BetFashion TV

BetFashion TV – Blacklisted and Rogue Casino

22nd November 2017 – So here I am happily working on strengthening the content of CR, by the way of adding new slot games such as Planet of the Apes and our first ever free play slot from Yggdrasil Gaming.

The casino operation in question being BetFashion TV, who not only are connected with a ‘No Pay’ online casino, but a casino whose operators are practising the dark arts of SEO.

So first off, thanks a bloody lot goes out to the AHoles from BetFashion TV who have taken me away from adding positive content to CR. But also thanks to Bryan from Casinomeister for letting me know about yet another shoddy casino operation with a crappy Curacao license.

So let’s rewind a bit and actually get into what BetFashion TV have been up to and why they have landed so prominently on’s Casino Blacklist pages.

BetFashion TV Back Story

In October 2017, the casino portal The Pogg linked BetFashion TV with Now were reported by The Pogg for non payment of players.

When the operators of BetFashion TV got wind of the investigative work performed by Duncan and his team at The Pogg, they got in contact. Stating that there was a misunderstanding.

Well if you read the article about BetFashion TV over on The Pogg, you will see there is no misunderstanding. Subsequently a warning was posted concerning BetFashion TV over on Casinomeister.

Toxic Links Incoming

This is where BetFashion TV took this to another level. They have only started to send thousands of ‘Toxic’ backlinks to those pages on The Pogg and Casinomeister, to try and get them deindexed by google.

This is a Negative SEO attack and is something that we at have first hand experience of, thanks to the assholes at Affpower.

So not only do BetFashion TV want to get out of paying players, but they also are involved in trying to remove a site from google’s search engine index. Assholes!

If you are a player, steer well clear of BetFashion TV!