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Best Slots Apps to Play Mobile Slot Games Online for Real Money

The mobile gaming market is more popular than ever. While many people still play games on their regular computers, many have quit and only play games on their mobile phone or tablet now.

As you probably already know, there are 100s of free slots apps for Apple and Android, but finding legitimate real money slots apps is tough. That’s because Google Play and Apple iTunes policies refuse to allow online casinos to publish real money casino apps in their stores. That’s why we started – to bring you the best casino apps that allow you to win real money playing slots.

You can find out more about the most popular mobile slots devices below including a list of the most used operating systems.

The first real slots apps were designed for cell phones but as more people started using the phones they wanted to be able to have larger screens. The mobile tablet market started taking off and now many people have both mobile phones and tablets that they use at the same time.

Android Slots

Android is the leading mobile operating system in both the United States and worldwide. In the US Apple devices are close behind but no other company has the global reach that Android does at this time.

You can find a wide variety of phones, tablets, and other mobile devices that use an Android system and you can find more real money casino apps available for Android than any other system. Learn more about playing real money slots on Android devices.

iPhone / iPad Slots

The iPhone is the most popular phone that Apple produces. It has a closed system called the iOS that is only found on Apple devices. The Android system can be used on almost any mobile device but iOS can’t be used on anything outside of an Apple product.

Apple has a strong share of the US market, right behind Android, but they fall far behind in the rest of the world. Apple devices have the second most options for real money slots apps behind Android.

The iPad is the tablet version of Apple products that makes a perfect complement to their iPhone business. Using the same basic iOS operating system and the same apps as the iPhone, the iPad offers a larger screen than the iPhone and the quality is rivaled only by some of the upper-end Android tablets on the market. Learn more about playing real money slots on Apple devices.

Windows Slots

Windows operating system mobile devices are currently third in the mobile market but are far behind the two leaders. They still have a chance to grow into a strong competitor but it looks like they’ve been holding steady for quite some time.

A few online casinos offer Windows real money casino apps but they’re hard to find just like the Blackberry options. Learn more about playing slots on Microsoft devices.

Blackberry Slots

Following the market leaders of Android and Apple, no one else holds a candle in the mobile market in the US or around the world.

Blackberry is currently fourth in mobile market share and appears to be heading the wrong way. They lose more market share each year and unless they reverse the trend they’re in danger of becoming a non-factor in the mobile slots market.

It’s difficult to find real money slots apps for Blackberry devices but a few online casinos do offer them. Learn more about playing slots on Blackberry devices.

Kindle Slots

Technically the Kindle devices offered by Amazon may not qualify as a mobile slots device. Most people think of mobile devices as being phones first, but consider the iPad and some of the Android tablets.

What makes them different from the Kindle? That’s why I’ve included Kindle slots in the mobile section.

In order to play real money slots on your Kindle, you’ll have to play a no download online casino using your web browser. No online casinos offer a specific app or solution for real money play for the Kindle. Learn more about playing real money slots on the Amazon Kindle.

Types of Real Money Slots & Games Offered by Mobile Casinos

Of course, you can play all types of slot machines on most mobile devices, but you can also play a variety of other online casino games.

Here’s an overview of the different types of mobile slots available followed by other mobile casino games.

Progressive slots – Progressive mobile slot machines are the ones that have a jackpot amount that climbs as more people play. A percentage of every wager is added to the progressive jackpot until a player hits it. Then the amount resets to a lower number and starts climbing again.

Jackpot slots – Many players think jackpot slots and progressive slots are the same things. While many progressives are called progressive jackpots, not all jackpot slot machines are progressive. Most players call high payouts a jackpot and some slot machines call their top set payouts a jackpot.

The jackpot amount can be as low as $100 or less and as high as a million or more. It just depends on the game.

3 reel slots – 3 reel slots use three reels to display the game symbols.

5 reel slots – A 5 reel slot machine is any machine that uses five reels.

Video slots – Video slots are any slot machine that doesn’t have real reels inside the machine. All mobile slots games are video slots. The only place you might see a slot machine that isn’t a video machine is in a land-based casino. Even in most land-based casinos, all the slot machines are video machines. Very few machines with actual reels are still in use.

Bonus slots – Bonus slots include any game that has a bonus round. Wild or scatter symbols or other combinations depending on the game can unlock bonus rounds.

Story slots – These are slot machines that have a storyline that you use as you play the game. You might unlock the next step of the story by hitting a certain combination of symbols or hitting a number of scatter symbols. The story aspect keeps you more involved in the game and makes you want to keep playing.

Other games available on most mobile casino platforms include real money blackjack, video poker, craps, baccarat, roulette, and keno.

Mobile slots are here to stay and the market grows every year. If you use an Android or Apple product you have plenty of real money mobile casino options, but if you have one of the other devices you may struggle to find enough variety.

Best Mobile Slots Software/Game Developers

This section is dedicated to the best mobile slot software providers that develop and create one of the best mobile slots in the industry. There are dozens of mobile software and game developers, but the ones we are going to describe in brief are the best of the best. We have selected them according to their popularity, reliability, and trustworthiness as well as according to the overall quality of the software and games. Generally speaking, these providers use cutting edge technology to create the best-of-breed mobile content that consists of high-quality slots and other casino games. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming.

NetEnt Touch – Developer of the Best HD Mobile Slots

NetENT Offers 30+ Mobile Slots

NetEnt Touch slots are the same as their online counterparts. They have the same rules, features, gameplay as well as the same high payout percentages. Moreover, they have the same high-quality 3D graphics and animations. Mobile slots from NetEnt started appearing in 2011, first on iOS devices and then on Android smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, every new slot game is launched on both desktop and mobile. All NetEnt flagship slots are available on the go. Some titles are Starburst, Jack and the Beanstalk, Gonzo’s Quest, the big progressive Mega Fortune, Jack Hammer 1 and 2 and so on. A reputable and secure mobile casino where you can play a great deal of NetEnt Touch slots is Leo Vegas Casino.

Playtech – The Home of Marvel Superhero Slots

Playtech Offers 50+ Mobile Slots

Were you a fan of the Marvel comic books universe growing up? Then you would greatly enjoy playing the Marvel Series slots from Playtech. This popular software provider has the exclusive right to create slots based on the Marvel superheroes. Almost all of the Marvel-themed slots are available on the go at Playtech powered mobile casinos and some titles are the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, The Avengers, Spiderman and so on. The best feature about these slots is that they all come with a randomly triggered four-tier progressive jackpot. Moreover, Playtech is popular for its mobile slots based on popular TV series and blockbuster movies such as the Sopranos, Monty Python Spamalot and the Gladiator. We recommend playing Playtech mobile slots at the mobile-friendly

Microgaming – The Pioneer of Virtual Casino Software

Microgaming Offers 70+ Mobile Slots

The third best mobile slot software provider is Microgaming. The company is one of the pioneers of online gambling software and so far it has created more than 600 games and over 1,200 game variations. Naturally, Microgaming is also one of the first software developers that pioneered in the mobile gaming industry. If you want a wide mobile game choice dominated by mobile slots with high-quality graphics, this is the best software for you. Moreover, its mobile platform is both web-based and app-based and games can be played on a wide range of handsets running on different operating systems. Highly popular Microgaming mobile slots are Thunderstruck 1 and 2, The Dark Knight, Tomb Raider, Immortal Romance and the most popular progressive Mega Moolah which paid the biggest jackpot ever in the history of mobile casino gambling. These slots are more can be played at the award-winning .

Which Devices Are Compatible?

The mobile slots developed by the above mentioned top software providers are compatible with and fully functional on a wide range of smartphones and tablets powered by the recent versions of Android and iOS. Microgaming’s slots are also compatible with Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. Therefore, you shouldn’t have problems accessing a mobile-friendly casino that offers games from these providers and play slots on the go. If you are playing web-based mobile slots, make sure that you are connected to a stable Internet connection.

Other Considerations

There is so much to consider when choosing slots. Some people like to go for familiar themes all the times, like Wild West, African or Asian themes. Some of us like free spins, whilst some yet prefer the bonus rounds for their entertainment value and extra chances of winning. Then there’s, of course, the progressives, which offer, and deliver life-changing jackpots. One thing to always bear in mind is the RTP % (Return to Player). This determines over the long run what percentages of money wagered is returned to players. We do not believe that you should play games with anything less than 95% RTP unless you really want to try a game for a specific feature.

One thing to always look out for is the bonuses that give you extra free spins. These are really valuable as you can try out games without risking your own cash.