Player Programs

When the competition between casinos intensifies, it is the players that tend to benefit the most. A perfect example of this is the player rewards programs now found at most every major casino, not only in the United States but around the world. These programs work by giving you discounts, special perks, and rewards without requiring you to do anything special or out of the ordinary.
Instead, most reward programs let you reap these benefits by doing all the things you normally would at a casino. Eating in restaurants, seeing shows, and playing table games, slots or video poker on the casino floor are all activities that help you earn rewards.

List of Player Reward Programs

Boarding Pass Program (Station Casinos)
Eldorado ONE Club Program
M life Rewards (MGM Properties)
Marquee Rewards (Penn National Gaming Properties)
Total Rewards (Caesars Properties)
Wynn Red Card Club Rewards Program
In the following few sections you will find out much more about how you can be part of a casino’s rewards programs as well as how you can benefit from them.

How Reward Programs Works

Player reward programs exist as a way of not only thanking a casino guest for their business, but also as a way of encouraging that same guest to return sometime in the future. Most programs are built around a point system that sees you earn points as you spend money at the casino.
To sign up for a given program takes little to no time at all and is always free. After you signed up and have been given your rewards card, all you have to do is enjoy your casino experience and watch your points grow; it really is that simple. As you play on the casino floor and eat at your favorite restaurants you will slowly accrue points that can be turned into real perks such as free nights, free meals, and free slot play.
Most every player rewards program has different levels and as you ascend the levels of the program you will see your rewards become increasingly handsome. Of course, the only way to move up a level is to frequent a casino as often as possible and play/spend as much as you can. For example, MGM’s Mlife reward program has 4 different levels, pearl, gold, platinum, and noir, each dishing out more rewards than the one before it.

Using Your Points

After you have had some time to accrue points, the next, most obvious course of action is to spend them. Every casino offers different perks for being part of their rewards program, so it is important to be part of a program that will earn you the things you really want.
The perks you are able to receive coincide directly with the amount of points you have, meaning that the more you spend the more you will be given in return. The Grazie rewards program offered by the Venetian and Palazzo in Las Vegas sees its members able to earn anything from discounts on car rentals to a free table and bottles of champagne at any one of their nightclubs, and many things in between.
Two of the most commonly found perks in any rewards program are the comping of rooms for future stays as well as free slot play.

Rewards Programs Aren’t Just For High Rollers

After hearing of the extravagant rewards programs offered by casinos, many players shy away from them simply because they are under the impression that the only people really benefitting from these programs are the ones who spend thousands of dollars at a time. While this is definitely true, almost all of these programs are built with the occasional, casual casino-goer in mind as well.
In the end, almost all rewards programs are free and they all benefit you in some way or another, so no matter whether you frequent the Las Vegas strip or head down to Atlantic City once a year, there are plenty of perks for you to take advantage of.

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