Resort Fees at Las Vegas Hotels are Going Up

If you thought the ingenious way that Las Vegas hotels milked you (resort fees) was an expensive fee now, just wait until you see the increases. At a time where MGM Resorts is beginning to charge for parking at its casinos, this will be yet another added fee that tourists likely won’t consider until they have no choice at check in. The good news for Las Vegas tourists is that this will only impact a select number of the overall casinos on the strip, all of which are Caesars Entertainment properties. Caesars Entertainment Logo

The affected hotels include Caesars, Nobu, The Cromwell, Paris, and Planet Hollywood. The fees were $29 and will now be increasing to $32, and that is a rate that is charged on a per night basis. Perhaps the most interesting part of this news is that CET (Caesar’s Entertainment) is not raising their resort fees at every single location, but instead at just a select few. The common theme among the ones that did see resort fee increases is found in their location. All five of these hotels are in prime Strip territory, next to just about every major attraction. The odds are that CET feels they can squeeze the extra $3 from these visitors since they are generally more active than their other sister hotels, like Rio or the Linq.

If you are a frequent visitor/player at any of these hotels, you likely know that there is a way to become exempt from all CET resort fees. This valuable option is unlocked with the attainment of a Diamond Card through the Total Rewards program. If you are staying at CET properties anywhere throughout the country, having a Diamond Card will pay valuable dividends since even 10 nights will amount to around $300 in resort fees saved. This doesn’t include the fact that the card also offers Diamond Lounge access, priority lines for cabs and restaurants, and much more. It is perhaps the most valuable of all player program cards, and if you play a decent amount at Caesars Entertainment locations, it makes sense to try and obtain one.

For players scared by or simply upset with these resort fees (we do feel your pain), the best choice is to find a hotel/casino that either has lower resort fees or no fees at all. Unfortunately, almost all of these casinos are off strip. The most notable no resort fees Las Vegas casinos include California and Four Queens in Downtown Las Vegas, Main Street Station and Elara. The general trend in Las Vegas has been monkey see, monkey do, so do not be surprised if these casinos, too, start charging resort fees some time in the future.