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Club World Casino – Blacklisted

Club World CasinoClub World Casino  – Blacklist and Rogue Listing Updated: 15th June 18

The reason we at CR have updated our rogue listing of Club World Casino, is to expand on the information, which was initially provided below, in March 2017.

The owner and operator of Club World Casino is a company based in Manchester, England, called Interactive Technology Corporation Limited and is controlled by a Stuart Ferster and his older brother, Warren Ferster.

The additional information that we have provided to the  Club World Casinos rogue listing here on CR, further confirms that players of US Online Casinos should avoid this group of casinos at all costs.

Club World found by London Court of Appeal to use Improper Threats

In the acrimonious High Court Legal battle that saw  the original owner of the Club World Casino Group forced out of the business. The Court of Appeal concluded the following about the current owners of Club World Casinos:

the Court of Appeal found that a settlement offer made on behalf of the claimants following an unsuccessful mediation constituted an unambiguously improper threat in the nature of blackmail

This begs the question, should players at Club World Casino and their sister properties feel safe and secure, now fully knowing the owners and operators have been found to use “an unambiguously improper threat in the nature of blackmail“?

This for me raises a massive red flag right there, as in run for the hills and keep on running Forrest! This is the Court of Appeal in London stating this. Read it again, “threat in the nature of blackmail.”

To avoid any doubt though, I link to the Herbert Smith Freehills site. HSF expands on what DAC Beachcroft, acting on Warren and Stuart Fersters’ behalf, actually did.

Removal of Affiliate Marketing Partners Earnings has obtained concrete irrefutable evidence that Stuart Ferster and Warren Ferster were complicit in removing over a thousand referred players in February 2017 from their affiliate marketing partners accounts.

We are not talking about invoking newly introduced player quota clauses ( more about that further on ), no. We are talking about the wilful removal of referred players from the accounts of hard working affiliates, who referred said players on the condition they would keep them for the lifetime of the player. With the proviso that they would continue to accrue revenue from them.

But in the world of Stuart Ferster, affiliates should not continue to live on “Past Glories”, even if it affects widows of deceased webmasters, who struggle to make ends meet after their husbands have passed away.

As stated above, we have CONCRETE EVIDENCE this ‘fraudulent’ activity has taken place and it is our ‘view’, based on what we have seen, that it continues to take place.

Club World Casinos Group – Blacklisted March 2017

Club World Casino and the Club World Group of online casinos, is in a nutshell the most significant example of an online casino group to fall from grace.

Up until the beginning of March 2017, Club World Casino and their sister casinos such as Lucky Red Casino had adorned the review pages of

Club World were the go to casino to play at if you were a US based online casino player. But alas this is no more. Club World’s demise has been nothing short of astonishing to say the least.

The new owners of Club World are Stuart and Warren Ferster, who took court action against their younger brother to gain control of the Club World Group of casinos.

In the video to the right, I go into greater detail as to what has transpired.

But to be frank, it is not good, not good at all. For players or indeed affiliates who have been working with Club World’s Affiliate Edge casino affiliate program. Why? Well to put quite simply with just one word, AffPower.

Yes the same AffPower Casino group responsible for pirating games from casino software companies such as Net Entertainment. With two high ranking individuals acting as ‘consultants’ for Stuart and Warren Ferster.

Now what is so bad about that? Well apart from the fact that AffPower have been caught with their pants down ripping off casino software games from the likes of Net Ent, the ‘Brothers Ferster’, have also made some other changes.

So what exactly have Stuart and Warren Ferster done, which has caused the once exemplary Club World Casino Group to fall down the toilet and end up in’s Rogue Pit of Hell?

Well numerous affiliates have complained about delayed payments from the Affiliate Edge affiliate program, as well as seeing a very worrying nosedive in commissions earnt from historical players referred to the Club World Group.

In short, it has become apparent that Affiliate Edge in the form of Stuart and Warren Ferster have been ‘shaving’ earnings from their affiliates.

Furthermore, Affiliate Edge have now introduced player quotas, yet have failed to inform their affiliate partners.

Due to the change of direction that Club World have taken under the stewardship of the Ferster Brothers with guidance from AffPower, many respected staff have tendered their resignation. This includes their ‘Award Winning’ Customer Service Manager in the form of Karolina.

In addition Martyn Beacon the Director of the Affiliate Edge Program has also tendered his resignation. Both Martyn and Karolina do not have jobs to go to lined up, but feel so strongly with the direction that Stuart and Warren Ferster are taking the company, that they felt they had no choice. In short, they do not want to be associated with how Club World Casino is ending up.

In my 17 odd years working in the iGaming Industry, five of those were with Ladbrokes out in Gibraltar, the demise of Club World is by far the biggest fall from grace I have personally encountered.

Club World Casino and Affiliate Edge and the other properties that form part of the group were some of the best run casinos you could find online. In addition, the now ousted owner was one of the most trustworthy individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with over the past 10 or so years.

Yet the actions of Stuart Ferster and his brother Warren Ferster have ensured that the demise of Club World and that of Affiliate Edge will be one of the most spectacular in iGaming History.

If you are a player at Club World Casino, please close your account. If you are an affiliate of Affiliate Edge, please pull their links now.

By playing at Club World you will be only lining the pockets of the pirates that are Affpower and those of  Stuart Ferster and his brother Warren Ferster.

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