer Android slots.

The good news is that the number of Android slots available is increasing on a daily basis, and if an online casino states that it is mobile compatible you can be certain that it will offer Android slots, as well as iOS slots, due to these being the most widely used mobile operating systems.

In comparison, the small number of players using Blackberry and Windows devices to play slots often doesn’t justify the substantial cost it requires to develop these versions of the casino software. Some online casinos that offer Android slots will be available to play in your browser instantly, while others will require a download – and that’s where the Google Play Store comes into play.

Real Money Slots in the Google Play Store

Unlike Apple’s App Store where real money slots and casinos are forbidden, they are allowed to be listed in Google’s Play Store, and a quick search for slots brings back many results for you to browse through. While it can be tempting to browse through the results and download the first casino app you find it is important to check out the user ratings and feedback on it first – the last thing you want is to download a sluggish app that is slow or freezes as the reels are mid-way through spinning. It’s also crucial to be aware of the remaining memory on your mobile phone or tablet to ensure that there is enough space for the download to be successful.

Another important factor to consider is whether you want to play slots for free or real money, as there are numerous apps catering to both of these options. While browsing results it may not always be crystal clear which offer real money play and which are free so make sure you read the app descriptions before downloading.

Just like iOS slots on the Apple App Store and Kindle slots, free Android slots apps make their profits by offering in-app purchases for players to buy more credits. For real money apps you will be required to register an account and then choose a preferred deposit option to fund your account (such as bank wire, credit card, or an e-Wallet like Skrill), with powerful security technology working behind the scenes to encrypt your sensitive information.