Revel to Re-open as TEN Casino in Atlantic City

For those familiar with the Atlantic City casino scene, the name Revel Casino Hotel likely brings about mixed feelings. The ill-fated casino, which opened its doors in 2012, has since been rebranded and is under new ownership since having closed its doors in September 2014. Now known as TEN, the mega-casino has recently announced their new executive staff and is making strides towards reopening its doors. ten-atlantic-city

Revel was forced out of business after declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy 2 times in as many years—something that did well to bring a significant amount of attention to Atlantic City casinos’ revenue problems. Not even a month after Revel was closed the resort was sold to Polo North Country Club, which is owned by multi-millionaire Glenn Straub. The resort casino accounts for more than 6 million square feet, is nearly 50 stories tall, and hosts more than 1,400 rooms.

Numerous Re-opening Dates

Since being purchased in late 2014, TEN remains closed. Naturally, there is a lot that goes into rebranding and reopening a casino so large, but a few tentative opening dates have come and gone without the casino coming any closer to hosting guests. The most recent of these tentative reopening dates was June 2016. Despite claiming that his resort was ready to open, Glenn Straub failed to understand that he was still lacking quite a few permits necessary for a casino such as TEN to operate within the realm of New Jersey law. One of those permits was the all-important liquor license to be granted by the state’s gambling regulators. As the June 15th date came and went without the casino opening, Straub and the Polo North Country Club were quick to blame the New Jersey state government, calling the whole system anti-business. The rest of the summer persisted with further complications regarding inspections and the subsequent acquisition of paperwork, but after a lot of hard work there seems to be a competent management staff in place and yet another tentative opening date.

Robert Landino, an engineer from Connecticut, was already named CEO of TEN and recently announced who would be flanking him, helping the whole operation run smoothly. Frank Leone was introduced as senior vice president of casino operations while Cindi Lepine and Vincent Turrano were introduced as senior VPs of hotel operations and food and beverage respectively. The aforementioned team has plenty of experience in the brick and mortar casino industry and has the full trust of Straub and Landino. Though there is no specific date set for the official reopening of TEN, Straub has made it clear that he fully intends on cutting that ribbon sometime during the first quarter of 2017.