Wynn Red Card Club Program

With an abundance of casino reward programs available today, the Wynn Red Card Club is like a single fish in a huge body of water. The Red Card Club is Wynn Resorts Holdings’ response to the competition and seems to be one of the most popular casino reward programs in the United States.
The perks it offers are inviting: from exclusive invitations, member-only rates, and gaming bonuses to private invitations, elite announcements, and special promotions. Couple those perks with the fact that the program is completely free to join and takes little time (or requirements) to process, and we can admit the program is worthwhile.

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Signing up for the Wynn Red Card Club

To sign up for the program you simply have to visit the Red Card Club desk at any Wynn Resorts Holdings destination and provide a valid government-issued photo ID (passport or driver’s license) to verify your identity. You must be 21 years or older and a valid Social Security Number is also required for American citizens. Once they input all of your information into their system, you’ll be registered and should receive a players card almost immediately.
Although it is highly recommended for high-rollers, smaller players also stand a chance of receiving some impressive offers. You do not have to lavish a lot of money on Wynn services. In fact, there is a TripAdvisor Forum thread in which most players admit to be low-rollers and still receive exclusive offers from the Wynn Red Card Club from time to time. As a rule of thumb, we advise players to opt for a casino reward program that offers the perks they personally want and that gives them the opportunity to climb to the top of the tier ladder in a reasonable timeframe.

Which Casinos Use The Wynn Red Card?

Ultimately, the Wynn Red Card is used at every gaming property that is owned Wynn Resorts Holdings. As of 2018, they only operate a total of 3 casinos; two in the United States (Las Vegas) and one in Macau. With that said, they are regarded as some of the finest casinos in the world – each with avant-garde designs, luxurious offerings, and elegant services.
– Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort
– Wynn Macau
Compared to other large gaming companies, Wynn Resorts does not have nearly as many locations. For example Total Rewards by Caesars Entertainment is used at more than 50 destinations in the United States and Canada and M life Rewards by MGM Resorts International is used at nearly 20 destinations in the United States and Macau SAR.

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Wynn Red Card Club Tiers

Most, if not all, casino reward programs have different hierarchical tiers/levels that are based on a players loyalty and expenses. This is how the casino ranks their members, and most reward programs work based on the same mechanism:
– A member joins the program and starts out at the lowest tier.
– The member would spend on the company’s services (gaming, dining, hotel, spa, entertainment, etc.) at the participating destinations and/or use the program’s credit card to make purchases.
– The member would receive tier credits and/or points according to a pre-defined formula based on the service(s) the member spend on and the number of purchases made via the credit card. Credits earned through services are quite scalable as the casino games the member wagers on and the value of each wager is always important; in fact, average bet size and other parameters determine the points and/or tier credits. Similarly, checking in the most expensive suite for a month would apparently earn the member more tier credits and/or points than checking in a typical room for a week.
– The credits and/or points are always used in two ways: either to move the member up tiers or used as rewards/offers/discounts if redeemable.
While this mechanism is general, the Wynn Red Card Club works in a similar, but slightly different way. However, the program implemented the use of hierarchical tiers recently and the official website is information-deficient, so some necessary details were not found when writing this piece. For example, we do not know if each tier has a qualifying amount of tier credits or not, but it seems cardholders move up tiers without a pre-defined list of requirements or the company keeps its list of requirements secret.

Red Tier

This is the first tier, which a cardholder is automatically placed in upon successful registration. Perks are a handful: 10 percent discounts on your favorite tantalizing dishes at Wynn restaurants and access to (and early notification for) ferry tickets, special rates, exclusive events, and personalized promotions.

Gold Tier

The second tier increases the discounts on your preferred meals at Wynn restaurants to 15 percent. And in addition to everything Red has to offer, Gold cardholders enjoy line privilege, spa reservations, and significant medicinal menu items at Wynn spas in the United States and Macau SAR.

Diamond Tier

Diamond cardholders are up for special treatments. First, cardholders enjoy 20 percent discounts on their dining bills at Wynn restaurants. On top of the Gold perks, Diamond cardholders relish limousine service to and from establishments; access to a special area for hotel check-ins; access to private dining rooms and fine dining tables (although based on availability); and birthday gifts.

Chairman Tier

Believe us, you really are a chairman if you are loyal enough to earn this status. And although its perks are not numerous, they are the best you can get with the Wynn Red Card Club. For one, discounts on your dining bills at Wynn restaurants are increased to 25 percent. Second, you gain access to complimentary parking in addition to all perks that come with the Diamond status.

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Wynn Red Card Benefits

How to Earn Wynn Red Card Club Points and Credits

The end result of joining any casino reward program is to enjoy the perks — and to do so, you need to earn credits. These credits are often used to determine your membership status and redeemed for offers, bonuses, discounts, and other commercial promotions. However, the emphasis here is not the uses of credits but how to earn credits and relish the Red Card experience — but in actuality, there are only points and no credit.

Gambling at Wynn Properties

Yes, of course! Gambling is the primary way to earn points in the Wynn Red Card Club — and there are more than just points; you can win free buffets, discounted hotel rooms, etc. At every single casino in all Wynn destinations, there are hundreds to thousands of gaming machines (slot and video poker) and hundreds of table games available for players to stand a chance to be the next big winner. Available table games include Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, and Big 6.
– Slot Machines: Earn 1 point for every $1.50 coin-in
– Video Poker: Earn 1 point for every $6 or $15 coin-in (varies based on the game)
– Table Games: Points are earned based on average bet size and length of play
Members can also earn comps through table games, slot machines, video poker machines, race betting, sports betting, and poker. Comps depend on your average bet and time, and even the type of games you wager on. You simply need to track your play on the gaming machine by inserting your card, on the table game by giving the dealer your card, and on sports and race betting by giving the ticket writer your card — and watch your comps increase as you wager.

Shopping at Participating Stores

For shopping at participating Wynn shops, the club will not reward you with points or credits but actual rewards like the latest Samsung flagships (Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB and S9 Plus 128GB), Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Scotch Whisky, and Versace Eros Perfume for Men 100ml.

Spending Money at Wynn Properties

Unlike Total Rewards or M life where members earn credits individually for dining, spa, entertainment, and other bills as each has its own pre-defined formula, all are summed up in one in the Wynn Red Card Club. So, regardless if you spend $2,000 on your favorite singer’s concert, a fancy room, three Versace items, or anything at all, you will receive something. As long as the purchase (of a product or service) is made at a participating establishment, you can earn virtually anything: from discounted room rates and free buffets to FREECREDIT and special offers.
And unlike others, the Wynn Red Card Club does not disclose the system behind its rewards — but there is a general rule: the more you spend, the more you get and the higher you move up tiers.
Note: There are no tier credits; tier upgrades are determined by systems only known to the club. You can only earn points by gambling on slot and video poker machines, others are comps, offers, rewards, and other promotions.

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Example Computation of How to Earn Credits

Let’s say you visit Wynn Las Vegas and while staying at the hotel, you lavish $5,000 on the accommodation, foods, beverages, a 90-minute massage, and cabanas. Then, you visit a shop and spend $2,000. Lastly, you enter a casino area at Encore Resort and spend a total of $8,5000 ($3,000 on slot machines, $3,500 on video poker machines, and $2,000 on Roulette).
Unfortunately, we can only calculate the points you will accumulate from your wagers on slot machines as others are not pre-defined and the formula that determines the type and denomination of video poker machines is not disclosed either.

Slot Machines

1 Point per $1.5 coin-in
$3,000 / 1.5 = 2000 Points
So, with your overall bill of $15,500, you will earn 2,000 points in addition to more points we cannot calculate. However, it is quite evident that you will receive a lot of points — considering $3,000 coin-in on slot machines gave you 2,000 points.

Using Wynn Red Card Club Points and Current Offers

While it is factually unknown if points secretly determine your tier, there are some ways in which you can savor the experience through the numerous offers currently available for Red Club members.


This is one of the reasons most people consider the Wynn Red Card Club more of a players club than a casino reward program. Promotions and offers for shopping are overwhelming and even on the website, the Promotions tab list more shopping promotions and no gambling promotion.
With the shopping promotions, instead of pulling money from your bank account or credit card, you can spend your accumulated points to make purchases at participating shops. These are shops situated at Wynn Cotai, Wynn Macau, and Wynn Las Vegas.


To welcome you to the world of Red Card treats, you get to spin a guaranteed-winner wheel as soon as you reach 300 points. As a guaranteed-winner wheel, you will surely win something — the least is a $10 FREECREDIT on slot machines, but prizes are as scalable as $10,000 worth of show tickets and buffets. And as soon as you reach the 750 points mark, you and your guest will be offered a free dinner at any participating restaurant (more than 30 in the United States and Macau SAR). Challenge yourself to meet the 1,300 points mark and luxuriate with your guest in two free dinners, breakfasts, lunches, or buffets.


Red Card Club members automatically receive FREECREDIT based on the number of points they have. Members earn $1 in FREECREDIT for every 100 points. Once a member accrues 1,000 points they can redeem $10 in FREECREDIT by inserting their card into any machine and entering their PIN. Points must be redeemed to FREECREDIT within 12 months and the FREECREDIT must be used within 30 days. Also, you can receive special FREECREDIT offers from the Wynn Red Card Club depending on your previous gambling expenses.


Although ending on June 30, 2018, Gold, Diamond, and Chairman members can get a thrill of pearl Caviar beads and 24K Gold extract to hydrate, relax, and rejuvenate their skin for 150 minutes for a discounted price of 2,888 Macanese Pataca (currently US$357.48) at the Spa at Wynn Cotai. This is called the Wynn Palace Gold Ritual Offer.
The second offer is dubbed the Wynn Macau Massage Indulgence and also for Gold, Diamond, and Chairman members. Cardholders get a 90-minutes massage alongside a 30-minutes additional at either the Spa at Wynn Macau (Macanese Massage) or the Spa at Encore Macau (East West Massage).

Welcome Gifts

To market the newly-launched website WynnRedCard.com, the club is giving out welcome gifts to members for registering an online account. Welcome gifts range from personalized offers to exclusive online offers and event invitations.

Shopping Rewards

This is different from the first point. According to the first, the club allows you to shop with your accumulated points. But here, the club actually rewards you for shopping at the participating shops in Wynn Las Vegas, Wynn Cotai, and Wynn Macau. While the requirements or pre-defined points for each reward are not disclosed, there is a wealth of items categorized as follows: electronics, luxury, travel accessories, health & beauty, accessories, Apple, Samsung, and gourmet.
On top of that, each membership status has its own rewards — so, Red members are up for rewards different from those for Diamond members. Lastly, these rewards are mostly expensive products by famous manufacturers (such as Versace, Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Bose, Samsung, Apple, Gucci, YSL, Sony, B&O, Fujifilm, and Huawei) and Wynn-branded items such as vacuum flasks, power banks, umbrellas, etc.

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Tracking Wynn Red Card Club Points

Similar to other casino reward players club, the Wynn Red Card Club has a website dubbed Red Card Online (RCO; located at WynnRedCard.com), where members can create an online account, sign in, track and check their gaming bonuses, and manage their preferences of communications and information.
The website is as user-friendly and easy-to-navigate as the Total Rewards website we talked about earlier. All info — from the tiniest to the most significant — are provided instantly, and the website is accessible from a mobile, tablet, or desktop device.
Alternatively, a member can also swipe his card and enter his PIN to log in at the new Red Card Service Counter kiosks. By swiping your card, you will be presented with your status (tier), personalized and exclusive promotions and offers, and redeemable rewards. Interestingly, these kiosks are available in all Wynn destinations in the United States and Macau SAR. They are often easy to spot as they are spread throughout the casino floor.
Lastly, there is a third way to track your account details: the Red Card Online Services telephone number. By dialing (866) 770-7551, you will be connected with a responsive correspondent who you can ask to give an update on your account details such as status, offers, and rewards.

About Wynn Resorts Holdings

Founded in 2002 by famous American real estate tycoon Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLC is a well-known holding enterprise with a subsidiary that owns and operates a number of properties which offer casino, dining, hotel, entertainment, and resort services.
As of 2016, the company had more than 25,000 employees and a revenue of $4.4 billion. Interestingly, the company is dubbed “the highest rated resort company” due to the total number of awards the company has managed to receive from global media company Forbes. The awards are called Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Awards, and Wynn Resorts has won 16.

Wynn Resorts Casino Properties

In regards to properties, the company currently operates three establishments in the United States and Macau SAR. The company’s front-runner luxury establishment is Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort (popularly regarded as simply Wynn), which is located on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, United States. Wynn Macau is — like the name suggests — located in the Las Vegas of Asia (i.e. Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China), and has been the largest-grossing resort in Macau SAR for a time now.
Wynn Cotai (also known as Wynn Palace and Wynn Palace Cotai) is also located in Macau SAR but instead of on the Macau Peninsula like Wynn Macau, it is located on the Cotai Strip. Meanwhile, the company has a fourth resort under construction: Wynn Boston Harbor (previously rumored as the Wynn Everett project), located in the city of Everett, Massachusetts (not really the city of Boston, but nearby), and expected to open in 2019.
Interestingly, each destination of Wynn Resorts Holdings is as luxurious as it gets. From top-class gaming (slot machines, video poker games, and table games), rooms, and suites to more than 30 restaurants with diverse, world-class buffets and dishes.
In addition, there are stupendous and award-winning day-clubs, nightclubs, bars, lounges, concert halls, event centres, theatres, shows, spas, pools, salons, shops, fitness centres, a refined race and sports book (the Encore Race & Sports Book), a players lounge (the Encore Players Lounge), and experiences (Dining, Sports, Shows, and Master Classes).

Encore Players Lounge

Particularly, the Encore Players Lounge focuses more on millennials — with numerous seats, gaming tables, slot machines, mobile sports betting, a booth for DJs to electrify the crowd live, an handcrafted pool table by industry-leader Blatt Billiards, a cocktail bar with a specialty project, a table shuffleboard, and over 20high-definition televisions with 52-inch each offering an exceptional viewing experience of sporting events.

The Verdict

WorldCasinoIndex’s verdict on the Wynn Red Card Club is quite evident. The program is worthwhile, especially as an addition to other reward programs like Total Rewards or M life. (Yes, no one will stop you from subscribing to more than one casino reward program or players club.) Players get special perks … and although they might not as impressive as what the two aforementioned programs have to offer for some players, they are all some want and a plus for some since they are free — it is a win-win for you. Therefore, join the Red Card Club today to enjoy incentives for what you already do.
Notwithstanding, there have been many accusations that Steve Wynn — the businessman behind the company — is a self-centered individual who uses the Wynn Red Card Club to track winnings and once he notices a huge winner (especially a successful blackjack pro), he will ban the winner indefinitely. Even though the accusations might be false, the whole club seems too secretive as basic details about the club cannot be found anywhere on the Internet.
As a result, the verdict is a tricky one. The perks are worthwhile but what if the accusations are true and the founder eventually bans you from winning big? This one is for you to decide.

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