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Rhode Island Becomes First New England State to Add Sportsbooks to Casinos

Since the Supreme Court granted states the power to decide on the legalization of sports wagering by striking down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, states have been able to regulate their own sports betting policies. This has led many states to pass new laws and regulations to fill the new sports betting niche, and Rhode Island is chief among them.

Rhode Island Takes Advantage of New Betting Policies

Rhode Island was the eighth state to join the U.S. and the first New England state to legalize sports betting since the Supreme Court ruling in May. The state moved quickly to take advantage of the end of the federal sports wagering ban, legalizing sports wagering throughout the state and adding a sportsbook to its casinos within weeks of the change in law.

The Rhode Island General Assembly enacted its first sports betting law back in June and law officials expected legal sports wagering to commence by October. However, road blocks of a different nature pushed that date back to November 26th, the date on which Sportsbook Rhode Island and Twin River Casino officially brought sports betting into the state.

Rhode Island Launches a Sportsbook at Twin River

Rhode Island currently only has two casinos that offer sports wagering of any kind, and the tiny New England state is looking for new ways to expand on its sports betting activities. Rhode Island is among the handful of states that is acting quickly to adopt more sports betting friendly policies, and New England’s gamblers are all waiting in anticipation of the new year with the hopes that 2019 will continue the race to legalize sports betting throughout the U.S.. However, for now, at least they have the option of placing bets at Rhode Island’s Twin River Casino.

Twin River Casino recently became the second Rhode Island casino to launch a sports betting division this year. The launch of the Sportsbook at Twin River Casino was attended by a large crowed of sports gambling fans. The new gaming division was a resounding success and has become a hub for New England’s sports betting enthusiasts. All of this excitement is foreshadowing good things for Twin River, which is currently the only legal sports betting operation northeast of New York.

Sportsbook Rhode Island Continues to Expand

Sportsbook Rhode Island will officially start taking bets at Twin Rivers’ Tiverton Hotel and Casino this month. By mid-December, the facility is estimated to open up an area of around 3,600 square feet within the established hotel specifically geared towards sports wagering enthusiasts. The area will have comfortable seating, tables, and around a hundred televisions where gamblers can view games.

Of course, while this represents an expansion of legal gambling in Rhode Island, it’s not a free-for-all. Sportsbook limits wagers, with a maximum possible bet of about $10,000 depending upon the facts and circumstances of the wager. Sportsbook also requires wagers to place an upfront cash payment, and winners will have a specific time frame, indicated on their ticket, to collect their winnings. So, while this is a huge step forward for sports betting in New England, this niche market still has a long way to go.

Samantha Fow