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Seminoles’ Coconut Creek Takes Player Club to a New Level

Bally streamlines customer service with Bally Promotional Kiosk at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

Seminole Casino’s Coconut Creek was in the midst of expanding its player’s club area to turn it into a player experience. The company was looking for a user-friendly way to provide better customer service and encourage additional sales opportunities. It found the solution in a fleet of new Bally Promotional Kiosks.

According to Michael Michaud, Vice President of Marketing for Coconut Creek and 22-year gaming industry veteran, the Bally Promotional Kiosk was “a perfect fit” for Coconut Creek’s new player’s club experience from the beginning.

Faster, friendlier sign-ups means happier players

More than 50 percent of most casinos’ player’s club transactions involve card replacements, PIN resets, or questions about point balances – all of which were handily automated by the kiosks. The kiosks’ touchscreens give customers a familiar and intuitive interface; much like the apps they’re accustomed to using on their mobile phones.

“The kiosks had the look and feel of an iPad, which did two things: It made guests more comfortable, and it brought this aspect of the gaming industry into the information age,” Michaud said. He estimates that new member sign-up is now four times faster, thanks to the kiosks, which is reflected by a tenfold increase in new card registrations a day. But more important, Coconut Creek’s 13 Bally Promotional Kiosks virtually eliminated the standing in line that normally accompanies new player’s club sign-ups, enabling guests to get on the floor faster.

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