PNG Marquee Rewards Program

It is no longer news that making promotional offers have often characterized the casino business. And lately, the trend seems to be geared towards creating a rewards program, loyalty club, or player’s club for customers as a give-back measure — really, a catch to keep customers as loyalists.
However, what may be news is the fact that not all of these seemingly ideal clubs/programs are worth your loyalty or investment. You may ask why. Well, when a casino barely has the resource or structure to bring their benefits to bear, it becomes a no-no.

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Hence, before you put your weight behind any club/program, there are a couple of questions you really need to figure out. What backing do the benefits being offered by the casino have (do they have the resource to pull through their benefits)? Is the casino part of something larger or just a single-handed entity without a parent company, subsidiaries, or partners?
Another pertinent question could be what the offerings for redeeming points accrued are. If they are not enticing, just kiss them ciao. Ask again: what is the duration of the points earned before they expire? What is the monetary equivalent of a point? How many points equal a dollar and what is the accumulation rate of points per game?
On this premise amidst others, we introduce the Marquee Rewards program which poses some intriguing and noteworthy benefits, especially for players who are looking out for a casino loyalty program to commit to. But, in the end, is it a worthy club?

About Penn National Gaming and Marquee Rewards

Based in Pennsylvania, Penn National Gaming, Inc. (PNG) is a major stakeholder in the gambling industry with a major focus on casino games and racing facilities. It also indulges in online gaming and retail gaming activities through its subsidiaries. As of 2017, Penn National Gaming had a total asset of $5.2 billion and generated more than $470 million.
With roughly 800 table games, 4,600 hotel rooms, and 36,000 gaming machines, PNG is a successful company with 29 facilities within Canada (Ontario) and the United States (California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and West Virginia).
Establishments owned (either partially or fully) and operated by PNG in the United States are:
1st Jackpot Casino Tunica
Argosy Alton
Argosy Riverside
Boomtown Casino
Freehold Raceway (Favorites at Tom’s River, Favorites at Gloucester Township)
Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races
Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course
Hollywood Casino Aurora
Hollywood Casino Columbus
Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast
Hollywood Casino Hotel & Raceway Bangor
Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego
Hollywood Casino Joliet
Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg
Hollywood Casino St. Louis
Hollywood Casino Toledo
Hollywood Casino Tunica
Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway
Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course
Plainridge Park Casino
Prairie State Gaming
Resorts Casino Tunica
Sam Houston Race Park
Sanford Orlando Kennel Club
The M Resort Spa Casino
Tropicana Las Vegas
Valley Race Park
Zia Park Casino, Hotel & Racetrack
This means that by being a member of Marquee Rewards, you could, for instance, earn comps from the Tropicana Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV and then redeem them at Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course in Ohio.

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And in addition to the enormous land-based facilities, PNG’s I-Gaming also partnered with OpenWager in 2016 to design a mobile app and afterward, launched a mobile social slot app called the Hollywood Slots. This app — which is designed as a platform to acquire new customers to better interact with old customers and keep them connected — introduced PNG to the social casino industry.
Marquee Rewards is an initiative of PNG, designed as a way to repay customers who have taken time out to patronize any of its numerous destinations and make use of its various services. You — as a customer — can become a member of this ingenious program by registering and acquiring the Marquee Rewards card — both are free.
Members are often rewarded with special perks and discounts for doing nothing out of the ordinary — simply engaging in common services they would normally do in any casino, racetrack, or resort. The Marquee Rewards program rewards members for eating in restaurants, sleeping in hotel rooms, and going to watch their favorite artist perform.
These benefits are often location-based as each of its facilities present different reward options to members. Amongst all, the Tropicana Las Vegas and the M Resort Spa Casino (especially the former) offer the best benefits to members. Both facilities give back as much as 0.33 percent in form of comps and cash back while some facilities could give back as low as 0.05 percent.
More than often, they come as special promotion entries, Free SlotPlay®, exposé invitations to special events, and Marquee Comps. Worthy of note is that these perks depend on your tier level and activities — whether land-based or remote.
Pertaining the remote option, is PNG’s online platform which exists primarily to make players continue relishing PNG games and earn incentives as they do so. However, you would be playing as a guest on the website without the benefits amassed to members until you link your Marquee Rewards account.
And for the account creation, joining Marquee Rewards is for anyone 21 years or older. The player is required to go to the Marquee Rewards Centre to enroll and, subsequently, get a Marquee Rewards Card — which works just like other programs.
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Marquee Rewards Tiers

The Marquee Rewards loyalty program has a total of five tiers. And it is expected that a member remains active by earning a certain amount of Tier Points (called tier credits in most loyalty programs) over a six-month period.
The tier structure is identical to other programs’. An anticipating Marquee Rewards member would join the club and get placed in the lowest tier, which is the Marquee tier. Accordingly, the member would start using (and spending on) Penn National Gaming services at the Marquee Rewards destinations spread throughout the United States.
And for each dollar the member spends on any of the numerous participating PNG services, he will earn corresponding Tier Points, Free SlotPlay®, discounts, offers, rewards, Marquee Comps, etc. As you accumulate Tier Points, you are expected to reach a fixed quantity of Tier Points within six months of reaching your current tier to move to the next tier.
In practice, if you were welcomed to the Celebrity tier — which is the second tier — on January 1, 2018, you would need to meet the requirement on or before July 1, 2018, before you would qualify for the next tier: Producer.
And as expected, benefits get juicer as you move up tiers. So, the top-rated members sitting on the Icon throne will apparently earn more everything than Marquee members.
Hence, the five tiers are below.


The Marquee tier is the beginning of the journey for anyone who joins Marquee Rewards. As a newbie, you are allocated zero Tier Points — and to move to the next tier, you need to accrue more than 9,999 tier points. Marquee sets the stage with very basic benefits: eligibility to earn Tier Points and Marquee Comps for gambling, dining, shopping, and hotel accommodations at any participating destination and purchasing credits at; and special offers and exclusive promotions.
Now, with every expenditure made on any of PNG’s services, you are entitled to a number of benefits. These include premium credits on your birthday and 35,000 bonus credits on a monthly basis for using; access to exclusive entertainment pre-sales and hotel sales; and the capability to book online with your card and relish the lowest rate at any participating hotel (starting on July 1, 2018).


The Celebrity tier and the Marquee tier are almost the same — basically because most benefits of these two tiers are equal. But since Celebrity members are ranked higher than Marquee members, there are, of course, some additional benefits. First, you need to reach 10,000 Tier Points to qualify.
And in addition to the anterior Marquee benefits, Celebrity members take pleasure in: a five percent discount on purchases you make on the Marquee Mall; special entry into select casino drawings; up to 10 percent discounts and access to exclusive offers that you can employ while using Norwegian Cruise Line; and an additional 65,000 bonus credits on a monthly basis for using

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After relishing Celebrity benefits and meeting the 30,000 Tier Points requirement, Marquee Rewards will welcome you to the Producer tier. (We do not understand why a tier is called Producer, to be honest.)
At this tier, you get to enjoy all the benefits of the Celebrity tier plus the preferential treatment of being eligible to choose Player Services and restaurants; up to 15 percent of Norwegian Cruise Line discounts; and an additional 25,000 bonus credits on a monthly basis for using

Executive Producer (EP)

The name gets more hilarious, yet the fun part of the Marquee Rewards program begins here — with 125,000 Tier Points or more. And like previous tiers, Executive Producer members enjoy all the benefits of the Producer tier alongside a number of more mouth-watering perks.
For one, Executive Producer members savor monthly bonus credits of 175,000 and a 50 percent Marquee Comp multiplier for using and purchasing on At the Tropicana Las Vegas, members relish 24/7 concierge service, appreciative suite upgrade (when available); and elite registration at VIP check-in.
In addition, members do not pay fees for visiting the resort (only on comped rooms and rooms reserved with an offer) and check cashing (available at some destinations and unavailable elsewhere, and has an amount requirement of $100 or more); up to 20 percent of Norwegian Cruise Line discounts; invitation to special events (Marquee Rewards’ Iconic Experience as a prime example); and up to seven days of a single flattering cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line; preferred parking and free valet parking (when available); access to VIP lounge with a guest (when available); access to a guaranteed host; a ten percent discount on purchases you make at the Marquee Mall; a renewal gift per renewal session; a chance to be eligible for self-contained Marquee Millionaire seats; and at this tier, your Marquee Comps will never expire.


Accumulated Tier Points of 400,000 will qualify you for this tier — which is the ultimate tier. Icon members inherit all the benefits of Executive Producer members plus a number of additional perks. And this is the best the Marquee Rewards program can get.
Pertaining previous perks, Icon members get a boost to the highest quantity: up to 20 percent of Norwegian Cruise Line discounts; monthly bonus credits of 200,000 and a 100 percent Marquee Comp multiplier for using and purchasing on; and additional entry and invitations to special events, especially casino events.
At the Tropicana Las Vegas, Icon members enjoy highly prioritized self-parking and free valet parking; priority reservations for live entertainment shows, dining, and spa; and elite in-room amenities. At the Marquee Rewards hotels, Icon members enjoy an ascertained room upgrade (when available); early check-in and late check-out for free; and an insured comp room with prior notification spanning two days.
At all destinations, Icon members savor the VIP lounge with one guest (when available); priority access to special events, offers, and promotions; and special slot service. Additionally, you will gain access to a reception with the general manager of the casino every quarter of each year and a merrymaking dinner per renewal session.
Lastly, you gain access to two annual travel perks: a three-night trip to any participating casino alongside a $250 dining credit (foods and beverages only), and a $500 repayment for the money you spend at any Norwegian Cruise Line cruise (for mileage or airfare and once per year)

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Earning Marquee Rewards Tier Points and Marquee Comps

The rates at which points are accumulated vary from one destination to the other. Hence, it is important for a member to always figure out how much dollar is equivalent to one point and one comps dollar.
It is your responsibility to find the facts out so as to get the best player’s advantages when choosing a destination to patronize. Also, note that some casinos vary their rates for different slot machines based on how much they expect to pay out…unfortunately, the payout rates are mostly kept secret.
Further, the way points are earned is not transparent in the Tropicana Las Vegas, leaving members in the dark as to how many points the amount of money they invest could yield until after each activity. However, the M Resort is more transparent in this regard and is clear upfront that a player needs 333 points to equate to $1.
Still, let’s look at the standard Tier Points and Marquee Comps equivalent of each dollar spent on the four participating activities specified on the official Marquee Rewards website.


Gambling is, of course, the most apparent way to earn both Tier Points and Marquee Comps as a Marquee Rewards member. For slot machines and video lottery terminals, you would earn 1 Tier Point and 1¢ Marquee Comp for every $1 of coin-in.
For video poker, you would receive five Tier Points and 1¢ Marquee Comp for every $10 of coin-in. In contrast, facilities in Las Vegas (the M Resort and the Tropicana Las Vegas) both offer 1¢ Marquee Comp for every $20 of coin-in.
For table games, Tier Points and Marquee Comps vary depending on the casino, the type of game, average bet, and how long you play.
Lastly, do remember to insert your Marquee Rewards card when using a slot machine, video lottery terminal, or video poker machine to track your gaming activities. For table games, you must tender your card to the dealer to help track your gaming activities.


Next is shopping at any of the many participating retail stores situated at Marquee Rewards destinations. For this, Marquee Rewards awards each member 1 Tier Point and 1¢ Marquee Comp for every $1.


For buying a food or beverage or relishing any of the feast buffets available, you will receive 1 Tier Point and 1¢ Marquee Comp for every $1., as stated earlier, is a website of PNG that offers more than 80 slot games which you can either play for free or with purchased credits and earn Tier Points and Marquee Comps.
Marquee Rewards actually pays users (who are also Marquee Rewards members) for playing these games and purchasing credits.
For Tier Points, members receive an all-time high of ten Tier Points for every dollar spent on purchasing credits. For Marquee Comps, the rate is also the highest — 3¢ Marquee Comps for every dollar.
It is important to note that each destination has its own earning rates and expiration dates; therefore, conferring with your preferred PNG destination would not be a bad idea. Meanwhile, the Tropicana Las Vegas and the M Resort have two earning periods per year: January 1st to the 30th of June and the 1st of July to the 31st of December.

Sample Computation of How to Earn Points and Comps

Despite the fact that rewards vary greatly, the Tier Points and Marquee Comps equivalent of each dollar spent on an activity is still very possible to state.

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Let’s say you visited one of PNG’s most popular destinations — Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego (which is not in Las Vegas) — and during your visit, you spent a total of $11,000. To expatiate, you spent $4,000 on gaming ($2,000 on slot machines and video lottery terminals, $1,000 on video poker machines, and $1,000 on table games), $3,000 on shopping, $2,000 on dining, and $2,000 on accommodations, pools, spa treatments, and others.
In addition, you spent $1,000 purchasing on and $2,000 on the Marquee Mall.

For Gaming

$2,000 on Slots and VLTs = 2,000 Tier Points and $4 Marquee Comps
$1,000 on Video Poker = 500 Tier Points and $1 Marquee Comps
$1,000 on Table Games = *Varies

For Shopping

$3,000 = 3,000 Tier Points and $30 Marquee Comps

For Dining

$2,000 = 2,000 Tier Points and $20 Marquee Comps
For Other Resort Activities
$2,000 = *Varies or None


$1,000 = 10,000 Tier Points and $30 Marquee Comps

For the Marquee Mall

$2,000 = *Varies or None
In conclusion, your bill of $14,000 will award you $85 Marquee Comps and 17,500 Tier Points, plus other undetermined comps and points.

Using Marquee Comps and Current Offers

Unfortunately, Tier Points earned through a long list of bills are used exclusively for tier upgrades and account evaluations. However, this should not be a surprise to those who know a thing or two about casino reward programs.
And Tier Points are, in fact, the most important elements in the Marquee Rewards program. They register you for the next tier and embrace you with exceptional benefits. Other elements include Marquee Comps and Free SlotPlay, and they are quite useful as well.
The uses are numerous but below is a list of a few obvious ones.


You could visit the Marquee Mall — an online store — and make purchases of any kind using your Marquee Comps. We are not talking about selected products here, but products such as household appliances, electronic gadgets, toiletries, foods and beverages, automotive, baby care, and the list goes on.
Brands range from Samsung, Apple, Samsonite, DeWalt, Sony, and Bushnell to many more reputable brands in the United States. And according to the Marquee Mall website, Marquee Comps of $1 will fetch you 2 Marquee Mall Credits.
Additionally, you could use your Marquee Comps to make purchases at any participating outlet or casino.


As the name implies, Free SlotPlay is an incentive given to Marquee Rewards members to play slot machines without wagering. This basically means you are given a chance to win real money without pulling a dime from your balance.
Free SlotPlay can be redeemed directly on the slot machine by inserting the Marquee Rewards card into the machine, pressing the Enter button, and then indicating the number of points to convert.
In addition, there is another element called Multiplier Days. They are always calculated according to your present tier status — for one, Marquee members relish 2X while Celebrity and Producer members savor 3X and 4X respectively.
Lastly, there are Marquee Comps — which could be redeemed for anything ranging from free “uncashable” dollars to Free SlotPlay, gaming bonuses to discount rates, special invitations to free rooms, tickets to entertainment shows, etc. (While you can earn and redeem Marquee Comps — and Tier Points — at most PNG’s facilities for gambling and more, Zia Park Casino is a bastard of the pack where Marquee Comps are neither achievable, redeemable, nor valid.)


Members can use their Marquee Comps to pay for live entertainment shows and events. However, these events depend on the destination in question.
For example, the M Resort offers Hockey and UFC viewing parties while the Tropicana Las Vegas offer exclusive shows like the Tropicana Laugh Factory and Purple Reign – the Prince Tribute Show.
Nonetheless, all Marquee Rewards destinations offer entertainment events such as singers, instrumentalists, and bands’ musical performances.

Other Activities

While shopping, gambling, and entertainment are worth mentioning separately, other activities are better grouped together. These could be buying foods, beverages, and buffets at the restaurants, bars, lounges, and steakhouses; suites, villas, and deluxe rooms at the hotels; medicinal or beauty treatments at the spa or salon; access to the fitness centers and pools; and other amenities. You can do all these by redeeming your Marquee Comps for dollars useable at the respective facilities.

100,000 Free Credits

For linking your Marquee Rewards account to, you will receive 100,000 free credits and start earning Marquee Comps as you purchase online. Pertaining the calculation, you get Marquee Comps worth $0.03 and 10 Tier Points for every dollar spent. So basically, if you spend $1,000 on, you will receive $30 Marquee Comps and 10,000 Tier Points.

Specific Offers

These offers are specific to facilities or websites. For example, the M Resort offers most — if not all — of them while you cannot find almost all of them at the Zia Park.
These offers are spontaneous and numerous: up to $260 Free SlotPlay for joining Marquee Rewards; free kitchen gadget, one of three $500 gift cards, or a $1,000 gift card for entering; $10,000 every Friday in front of the Marquee Rewards Center; $1,000 or a share of $2,5000; monthly gifts; free lunch buffet, 200 Tier Points, and a free gift; and many more.

Tracking Marquee Rewards Tier Points

Constantly, the 20 participating Marquee Rewards destinations have kiosks and/or desks — dubbed Marquee Rewards Centers — where members could keep track of their progress and details by swiping their Marquee Rewards card through the outlet’s machine. By doing so, the member would access all his account details: exclusive offers, rewards, discounts, Free SlotPlay, Marquee Comps, Tier Points, etc.
And the kiosks are quite easy to spot: simply enter the particular destination’s casino and look around to either spot the outlet or an employee to ask.
Alternatively, you can do everything (except account creation) on the Internet via the official Marquee Rewards website, called Marquee Rewards Online, at The website is easy to use and runs smoothly on both mobile and desktop devices.
You can track your Tier Points and account details by linking your card (enter your date of birth and Marquee Rewards card number) and even receive special email-only offers by submitting your email address.


In conclusion, the Marquee Rewards program sells players interesting benefits that could make a king out of any common man — just by simply engaging in what you love. With PNG’s numerous state-of-the-art facilities scattered all over the United States and the top-notch services they individually offer, the real question is simple: when will you join the winning team?

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