Station Casinos Boarding Pass Program

The Boarding Pass™ player’s/reward club offers members a myriad of exciting opportunities to enjoy the luxury of life without a worried thought of living above one’s means. Based in Las Vegas, NV, Station Casinos has demonstrated the good life and exclusive specials a member would relish on joining the program.
For one, Las Vegas locals have a number of wonderful gambling facilities within their reach. And perks are not limited to locals, players from anywhere around the world can enjoy the benefits by signing up and abiding by the Boarding Pass Code (some simple rules and conditions).
On satisfying the code, new members/cardholders are open to sundry offers in which they would be friends with luxury, dedicated services, and special treatments. And at every opportunity, members spend dollars while more status credits and points are being accumulated.
Simply put, exciting offers (such as access to high-ranking Station Casinos’ hotel rooms, restaurants, meetings, live entertainment events, and spas) and pleasurable activities (such as gaming on the fly, world-class dining, special parties, and a host of others) await each interested member based on their activities and bills.

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About Station Casinos and Boarding Pass

Established on July 1, 1976, Station Casinos is one of the most popular gambling companies based in the famed, vibrant city of Las Vegas, in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. Although its prevalence cannot be compared to the likes of Las Vegas Sands, Caesar’s Entertainment, or MGM Resorts, Station Casinos is a noteworthy gambling chain in Las Vegas which creatively offers the old-school Vegas experience alongside modern services to players.
The company has seen a lot of ups and downs. For one, it filed for bankruptcy on July 28, 2009 — which it subsequently exited in June 2011. Prior to that, American entrepreneur Frank Fertitta III became the CEO of Station Casinos in July 1992 — which he still is. At the moment, Station Casinos owns and operates a gross of 20 hospitality properties (called stations), which are mostly acquired from other companies. Interestingly, the player’s club covers all the 20 stations.
These are Barley’s Casino & Brewing Company,Boulder Station Hotel & Casino, Fiesta Henderson Casino – Hotel, Fiesta Rancho Casino – Hotel, Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa Casino, Palace Station Hotel & Casino, Palms Casino Resort Spa, Red Rock Casino Resort Spa, Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino, Sunset Station Hotel & Casino, Texas Station Gambling Hall & Hotel, The Greens and Station Casinos’ Sports Book at Baldini’s, Wild Wild West Gambling Hall & Hotel, Wildfire Casino & Lanes (previously Renata’s Bowling), Wildfire Casino — Rancho, Wildfire Casino — Sunset (the Gold Rush), Wildfire Casino – Anthem, Wildfire Casino – Boulder Highway (previously Magic Star Casino), Wildfire Casino – Lake Mead, and Wildfire Casino – Valley View.
In addition, Boarding Pass members can use their points, promotions, and rewards at roughly 60 restaurants, 60 lounges and bars, five bowling centers, five spas and salons, ten showrooms, and five movie theatres throughout Las Vegas. And the participating casinos feature more than 24,000 table games and gaming machines.
Do note that the aforementioned companies are more spread throughout the United States and even the Las Vegas of Asia, but Station Casinos is entirely based in Las Vegas — which makes it more tilted towards the gambling city’s locals and currently winning at it (though stations are situated off the Las Vegas Strip). Because of this, Station Casinos’ Boarding Pass is often dubbed “the best player’s club in Las Vegas“.
While this claim might be far-fetched or an overstatement, Boarding Pass poses a distinct program for interested individuals. Thus, it is a formidable program standing shoulder to shoulder with the most remarkable casino reward programs in the United States (M life Rewards, Total Rewards, and Red Card Club as prime examples).
In comparison with other programs, Boarding Pass offers an overall superior value as seen in better odds, lower limits, exceeding comps, special offers, discount rates, etc. Or, how else could one describe a program which offers luxury rooms, gaming, drinks, amenities, and even more at a very large percentage lesser to the actual value to members?
And although the creation date of the program is not disclosed, it was on September 15, 2011, when Wildfire’s Wild Card and Fiesta Casinos’ Amigo Card were both merged into Boarding Pass to become the Boarding Pass card we now. Today, the club has undergone a series of overhauling and fine-tuning into a club with the interests of members fully pronounced.
The availability of multiple hospitality stations (or centers of fun) where members can have maximal warmth at any moment is an inviting benefit. Members not only earn status credits, points, or comps whenever they play any of the many varieties of games available but also get rewarded while catching insane fun in concerts, restaurants, hotels, catering, spas, bars, etc.
The ease of joining the army of individuals (called members/cardholders) enjoying this program is made possible by the crystal-clear conditions that newbies must meet prior to being a member. These conditions include the provision of valid photo ID issued by the government, which could be a driver’s license, green card, state-issued ID card, military ID, or international passport.
The provided ID would be used for age (a minimum of 21 years old) and identity (citizenship) verification as well as documentation of each member’s data. Registration can be carried out online at or offline at any Rewards Center situated at the participating destinations; in fact, slot attendants sometimes carry out the registration.
Boarding Pass members are provided with exciting opportunities at each status level … and the rewards increase as they progress through the levels. For example, players at the apex level enjoy exclusive rewards like catering discounts, private gated parking, and buffet VIP lines. These are not mere luxuries that ordinary visitors can relish, but they are everyday luxuries for first-class VIPs.

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Boarding Pass Status Levels

The tier system of this program is structured in a way that stimulates members to quickly spend their way to ascend through the tiers — officially tagged ‘status levels’. Each level is dressed with its respective benefits that are lesser — significantly or minorly — to the benefits available for members in the next level.
Therefore, the utmost goal of each member is a rapid promotion to the peak status level. This depends on how each member uses the Boarding Pass card and spend on the many services offered at the participating destinations — because a certain number of status credits and points is awarded for each activity.
Logically, a new member is placed at the lowest status level but has a pleasant future to anticipate and can be promoted in no time if he earns enough status credits (called tier credits in most clubs). Therefore, it makes sense to infer that the Boarding Pass club is similar to other player’s clubs in that the more the activity of members, the more the rewards and promotions in their kitty.
To add, the length of time in which status credits are fully active is six months. To be more clear, Boarding Pass is a two-periods-a-year program; the first being January to June and the following being July to December. Therefore, status levels are evaluated in January and July of every year — meeting the required status credits will upgrade you to the next status level while the opposite will reset your status credits and you will have to start accumulating the required status credits again. Now, let’s look at the five status levels of the program; these are:


This is the level a new member is placed by default after a successful account registration process. The member’s status credits start from zero and to qualify for the next status level, you need 999 status credits. At this level, you will enjoy a handful of benefits and get 3x points every day by swiping your Boarding Pass card at any Boarding Pass Kiosk or Rewards Center per diem.
You will also receive exclusive buffet cash discounts (for you and a guest) as well as a 10 percent discount on anything you buy at the gift shop situated at any participating destination. You can also rollover your rewards, which is quite useful if you have an excessive amount of rewards and are moving to the next status level. Lastly, you can use your points at Graton Resort & Casino in California.


Members must earn 1,000 status credits to be at this level and stay for six months; when all is said and done, moving to the next status level requires more than 39,999 status credits. Gold members are welcome with exciting offers on entering the second status level.
In addition to what is obtainable in the Preferred status level, Gold members savour an increase in gift shop cash discounts from 10 percent to 15 percent; you can redeem earned points for Free Slot Play and cash back; and you will gain access to the Princess Cruises cruise line either at exclusive discount rates or a complimentary entrance to the stateroom (this is based on your gaming activities and does not cover your taxes, fees, or port expenses).


Platinum, the third status level, is open to members who have earned between 40,000 and 99,999 status credits. As usual, this level comes with perks much higher than the previous level and does not forfeit the perks of the previous level.
To start, the 3X multiplier on points are earned every day with no card swipe required — so, instead of swiping your card every day like Preferred and Gold members have to, you simply play to activate your daily multiplier. The gift shop cash discounts are raised to 20 percent and you get buffet point discounts of 20 percent for you and a guest.
Additionally, you are welcome at dedicated status parties, and the club will match you with special pre-sale tickets for upcoming concerts and a discount pricing offer for beverage and dining events.


At this level, members begin to enjoy a lot of benefits that perfectly make the program worth all the dollars and time. Members with a President status are master-class cardholders because the respective perks are not common. And of course, these are in addition to the benefits Platinum members find pleasure in.
The highlights of the perks are access to exclusive beverage and dining events; hotel VIP check-ins and checkouts (plus early check-ins and late checkouts); particular turndown service at Red Rock Casino Resort Spa, Palms Casino Resort Spa, and Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa Casino; and VIP meet-and-greet packages at concerts. However, all these are applicable where available — which means you cannot relish them everywhere, only selected destinations.
Other mouth-watering offers are private parking space or gated parking; priority restaurant seating (only accessible when next available: you have to wait until the priority restaurant seats are free to access this); buffet VIP line; and personal casino host. Pertaining previous perks, gift shop cash discounts are expanded to 25 percent, your buffet cash discount can be used by up to four people, and the buffet point discounts are raised to 50 percent and usable by up to four people.
These luxe benefits are available when a member can boast of at least 100,000 status credits; reaching 300,000 status credits will upgrade you to the ultimate status level.


And we have the almighty Chairman status level, which is the apex of all Boarding Pass status levels with the juiciest exclusive benefits. It is required of members to have 300,000 status credits within six months to be qualified for this level.
And as with other status levels, perks of the President status level add to the already available ones at this level. In a nutshell, a Chairman member receives these benefits when available: exclusive access to VIP bowling lanes, VIP movie booth, limousine service, and for cash rates in signature suites.
Further, there are even more benefits: a 20 percent catering cash discount, cabana rental discount, valet next car up, spa and salon enhancements, and signature restaurant experiences. Also, there is a single upgrade to the aforementioned perks — this is the 30 percent gift shop cash discounts.
In conclusion, much kudos to the spending capacity of any member in the Chairman status level as the member must have spent a fortune to earn a Chairman status.

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Earning Boarding Pass Status Credits and Points

Just like the status credits are valid for six months, points are also valid for six months — so, you must use or redeem them within six months of earning them. However, this section is to discuss how you can earn status credits to move up status levels, points for a number of uses, and other perks. Meanwhile, 1,000 points are redeemable for $1.


Of course, gambling is an apparent way to earn both status credits and points, and even comps and others. First, each gaming activity must be tracked. For gaming machines, you must insert your card into the machine. For table games, you must present your card to the dealer.
The points and status credits attached to table games depend on a number of parameters: average bet, type of table game, and quantity of time played. For live poker, you earn 100 status credits and 1,000 points for one hour played. For live keno, you earn 15 points and 15 status credits for every dollar wagered.
For slot, video poker and video keno machines, you earn one point and three, one, and one status credits respectively for every dollar wagered. $1 wagered on race and sports (mostly basketball, baseball, football, boxing, and NASCAR) amount to one point and one status credit. Bingo returns five points and one status credit for every dollar wagered. A $1 wager on pari-mutuel racing awards players ten status credits and 20 points.
In addition, the 3x points multiplier — which, as stated earlier, requires Preferred and Gold members to swipe their cards while other members are activated automatically — means 3 points per dollar wagered on pronounced gaming machines: slot, video blackjack, video keno, video poker, and video reel. On the other hand, table games offer exclusive comps which are always offered by the dealer, pit manager, or casino host.
Pro Tips 1 – Casino employees can actually give you cigarettes free of charge, coupons for buffet and dining, and comps for hotel services — among others. But first, you should be nice to the dealer/pit manager and tip him/her (or the casino host, if you have one); this way, he/she will like you and, accordingly, give an affirmative answer when you request a comp. And if the answer turns out negative, you could further ask to know the wagering requirements to qualify for such perks and if other perks are available.
Pro Tips 2 – Often times, there are some video poker machines in the casino which offer 100+% payback. These machines normally require a minimum wager of $4.00 and return one point and one status credit. But sometimes, 99% payback machines are even more beneficial — provided you are a Platinum, President or Chairman player and plays video poker like a professional.


Boarding Pass seems most interested in gambling — but for dining, you can also earn respective status credits and points. First, you must track your dining activities by presenting your card alongside your receipt to an employee at the Rewards Center.
For every dollar spent in a participating restaurant (foods and beverages), you will receive 10 status credits and 10 points. Feast buffets are specials which award players one status credit and five points per dollar spent. Concurrently, steakhouses and cocktails return 20 and 30 status credits respectively, but without any point.

Spa and Salon

Beauty or medicinal treatments at the salon or spa give 10 status credits and 10 points for every dollar spent.


Hotel accommodations award an all-time high of 50 status credits per $1 to help move you up the status levels. In contrast, the points you earn for $1 are ten — which is not as impressive as the status credits.

Bowling and Ice Skating

Even though these games are quite different, they equally return ten points and ten status credits for every dollar spent.

Other Activities

These include the dollars you debit on pools, cabanas, event tickets, concerts, live entertainment shows, etc. And although the exact status credits and/or points attached to each activity is not specified, the website states that they “may qualify as gaming activity or sales purchase.”
As a member of Boarding Pass, if your account is inactive for more than 12 months, you will lose all your status credits and points.

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Sample Computation of How to Earn Points

To win with Boarding Pass, you need to understand each activity and what amounts of status credits and/or points it offers. For example, hotel accommodations offer the highest amount of status credits while pari-mutuel race wagers (or live poker, since it is calculated per hour) offer the highest amount of points. In basic terms, you need to balance your preferred activities to earn a substantial amount of status credits and points.
Let’s say you visited Red Rock Casino Resort Spa in West Charleston Boulevard and during your visit, you spent $1,000 on the hotel room. In addition, you visited a restaurant a couple of times and spent a total of $2,500 ($1,500 on normal restaurant foods and beverages, and $1,000 on feast buffets); you also visited a steakhouse a number of times and spent a total of $800 on heavenly steaks and chops; and for cocktails, your gross bill read $2,000.
You decided to visit the spa once, and spent $400 on a medicinal treatment session. You are not a fan of bowling but ice skating is your thing, so you spent $800 at the end of your visit ice skating. In the casino, you spent a total of $7,600 ($1,500 on slot machines, $500 on video poker, $1,200 on bingo, $1,800 on pari-mutuel race, $1,000 on race and sports, and three hours of live poker at $200 per hour).

For Dining

$1,500 on Restaurant = 15,000 Status Credits and 15,000 Points
$1,000 on Feast Buffet = 1,000 Status Credits and 5,000 Points
$800 on Steakhouse = 16,000 Status Credits and 0 Points
$2,000 on Cocktail = 60,000 Status Credits and 0 Points

For Hotel

$1,000 on Hotel = 50,000 Status Credits and 10,000 Points

For Gaming

$1,500 on Slot Machines = 4,500 Status Credits and 1,500 Points
$500 on Video Poker Machines = 500 Status Credits and 500 Points
$1,200 on Bingo = 1,200 Status Credits and 6,000 Points
$1,800 on Pari-Mutuel Race = 18,000 Status Credits and 36,000 Points
$1,000 on Race and Sports = 1,000 Status Credits and 1,000 Points
$600 on Live Poker = 300 Status Credits and 3,000 Points

For Spa

$400 on Spa = 4,000 Status Credits and 4,000 Points

For Ice Skating

$800 on Ice Skating = 8,000 Status Credits and 8,000 Points
When all is said and done, you spent a total of $14,100 and you will be rewarded with a total of 179,500 status credits and 90,000 points. (And since 1,000 points is equal to $1, 90,000 points is equal to $90. Also, 179,500 status credits will move you to the President status level.)

Using Boarding Pass Points and Current Offers

Similar to other programs, the status credits are used exclusively for status level upgrades and evaluations. Points are the redeemable treasures here and there are tons of ways to use them to experience the Boarding Pass sophistication.

Cash Back

Since Boarding Pass launched this feature, it has been advertised with a catchy clause: “you asked for it, you got it.” This is what you get for spending on Station Casinos’ activities ranging from gaming and dining to spa, hotel, and entertainment. You can redeem 1,000 points for a $1 cash back. This is a good development that makes Boarding Pass stand out.

Free Slot Play

Boarding Pass offers Free Slot Play, which is often called FREEPLAY in other clubs. There is a number of ways to earn Free Slot Play but the use is one: you simply wager on a slot machine in which your card is inserted in without a single charge and you have to choose where your Free Slot Play is after inserting the card — either from as an exclusive offer from a mailer or redeemed from earned points.
For instance, if you earned 5,000 points, you could redeem it for $5 — which is the minimum amount of Free Slot Play redeemable. Also, the amount must be a multiple of $5 — i.e. $5, $10, $15, $20, and so on.


Comps can be gratuitous offers to pay for services and/or items at a discounted rate or items given out for free. Boarding Pass can email you a special offer to redeem a certain amount of points for say 20 percent off your next hotel accommodation, dining, or whichever the club deems fit.
Apart from special offers, there are unannounced comps which you can ask a casino host or pit manager about. They are usually attached to selected games, have certain wagering requirements, and depend on how long you play — and can be a complimentary item generously given out to show how much the casino appreciates your gaming activities.


Points can also be used on hospitalities and services such as dining, hotel rooms, cabana renting, ice skating, bowling, pools, spa treatments, and salon sessions. The fundamental points-to-dollars ratio holds here as well. So, for 100,000 points, you could redeem it for $100 and use it to check-in an hotel room.


For video poker, the return rate is 0.075 percent. For live poker, the return rate is $1 per hour. For race and sports, the return rate is 0.1 percent. For members who qualify for the daily 3x points multiplier, the return rate is 0.3 percent. The returns can be used for comps, Free Slot Play, or cash back.
For example, if you play live poker for six hours, you would receive $6 which you can use to receive a comp, redeem as Free Slot Play, or cash out.
There are many more perks but they are integrated into status levels. Perks like discount rates, exclusive invitations, and special offers depending on your status level and might not be achievable through points.

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Tracking Boarding Pass Status Credits and Points

Boarding Pass has one of the most impressive player’s club website we have ever seen. The website, dubbed myBoardingPass (my|BoardingPass™), is the epitome of user-friendliness, ease of navigation, information-comprehensiveness, and responsiveness.
Previously located at, you can visit the website on your desktop device or personal computer at or on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) at
On either of the versions, you can sign up for a new Boarding Pass account and request for a card (exclusively for locals), create a new myBoardingPass/ account, and sign in to your account.
Once signed in, you can access your current offers, track current status credits and points, manage your personal information, spot and print your rewards calendar, and reserve special rates and exclusive offers. Also, you can sign up for the mailing list which introduces you to a whole new world of bonus points, special offers, exclusive invitations, Free Slot Play, and many more — all sent to your mailbox monthly.
For additional inquiries, you can visit their website to submit a ticket.
While the website is a total package, you can also track your account details offline at any Rewards Center or Boarding Pass Kiosk situated at the participating destinations. These outlets are quite easy to spot; they are often located near a casino booth or a cage cashier’s desk. And they feature hirelings who would help you with anything related to the program.
You can enroll for an account by providing the required documents, get your card and PIN, and swipe your card to access account details that answer questions about your status credits, points, and offers.


To be honest, Boarding Pass is one of the best player’s clubs, loyalty clubs/programs, or casino reward clubs we have come across. I, personally, prefer it to even the most popular programs in the United States. And to reaffirm our approval of Boarding Pass, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has been naming it the Best Player’s Club for 13 consecutive years.
From outstanding perks and transparent status credit and point structure to pacesetting websites and tons of destinations across Las Vegas. Yet, nothing can compare to the cash back feature, which is hard to find anywhere else.
Boarding Pass has what it takes to call itself “the Best Las Vegas Player’s Club, Rewards Card” — and it can confidently go head-to-head with the best options in the United States and even the whole world. In conclusion, we strongly recommend Boarding Pass, courtesy of Station Casinos.

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